Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Unwelcomed

Tristan suddenly felt as though someone had hit him on his head.

“I can’t eat on my own.”

He, Tristan Lombard, a cold and aloof man, had been turned into a lovelorn fool who couldn’t eat
without Sophie around. She was speechless. It took her quite some time before she finally found the
words to speak.

“We’re going to Mark’s mansion and will be having BBQ. You don’t know them well,” said Sophie.

Won’t he lose his appetite under these circumstances?

“It’ll be fine. I see your friends as my own. Besides, I know where the mansion is, so I can drive there
on my own.You don’t need to come to pick me up.” Sophie couldn’t speak. She remained in a daze
even after she hung up the call. Why do I get the feeling that Tristan just conned me?

“What’s wrong? Who was it?”


“What does he want?”

“He wants to join us,” replied Sophie. She had finally accepted that inevitable reality. Gah, who cares? I
won’t be the one who feels awkward, anyway. Mark handed his money over quickly when it was time to
pay. He wanted to treat everyone that day. Sophie was going to carry one of the four heavy grocery
bags, but Sunny stopped her.

“Nope. You ladies are not allowed to do any chores when we’re around,” said Sunny.

He took two bags, and Mark picked up the other two. The two ladies followed closely behind them
without needing to carry anything. Mark didn’t mind driving, so they had let their driver go home early.
The four of them took the car back.

The three musicians carried the grocery bags into the kitchen to prepare for the BBQ right away.
Ysabelle followed them and couldn’t help being impressed when she saw them working in the kitchen.
Oh my gosh, these people are incredible! Ysabelle sighed in admiration when she left the kitchen.

“I never knew that my idols could cook that well.”

Sophie glanced at the three musicians bustling away in the kitchen.

“Oh, they actually aren’t that great. Mark’s the real chef here.” Mark and Sunny had gone to shower
and left the miscellaneous tasks to the others.

“Wow, is that for real?” asked Ysabelle. She became even more excited because the chef in question
was Mark.

As far as she was concerned, he was the cool guy who dominated every stage he had been on. I
wonder how hot he’ll look when he cooks. Their conversation was still ongoing when Mark and Sunny

“Sophie, it’s been a while since you had Mark’s spicy crayfish, right? Oh, I gotta tell you. His cooking
has gotten so good that the spicy crayfish he makes is perfect!”

“Come on, stop chatting already. Let’s go help the others,” said Mark as he dragged Sunny away. Gah,
this kid is too talkative.

“Sophie, is it really okay for us to sit here and do nothing?” Ysabelle felt a little bad because she was
essentially being served.

“You can help if you want to, but is there anything you can do in the kitchen?” challenged Sophie.

Sophie’s skill truly was inferior compared to Mark’s, and the others would surely chase her out of the
kitchen if she were to go in. Hence, she decided to just stay put outside. She’d rather not embarrass
herself, but she wouldn’t stop Ysabelle from doing the same. Ysabelle couldn’t reply to Sophie’s
question. Okay, I guess she’s right. I’m just going to embarrass myself in there.

She definitely shouldn’t offer to help because there was nothing she could do well. Hence, it was better
if she stayed put. BBQ was easier and quicker to prepare for the party of seven, so they sat around the
dining table about an hour later. Mark had made a few types of homemade sauces even though they
were just having a small party.

There was an incredible selection of sauces, and a plate of delicious-looking spicy crayfish was sitting
at the side. Everything made Ysabelle idolize Mark even more.

“How can all of you be so incredible? These look almost as though they were made by chefs in a

“Oh, puh-lease. Those chefs have nothing on Mark at all,” replied Sunny as he smiled proudly.

Everyone was about to chow down when the doorbell rang.

“Who could it be? I don’t think anyone else knows that we are back, right?” asked Sunny as he got up
to answer the door. They had always been the odd ones out in the entertainment industry, so they
didn’t have many friends. To his surprise, the first thing he saw after he opened the door was Tristan’s
incredibly handsome face. Sunny was rather hostile toward Tristan because it was obvious that the
latter had his eyes on Sophie.

“Why are you here? Are there any emergencies? If not, please leave. We’re busy.” Tristan couldn’t be
bothered to argue with the guy as he walked past the latter right away. Sunny ended up standing there,

stunned. What the hell is wrong with that guy?

I didn’t say he could come in! “Oy, you’re trespassing on private property! Leave right now, or I will call
the cops on you!” As far as Sunny was concerned, anyone who tried to steal Sophie from their band
was a villain. That was why he couldn’t get himself to like Tristan. Mark looked rather upset when he
saw Tristan there as well.

“Uncle Tristan, you’re here!” said Ysabelle. She felt a little awkward because she was at someone
else’s place. It was rather mortifying that her uncle came uninvited. Ah, it’d be so embarrassing if we
get kicked out of here! “I heard about how you kids are having BBQ, so I thought I’d drop by and join
you.” Tristan made his way to Sophie and sat down beside her. He looked at ease the entire time.

“No one invited you. Isn’t it a little weird for you to be here for no reason?” My gosh, are the rich always
this shameless?

“What do you mean? I’m invited. Sophie invited me here. Besides, she and I are family, so why can’t I
be here?”

“You’re her family?” Sunny was so angry that he wanted to kick Tristan out of the house. Unfortunately,
the latter’s aura was too intimidating, so he was too scared to do anything.

“Yes, I am. What’s wrong with that statement? Do you have a problem with it?” challenged Tristan. He
acted as though what he was doing was the social norm. Sunny was so angry that he wanted to drive a
fork into Tristan’s eye. Oh, f*ck him! Sophie didn’t even agree to be his girlfriend yet!

“Ugh! Sophie, will you promise me something? I really hate that dude, so please don’t accept him as
your boyfriend, okay?” I will accept anyone but this annoying *sshole!

“All right, come on. The meat’s ready,” said Sophie as she got Sunny some beef. That shut Sunny right
up. As he ate, he glanced tauntingly at Tristan. See that? At the end of the day, we are the ones Sophie
cares about the most. That’s why she got me some beef.

“I knew it, Sophie! You love me the most. That’s why you remembered that beef is my favorite, even
though it’s been ages since we last hung out.” Sophie was at a loss for words. The truth was that she
only gave him the beef because it was done cooking at that exact moment.

“Come on, Sunny. Stop complaining and just eat up,” said Mark. Tristan didn’t hold back. It was a
home-cooked meal, but Mark’s cooking truly was impressive, so everyone had a great time. Tristan got
some beef for Sophie as well.

“You should eat more.” Sophie murmured an affirmative reply. Mark set his fork down and began
removing the crayfish’s shells for Sophie.

He remembered that she especially enjoyed eating crayfish. His movements were swift and smooth as
he deshelled the crayfish. When he finished, he placed it right onto Sophie’s plate Tristan glared when
he saw Mark doing that. Judging from the practiced movements, it seemed he had done it a hundred
times before.

“You don’t need to worry about me, Mark. I can remove the shells on my own.”

“It’s fine. I can remove the crayfish’s shell for you. You find the task troublesome, right?” Ysabelle was
dumbstruck. I didn’t know that Mark could be that sweet. He even helped Sophie remove the shell! If
Mark’s fans were to see this side of him, they would all shriek and go insane. Ysabelle couldn’t help
sneaking a peek at her uncle. As suspected, Tristan was glaring angrily.