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Anything For Her Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Not An Ordinary Man As expected, the mention of Bailey’s name left Tristan seething with
rage. “So? Are you intentionally trying to ruin my good mood?” Even though Bailey doesn’t pose a
threat, I’m still upset that an outstanding guy like him has feelings for Sophie. To make matters worse,
they’re the same age too! “Oh, I wouldn’t dare! I’m here to help you, Uncle Tristan!” Ysabelle replied
with a chuckle. “Listen, since you can’t accompany Sophie, let me go in your stead! I’m still on my
break, anyway. As long as you help me deal with my father, I’ll help you keep an eye on Sophie! Isn’t
that a brilliant idea?” My goodness, I ought to applaud myself for being such a genius! I guess spending
all that time with Sophie really does make one smarter! “All right.

Go on and get ready, then. I want you to attend the training camp with Sophie,” Tristan ordered. As it
turned out, there was a mandatory training camp before the competition, which meant Bailey would be
there too. “Yes, sir!” Ysabelle replied with a soldier salute. “Don’t worry, Uncle Tristan! I’ll make sure not
to let any men go near Sophie.” Despite having doubts about his niece’s promise, Tristan knew he’d
feel more at ease with Ysabelle escorting Sophie. Meanwhile, Sophie was surprised when Whitlea
contacted her during Christmas. As soon as she realized it was the latter calling, she wanted nothing
more than to hang up the phone. “Come on, Sophie, I’m only asking to meet up. I’m not that scary, am
I?” Whitlea quipped. Naturally, Sophie wasn’t keen on answering her. After all, whether Whitlea was
scary or not had nothing to do with her. In the end, however, she still agreed to meet up at a cafe of
Whitlea’s choice. As soon as she arrived, the latter merely shot her a glance from the table.

Sophie promptly walked over and sat down opposite Whitlea. “Well, what can I do for you, Mdm.
Dixon?” Ha! There’s no way we can enjoy a cup of coffee together. I’m sure she wants something from
me. To her surprise, Whitlea pulled out a card and placed it on the table. Upon seeing that, Sophie
almost burst into laughter. Ha! This is just like one of those cliché scenes in television shows! Art sure
is imitating life. “Give up on this physics competition!” Whitlea demanded. “There’s five million in this
card. You can spend it however you like.” Since it was the first time anyone had tried bribing with
money, Sophie wasn’t sure how she should react. “Mdm. Dixon, do you think I’m short on money?”

Whitlea frowned. “Is that not enough? So long as you quit the physics competition and never contact
Bailey again, I’ll be happy to throw in an additional five million.” I’ll pay any amount to get rid of Sophie.
I don’t like her one bit! “I think it’s pointless for us to carry on this conversation,” Sophie remarked as
she stood up. The next second, however, a dozen men in black shirts suddenly rushed into the cafe.

“Don’t push your luck with me, Sophie,” Whitlea warned. Doesn’t she know that I’m ready to do
anything for Bailey? Even if I’m missing an arm, I’ll still make sure to teach her a lesson! “Sorry to
disappoint you, but I’m not pushing anyone’s luck here. Though I must say, I’m curious to see what
actions you’ll take,” Sophie scoffed. What a joke! This group of men doesn’t scare me at all. Needless
to say, Whitlea was furious and ready to do whatever that was necessary. “Do it,” she ordered. With
that, one of the men swiftly pulled out a gun. As hardened gangsters, they knew very well that guns
would be more effective against someone as skilled as Sophie. The latter, however, remained calm and
collected. Huh? Isn’t she a little too calm? Girls usually freak out at the sight of guns, so why isn’t she
doing the same? Ah, maybe she’s too terrified to move! Yes. That must be it! “What’s this? Are you
trying to scare me with a gun? I suggest you keep it right now. Otherwise, it won’t be a pretty sight if it

Sophie warned. “Quit acting tough, Sophie,” Whitlea fumed. “Isn’t it better to accept the money and
agree to my requests? Why must you make things difficult for everyone?” Sophie’s lips instantly curled
into a half smile. My, my. To think she can threaten others and still be so self-righteous about it. Wait a
minute. Shouldn’t there be surveillance cameras in the cafe? “What about the surveillance cameras
here?” “Ha, such naivety! I’ve already removed all of them. Now, be a smart girl and leave with the
money. Otherwise, I’ll have to resort to other tactics to make you miss the competition.” “I refuse to.”
Oh, how laughable! Does she think she can coerce me that easily? This isn’t my first rodeo, for
goodness’ sake! “Attack,” Whitlea once again ordered. Now that she knew there weren’t any
surveillance cameras, Sophie decided to take action and snatch the gun. She moved so quickly that
the gun was already in her hand before anyone else could even react. “So much for thinking this was
some good stuff,” Sophie grumbled while fiddling with the weapon. “I can’t believe you’d threaten me

with this useless piece of junk.” The man, who had just lost his gun, was utterly shocked. How did this
woman steal it right under my nose? I didn’t even see what happened! Without hesitation, Sophie took
off the safety lock and pointed the gun at Whitlea’s head. “Mdm. Dixon, if I had known you liked playing
such games, I’d have humored you right from the start.” By then, Whitlea was already shaking with fury.
After all, that was the first time she had a gun pointed in her face. “Tell me what you want, Sophie.
Don’t do anything reckless.” Sh*t. I don’t want to die! There are so many more things I’ve yet to
accomplish. I must stay alive! “Reckless? Aren’t you the one who’s being reckless?” Sophie scoffed.
“Besides, I don’t see why you should be scared if you have the gall to pull something off like this.” The
other men, too, were worried to see Sophie pointing a gun in Whitlea’s face. “Ms. Whitlea…” Whitlea,
on the other hand, still didn’t believe that the young woman would dare shoot her. “If you pull the
trigger, it’d spell the end of the Tanner family. There’s no way the Tanners would acknowledge a
daughter who is a murderer!” To her horror, Sophie aimed at her leg and fired off a round. “Ah!” Whitlea
screamed, her face pale when she realized the bullet had pierced through her leg. “Well?

Do you think I dare?” “Y-You…” Whitlea stammered. She had been through a lot in life, except she
always had the upper hand in any situation. Never once did she imagine she’d be bullied and
threatened by someone else. “What should we do now, Ms. Whitlea?” “You’re a bunch of idiots!”
Whitlea yelled. I’m the one who has the gun in my face, yet they’re still asking me for advice. How the
hell should I know?

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