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Anything For Her Chapter 297

Chapter 297 Tristan Is Jealous

Alas, Whitlea failed to get through to Bailey. “Mom, have you had enough? Sophie is just a student, so
why do you keep picking on her? What’s the point?”

“Where’s your conscience, Bailey? Can’t you see that my leg’s bleeding? Do you think I shot myself?”
Whitlea retorted, not knowing if she should laugh or cry at her son’s ridiculousness.

When he saw the blood trickling down Whitlea’s leg, Bailey quickly turned to Sophie.

“I’m sorry, Sophie. It’s all because of me that you’ve had to suffer so much,” he muttered. I like her, yet
all I’ve done is let her suffer. I feel so awful!

The next second, he grabbed Sophie’s wrist and pulled her along. “Come on. Let’s leave this place.”

“Bailey Dixon!” Whitlea bellowed.

However, Bailey refused to look at his mother and continued to lead Sophie out of the cafe.

“What now, Ms. Whitlea?”

“Take me to the hospital!” Can’t they tell I’m injured? Must they keep asking me for instructions? Do
they not have a shred of common sense?

“Yes, Ms. Whitlea,” one of the men hurriedly replied. Even now, they were still shocked that Sophie had
such impressive skills. She didn’t seem like an ordinary student at all!

Meanwhile, outside the cafe, Bailey and Sophie had decided to sit on a bench under a large tree.

Since leaving the cafe, Bailey hadn’t said a word and merely sat in silence.

Sophie, too, did the same.

After a while, Bailey finally blurted out, “I’m sorry, Sophie.” Other than apologizing to her, he didn’t know
what else he could do.

Sophie glanced at him. “Come on, Bailey, this has nothing to do with you. It isn’t healthy to keep putting
all the blame on yourself.”

“Sorry. I’ve made you upset again.”

“You… Fine. I don’t know what else to say. Let’s do our best at the training camp.”

Since he’s so stubborn, there’s no point wasting my breath on him right now.

“Okay,” Bailey mumbled. “Are you leaving?”

“Of course. My grandfather’s still waiting to eat with me,” Sophie replied. She had been out for quite a
while, and it was time to head home.

“All right, goodbye,” he said. He had always been a confident man, but for some reason, Sophie
changed him.

Deep down, the latter did find it a pity.

After all, Bailey was talented in physics, and if he continued to work hard in that area, there was no
doubt he’d excel in the future.

His current state of mind, however, was a cause for concern.

“Put your mother aside and answer me truthfully, Bailey. Do you like physics?”

Nothing is as important as passion, and I’m sure he’s passionate about physics. Otherwise, he wouldn’t
have accomplished so much despite his mother’s words and actions.

“I do,” Bailey replied. How could I not? Physics and Sophie are my biggest passions.

“If that’s the case, you have to go all out for this physics competition! Don’t worry. I have no intention of
giving in to you. May the best person win!”

“Okay!” Bailey answered, confident of his capability when it came to physics.

With that, Sophie left in a taxi, leaving Bailey alone on the bench and engrossed in his thoughts.

If I continue studying this field, will I have an opportunity with Sophie in the future? She’s truly gifted,
and even though she has said she doesn’t like me, I don’t want to give up just like that. We’re both still
young, anyway. Who’s to know what the future might bring? There’s always a chance that she might fall
for me over time, isn’t there?

At the thought of that, Bailey visibly cheered up.

That night, when Tristan went to pick Sophie up, he found out about her meeting with Bailey.

As much as he was annoyed, he knew there wasn’t anything else he could say.

Sophie, however, had already realized he was quietly seething.

Ha! I’m getting better at understanding his temper.

“Don’t worry! Bailey and I are only classmates. I don’t have any romantic feelings toward him.”


“Yes. You can trust me.”

“Fine, I believe you, but it’d be better if you don’t meet him so often.”

In all honesty, that was the first time Sophie had experienced how overbearing Tristan could be.

She had always known he wasn’t one to be messed with, but who knew he could be that jealous?

“We’re about to participate in the physics competition. How are we supposed to meet less?” Sophie

There’s no way I’d make promises I know I can’t keep!

Tristan sighed. “Sophie, can’t you just take it as you’re appeasing me?”

Eventually, the latter relented, even though she still wasn’t fond of making empty promises.

When Sophie stopped trying to appease him for the rest of the journey, Tristan became incredibly glum.

He kept one hand on the steering wheel and grabbed Sophie’s hand with the other.

“Remember. You’re mine and mine alone,” Tristan mumbled. He had become fixated on Sophie, and it
was clear no one could change his mind.

Interestingly enough, those words instantly reminded Sophie of Nicholas.

Why was I so annoyed when Nicholas said those exact words in the past? Now that it’s Tristan saying
them, why do I get this warm and fuzzy feeling? What’s wrong with me? It’s scary how I don’t even
recognize myself anymore! I must admit Tristan is growing on me. If this continues, I might not even be
able to pry myself away from him. Argh! Is that a good or bad thing?

When Tristan and Sophie finally arrived at Nocturnal, they saw that the others had already gathered

Even Sarah and Ysabelle had also turned up.

After all, that was the last party before Sophie had to leave for the physics competition, and everyone
knew Tristan wouldn’t be in the mood for fun when she wasn’t around.

“Give it your best shot, Sophie! I have confidence in you!” Sarah commented. With Sophie being such a
whizz in her studies, even Sarah had to admit she was becoming increasingly pleased with the young

On top of that, the more time she spent with Sophie and the more she got to know her, the more she
liked her.

“Thank you, Sarah. I’ll do my best!”

I still don’t think the physics competition is a big deal, but since everyone is so excited for me, I can’t
possibly disappoint them, can I?

“Oh, you’ll do just fine, Soph!” Ysabelle bragged. “You’re invincible!”

Upon hearing that, Sophie laughed out loud.

Meanwhile, Charles was happily playing billiards with Felix when Winter called.

It was the first time the latter wasn’t spending Christmas in Jipsdale, and the thought of her being so far
away in Alendor made Charles miss her even more.

“How’s everything? Are you adapting well?” Charles asked as he walked away to a corner, his voice
soft and gentle.

As soon as she heard the concern in her brother’s tone, Winter felt even worse.

The next second, she burst into tears. “Charles, I’ve realized my mistake. I’m not doing well in Alendor
at all. Life is so tough, and I miss everyone! Can you please beg Mr. Tristan to let me return home?”

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