Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 298

Chapter 298 You Have A Death Wish

For someone who was used to the splendor of Jipsdale city life, it was really depressing to stay in
Alendor for a change. “All right. I will tell Mr. Tristan when I have the chance.”

Charles threw a glance at Tristan who was sitting beside Sophie. Since Tristan had sent Winter to
Alendor, Charles reckoned that she would not be able to come back for quite some time.

“Charles, you guys are at Nocturnal, right?” Winter grew alarmed at the sound of the music on the other
end of the phone. “All right, I’m going to hang up now.”

Charles’ mood turned foul after hanging up the call. It was indeed pitiful for Winter to be all alone in
Alendor. Sean came over and patted him on the shoulder. “Was that Winter?”

“Yes.” Charles did not hide the fact that he had been talking to Winter. After all, she was his sister, and
there was no way he could just ignore her.

“Let’s find a chance and try to talk to Mr. Tristan again.” No matter what, they had grown up together,
and they were still friends with each other. However, Winter should not have offended Sophie in the first

“Thank you,” Charles muttered.

Sean patted his shoulder again.

“All right, that’s enough. Let’s not ruin the vibe. Look on the bright side. It’s great that she gets a chance
to steel herself in Alendor. She’s too spoiled for her own good anyway,” Sean said.

Charles knew Sean was right.

Winter was too proud and entitled for thinking that she could get anything and everything she liked.

She was oblivious to the fact that love, or in this case, the lack thereof, could not be rationalized.

Similarly, nobody knew that Tristan would change completely after knowing Sophie.

It was not a bad thing, per se. However, he was a changed man and was completely different from his
past self.

Because of that, he had become a much more approachable man.

Sophie sat on the couch and played with her phone. She was not in the slightest interested in
everything that was going on in Nocturnal.

Tristan was sitting beside her as he put his hands on the couch, essentially circling her in his embrace.

Ysabelle watched the two from aside and smiled. “Aunt Sarah, I did not expect that Uncle Tristan will
act so lovey-dovey when he’s in love.”

“Tell me about it. He’s so serious about this relationship,” Sarah quipped. She knew that Tristan was a
man who took relationships seriously. He had been alone all these years, but he fell hard for Sophie
when she came into his life.

“But Sophie deserves it,” Ysabelle said as she watched the couple gleefully.

Sophie felt her ears turning red when she noticed that Tristan had been staring at her.

“Do you have something to say?”

“Sophie, do you really find the phone in your hand to be more interesting than me?” That’s

Sophie kept her phone and turned to look at him.

When their eyes met, sparks of electricity sizzled in the air.

“I’m going to kiss you if you keep looking at me like that,” Tristan said. Sophie’s beautiful face was a
sight to behold, and the lighting at Nocturnal only served to accentuate her charm and make her seem
all the more alluring.


Since Tristan said so, Sophie did not think it was appropriate to keep staring into his eyes and averted
her gaze.

Not far away from them, a man was showing off his six-packs, and Sophie happened to see him when
she glanced around the bar. She did not intend to check him out.

However, before she could react, her head was turned to the other side by Tristan.

“Don’t look!”

Why look at that sleazy muscular man? He’s got nothing to show!

Sophie sighed.

“Mr. Tristan, what do you want me to do then? I can’t look at you, and I can’t look at other people as
well,” Sophie groaned.

“Just look at me if you have to. That man’s six-packs aren’t even worth looking at. His lines are not
even that defined!” Tristian grumbled.

Sophie was rendered speechless.

“What? It’s true. I’m going to show you mine if there’s a chance. I’ll show you what defined and
perfectly chiseled muscles look like,” Tristan protested.

“Actually, I didn’t get the chance to have a good look at his six-packs. Why don’t you let me have
another look so that I know how to gauge yours?” Sophie said. She only caught sight of that man for a
fleeting moment.

“I told you he had nothing to show. It’s great that you didn’t get to see it properly. It saves you the
trouble to wash your eyes.”

“Ah, I see,” Sophie mumbled nonchalantly.

Sophie was actually not interested in the muscular man. Hence, she did not bother to turn back around
to have another look.

“Uncle Tristan, I didn’t know you were so possessive! It’s just one look. It’s no big deal. Did you have to
forbid her from taking another glance?”

Felix dragged Ysabelle aside as he wondered if she had a death wish. How dare she tell Mr. Tristan off!

Sophie pried off Tristan’s hands which were cupping her cheeks when she heard Ysabelle’s words.

“Let’s go and dance!” Ysabelle said as she took Sophie’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

Nocturnal was bustling with life that night, and Ysabelle was tempted to join in on the fun.

Sophie did not share her sentiment. However, seeing as Ysabelle was excited to get on the dance floor,
Sophie relented and went along with her.

Tristan did not stop Sophie. He knew that given her age, she was supposed to enjoy herself.

Nonetheless, he did not expect that she would get herself in trouble.

Sophie was not interested in dancing. Hence, even when she was dragged by Ysabelle to the dance
floor, she merely rocked herself gently to the beat.

Ysabelle, on the other hand, removed her coat and exposed her tight black clothing underneath that
showed off her alluring curves. Her presence on the dance floor immediately incited ecstatic whistles
from the onlookers.

Before they were on the dance floor, Louisa and her friends had been the center of attention. However,
the men immediately turned their attention to Ysabelle when she showed up. Though Sophie was
keeping a rather low profile, her beautiful face had managed to garner the attention of some men as

Louisa grew agitated at the sight, especially when she thought about how Mason still could not walk on
his own, and yet Sophie was already out partying at Nocturnal.

Hence, she deliberately bumped into Ysabelle, making the latter stumble to the floor.

There were a lot of people on the dance floor. Louisa and her friends did not stop at knocking Ysabelle
to the ground. Instead, they continued to dance and “accidentally” stepped on Ysabelle’s hand.

Louisa and her friends were in heels, and naturally, Ysabelle squirmed from the pain.

She wanted to get up from the ground. However, there were too many people crowding the dance floor.
In addition to Louisa and her friends’ deliberate efforts, Ysabelle struggled to stand up.

Sophie’s face sank when she noticed that Louisa and her friends were targeting Ysabelle. She pushed
Louisa aside and crouched down to help Ysabelle get up.

Incidentally, the music stopped right then.

The others watched on as they noticed that the girls were about to engage in a cat fight.

The notion of a group of pretty girls fighting excited them.

Louisa was unfazed when she noticed that Sophie was trying to stand up for her friend. After all, the
Yarborough family was quite influential in Jipsdale, so much so that nobody in their right mind would
dare to cross Louisa.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! There are too many people here. You’re not hurt, right?” Louisa asked in a provoking
tone. In fact, she was extremely pleased to see Ysabelle’s swollen hand.

Pfft, what’s so special about Sophie? I don’t give a d*mn about the Tanner family.

“Louisa, I see that you have a death wish,” Sophie said through gritted teeth. Since she has a death
wish, I might as well make her wish come true.

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