Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 291

Chapter 291 They Will Not Meet Again Sophie could not help but wonder. How was it possible that
nobody from Blossom Garden was suspicious of her? Meanwhile, Butterfly could not refrain from
laughing. “Ha! It’s easy-peasy for a gorgeous woman like me to convince others. I told them he’s a
lunatic and must be tied up.” Nicholas could only glare at her as his mouth was stuffed with a towel.
Pfft! Have they come across any lunatic as good-looking as me? D*mn it! Sophie Tanner, you must
have a death wish! How could you have the gall to treat me this way? Sophie pulled a chair over and
sat right in front of Nicholas.

Catching sight of the latter glowering menacingly at her, she shrugged her shoulders, not caring one
bit. “Don’t worry. I won’t torture you. In fact, I’ve arranged for others to send you back. Don’t step onto
this land again.” Even though Nicholas could not utter any words, Sophie could sense the intense fury
in his countenance. “Pull out the towel from his mouth.” Since Nicholas would be sent back to
Anglandur soon, Sophie exercised restraint by allowing him to speak. However, he started cussing right
after Butterfly pulled the towel out from his mouth. It was outrageously unbearable for Sophie. Thus,
she grabbed the towel and stuffed it into his mouth again. In an instant, Nicholas widened his eyes in
disbelief. He mustered up his strength to protest but to no avail. “Initially, I thought of allowing you to
say something. However, since you still haven’t learned your lesson, forget about it then.”

“Someone will pick him up later. You can hand him over to them directly,” Sophie instructed Butterfly
before she turned toward Nicholas. “Nicholas Sable, I hope we won’t meet again.” Hearing that,
Nicholas stopped struggling. Deep down, he vowed to settle the score with Sophie after regaining his
freedom. How dare she humiliate me like this! Doesn’t she know that I’m a vengeful man? Irked by the
viciousness in Nicholas’ eyes, Sophie kicked the chair he was sitting in. Subsequently, he almost fell
together with it to the ground. At that very moment, Nicholas could barely restrain himself from
unleashing his wrath on Sophie and teaching her a lesson. D*mn it! Nobody has ever dared to treat me
this way! “Sophie!” Butterfly was taken aback. What on earth is she trying to do? “Don’t worry. I know
what I’m doing.” Sophie remained nonchalant as ever as she warned Nicholas, “Heed my words, okay?

Don’t appear in front of me again. If not, I won’t spare you.” By the time Sophie stepped out from the
place where Nicholas was held captive, it was almost three in the afternoon. She had assigned
someone trustworthy to send him back earlier. Now that the matter had been settled, she wandered
alone on the streets. Mark might not have gone home. As the thought struck her, she made her way to
Mark and the others’ mansion. As she knew the passcode for the main door, she entered the mansion
right away without calling ahead to inform Mark. Once Sophie opened the door, the sound of rock
music blared from upstairs. She knew that her instinct was proven right. Evidently, Mark still refused to
go home. She headed toward the music practice room, opened the door, and saw Mark practicing
alone. It was the new song she had composed. Entering the room, she plopped herself down right on
the floor. She listened attentively as Mark played the song. As expected, he was the person who knew
her the best. Hence, the way he played the song showed that he had interpreted the feelings she
injected into it perfectly well. Meanwhile, Mark was not surprised when Sophie came into view. Only
after he finished the song did he ask, “What do you think? Was that the feeling you wish to express?”
“Yeah! That’s right. Evidently, you’re the one who knows me the best,” she complimented. He has
always been. Mark merely took two bottles of cocktail in silence. He handed her a bottle before he sat
opposite her and opened another one. “Why did you suddenly come here?” He had thought nobody in
the world would think of him on that day. “Why do you sound as if you’re resentful?” Sophie was
puzzled. He’s seemingly not his usual self! “No, I’m not. I only felt a bit lonely all of a sudden. Anyway,
it’s just a tiny bit!” Mark gestured with his fingertips. Seeing that, Sophie took a sip of the cocktail and
chuckled. “Okay, Mark, I’ll drop the subject. I’m actually here to check on you. If you have nowhere to
go, you can follow me home.” Technically, Josiah was the only one she acknowledged as her family
member at her so-called home. “Okay!” Mark gladly accepted her invitation. “Pack your things and
come back with me then! Anyway, you know the situation at my house, don’t you? So don’t expect to
seek family warmth there, okay?” Sophie emphasized. Hmph! There’s no such thing at the Tanner
residence. Mark burst out laughing. “I can keep Old Mr. Tanner company and chat with him then.” He
could not care less about others as long as she was around. Hence, Mark followed Sophie back to the
Tanner residence for Christmas that year. Josiah was quite surprised to see him. He did not know much

about the current entertainment industry. On top of that, he was oblivious to Mark’s popularity as he
only listened to military songs. “Old Mr. Tanner, nice to meet you. I’m Mark, Sophie’s friend.” “Nice to
meet you too. Make yourself at home. There’s no need for formality.” Josiah was over the moon as
Sophie had scarcely brought any friends home before that. Even though Josiah had no idea how
famous Mark was, Willow was on cloud nine to see the latter. After all, she was his fan too.
Nonetheless, it never occurred to her that her idol would be Sophie’s friend and would even follow her
home to celebrate Christmas with them. Willow could not hold back any longer and piped up, “Nice to
meet you, Mark. I’m Willow Tanner, and I like your songs very much!” “Thank you,” Mark responded
indifferently. He was back to his usual aloofness again, a stark contrast to when he was with Sophie.
Because of that, Willow was in low spirits again. Why does everyone I like end up liking Sophie Tanner
more? What makes her deserve that? Sensing that Willow was utterly displeased, Caleb pulled her
aside. “Willow, since everyone is at home today, don’t stir up trouble, okay?” Willow could not help but
feel indignant. “Caleb, aren’t I the most demure and obedient all this while? But why does everyone
always prefer Sophie more? Is it because I’m not demure enough?” She could not fathom why Sophie
was well-liked by others. Caleb felt his heart wrench at the sight of Willow’s sorrow. Stroking her head,
he tried to enlighten her. “Don’t think of competing with Sophie in everything. You’ll only end up feeling
upset.” Sophie is undoubtedly a genius. Even the International Medical Association looks highly upon
her. No doubt, her competence is beyond imagination! What’s more, her boyfriend is Tristan Lombard!
Would such an omnipotent man like him fall for an ordinary woman? All these simply proved that
Sophie was not an ordinary young woman. “Even you are making such a comment now? I reckon
nobody at home is on my side now.” Meanwhile, Yale was finally back at home. Although it was a
shameful return, it was better than staying outside. Life had not been easy for him. Later, when nobody
was around him and Sophie, he swallowed his pride and softened his tone. “Sophie, I know that I was
wrong. Since you have your eye on Tanner Group, I’ll hand it over to you. From now onwards, I’ll stay
home to take good care of your grandpa.” Sophie had nothing to comment upon hearing his words.
Unequivocally, he was her father. However, she could not talk herself into believing any of his words.
“You don’t have to tell me that.” To Sophie, it was meaningless for her father to make empty promises.

After all, actions speak louder than words. “Sophie, I know I was wrong, and I mean it. My only wish is
for our family to lead a peaceful and blissful life from now onwards. That’s enough for me!”