Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 290

Chapter 290 Angry Man “Just keep him tied up, and we’ll see what to do about him tomorrow,” Sophie
answered. Nicholas’ father is a maniac. If something happens to Nicholas in Jipsdale, he’ll surely come
here. That’s why I haven’t done anything to Nicholas yet. However, I really want to just end his life so
that he won’t show up in front of me again. I’m getting sick of his attitude. Earlier, when Tristan was
sending her back home, he had seemed troubled. Sophie knew what was on his mind, but she couldn’t
tell him about Nicholas. I don’t want him to have to make an enemy out of Nicholas because of this. As
soon as Tristan came into her mind, Sophie felt even more troubled. It was as if he had occupied a spot
in her heart and was a lot more important to her than she thought.

He was just talking less, and I’m already overthinking things. This is bad. After taking a shower, Sophie
got into bed and opened her WhatsApp. She then texted Tristan: You seemed unhappy. Is something
wrong? Upon arriving home, Tristan went to shower. After that, he went to the study because he had to
go through some documents. By the time he returned to his room and saw the text, it was already past
one. She texted me so long ago. If I text back late, how will she react? Although I didn’t do it on
purpose, I wonder if she would overthink things if I didn’t reply for a long time.

However, it’s already two in the morning. She should be asleep already, right? Should I still reply her?
After some hesitation, he still replied: I wasn’t. You’re just overthinking. Tristan ended up having trouble
sleeping because Sophie wasn’t replying to his text. Hence, he texted again: I was showering, so I
didn’t see your text. Half an hour later, Sophie still hadn’t replied to his texts. Tristan couldn’t help but
laugh at himself when he recalled how he was acting. What has gotten into me? Am I that childish? I’m
losing sleep because she hasn’t texted me back! I must’ve gone crazy! While he was in bed, he
couldn’t sleep, and all he could think about was Sophie’s behavior that day. She must be dealing with
something! That was the first time I’d seen her like that. Before this, she has always been as cool as a
cucumber. What exactly happened today? Why is she not telling me? She still doesn’t trust me, does
she? I’ve been working so hard, but it seems like I’ve still failed to get her to open up to me. At that

point, he was feeling defeated. After Sophie texted him, she went to sleep because he didn’t text her
back. When she woke up at seven the next morning, she saw his messages.

Sophie couldn’t help but chuckle when she imagined what he was like when he texted her the night
before. She then replied: I’m sorry, but I was drained last night. I fell asleep after I messaged you. Right
after she texted him, Tristan video-called her. “Have you just woken up?” Tristan sounded cute because
he was half asleep. Sophie nodded. “I wasn’t purposely ignoring your text last night,” Tristan explained.
“Did I say you did it on purpose? It’s all right. My grandpa is asking me to head downstairs for
breakfast. I’ll go now.” Seeing that she was about to end the video call, Tristan reminded her,
“Remember this, Sophie! No matter what you’re dealing with, I’m willing to help you! I want to share
your burdens with you!” “Okay. I know.” She had spent a lot of time with him, so she knew what he was
talking about. “Sophie, I’ll just tell you as it is! I see you in my future plans. Hence, I also hope that you
can see me as the person who’s closest to you. I want you to be able to trust me.” Sophie fell silent
because she didn’t know how to react to Tristan’s heartfelt words. Tristan was calm when he saw her
reaction. “All right. Go downstairs and have your breakfast.” It was Christmas Eve, so he had to have
dinner at the Lombard residence that night, meaning he couldn’t go over to visit her. “By the way,
please tell your grandpa that I won’t be able to drink with him tonight. I’ll see him tomorrow instead!”
“Sure!” It was a Chanaean tradition to have Christmas Eve dinner with family members. That was why
Josiah was hoping that Sophie could be back to have dinner with the others. As she was walking down
the stairs, she saw everyone else waiting for her. She then calmly walked toward Josiah and sat down
next to him. “Didn’t I say you guys should eat first?” Sophie put some food on Josiah’s plate. “Here,
Grandpa.” “Didn’t you know we were going to have breakfast together? What took you so long to come
downstairs? Sophie, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” Willow fumed. “Willow, go upstairs if
you don’t want to eat. You’re not regretting your actions at all.” Ever since Josiah found out about what
happened at Transfix Cosmetics, he had ordered Willow to stay home and reflect on her actions as a
punishment. Willow felt aggrieved. “Grandpa, you’re blatantly spoiling Sophie. Why are you only
punishing me?” “That’s enough, Willow! It’s Christmas! Must you cause a scene?” Caleb uttered when

he saw how angry Josiah was. Can’t everyone just live in harmony? It’s Christmas! “Caleb, even you?”
Willow stood up at once and ran back to her room. Caleb sighed in response. I shouldn’t have come
back for Christmas. Everything is a mess here, and it’s so frustrating. “Soph, eat up! Since she’s not
going to eat, that means she’s not hungry. When she gets hungry later, she’ll come down.” Josiah was
still very unhappy with Willow. What a spoiled child! We’ve truly failed to educate her. After breakfast,
Sophie was heading out. As soon as she walked out of the living room, she saw Caleb waiting for her
outside. Caleb saw her and walked over to her instantly. “Soph, since it’s such a rare occasion for me
to be back, I hope Dad can spend Christmas with us.” “Caleb, as you’ve said, it’s a rare occasion for
you to be here. I was chased out of here back then while you ran off on your own accord. How many
times have you been back over the past few years? What right do you have to feel disappointed with
how the Tanner family has become?” Sophie demanded. Caleb has always been self-centered. Caleb
was embarrassed when he heard that. Indeed, he had been self-centered ever since he was a child.
However, he still felt embarrassed because Sophie had called him out. “Let him come back, then!
Grandpa wants him here as well. However, if he harms Grandpa again, I’m sending him to prison,”
Sophie warned. “That won’t happen again. Dad has already promised me that he won’t do that again.”
Sophie scoffed in response. Nothing would’ve happened if Yale could keep his promises. After that,
Sophie went to the place where Butterfly was keeping Nicholas. When she opened the door, she saw
him still tied to a chair. Wait. Isn’t that the chair from Blossom Garden? “Why and how did you bring the
chair back as well?” Sophie questioned.