Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 289

Chapter 289

Tied Up Before Tristan could open the door, someone did so from the outside. Sophie saw him
standing behind the door, so she asked puzzledly, “What’s wrong? Are you going somewhere?” Tristan
shook his head. Since she had already returned, he wasn’t going anywhere anymore. “You’ve been
gone for so long, so I was actually going to look for you. Since you’re back, let’s sit and eat!” Everyone
in the room was waiting for her. “I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting,” Sophie apologized.

It took me longer than expected to deal with Nicholas. Seeing that Tristan was too shy to ask, Felix
questioned, “Sophie, did you need that much time in the restroom? Where exactly have you been?”
Sophie kept quiet and shot Felix a look. Why is he such a busybody? Seeing as Sophie didn’t seem
inclined to answer, Sarah then lightened the mood by saying, “All right. Let’s eat, everyone. I’m
famished!” Felix wanted to say something, but he changed his mind when he saw Sophie’s expression.
Fine. Mr. Tristan isn’t even asking. Why should I? Ysabelle, who was sitting next to him, stomped on
his foot with all of her might. “Ouch!” Felix cried out in pain and turned toward the person who had
injured him. “What was that for, Ysabelle? I didn’t even do anything wrong! Why are you being such a
bully?” “How could you say that you haven’t done anything wrong? Is it any of your business what
Sophie does? If you’ve annoyed her, you’ve annoyed me!” Ysabelle was quick to defend Sophie.
“Since when have I annoyed her? I was just worried about her!” “Bullsh*t! I bet you were just trying to
butter Uncle Tristan up!” Ysabelle retorted. I don’t see Charles and Sean asking Sophie questions.
Finally, Felix kept his mouth shut. Fine! I was just asking on behalf of Mr. Tristan.

I’m sure he would also like to know the answer to my question. “Come, Sophie. Sit down. I’m sure
you’re hungry!” Sarah knew Sophie well. Everyone has something they would rather keep to
themselves. Since Sophie doesn’t feel like telling us about it, we shouldn’t keep asking. When she’s
ready, she’ll talk. Sophie went back to her seat and sat down. Tristan sat down next to her as well. It
was as if Tristan hadn’t heard Felix’s question. As they ate, he was still putting food on Sophie’s plate.

With Tristan, Sophie could do whatever she liked. When she felt like talking to him, he would always
listen attentively. However, he wouldn’t force things out of her if she refused to speak. Seeing him like
that, Sophie felt relieved. Meanwhile, Nicholas was tied up to a chair in the private room next door.
Besides that, a towel had even been stuffed into his mouth. At that moment, his eyes were filled with
resentment. I never thought something like this would ever happen to me. I underestimated her. I
thought she would treat me differently, but she’s just as merciless toward me. Regret overwhelmed him.
I was careless! Otherwise, I wouldn’t get tied to a chair by a girl. My reputation is ruined! He couldn’t
eat, so he could only look at the table full of dishes. I’m so hungry! It was a horrible feeling because he
was drooling so badly. “What do you think is on Mr. Tristan’s mind?”

Charles asked. Although he hadn’t said anything earlier, he knew that everyone could tell there was
something up with Sophie. After all, they weren’t a bunch of dimwits. “Don’t meddle in Mr. Tristan’s
business!” Sean was never one to stick his nose in other’s personal matters. When it comes to
relationships, others should stay out of it. Otherwise, people are just going to get offended. “Sean, I
wonder if you would still be so calm if you were to meet someone you like! However, I doubt you’ll ever
meet someone. Since you’re so smart and logical, why would you ever go crazy over a woman?” That
was how Charles truly felt. Sean shot him a look in response. “Why don’t you worry about yourself?
With so many women around you, you might get infected with STDs!” Charles was rendered
speechless. Must he be so mean? After dinner, they all went to a clubhouse. While the four men were
playing pool, the three ladies were chatting over milkshakes. “To be honest, I think I’m going to put on
weight if I keep hanging out with you guys!” Sarah uttered. Unlike me, Sophie and Ysabelle are still
young, so they don’t have to worry about getting fat. I’m in my thirties! I need to look out for my weight.
“Sarah, don’t worry! You’re not going to get fat!” Sophie answered confidently. “Really?” Sarah wasn’t
convinced. How is it possible that I won’t put on weight? My age is a huge factor here. “Really! Even if
you get fat, I have ways to help you lose weight. Hence, just enjoy your milkshake!” Sophie uttered.
“Aunt Sarah, you’re overthinking. What’s the point of living if we don’t enjoy our lives? How are you
going to be happy if you keep worrying about these things?” Ysabelle knew how important it was to

have fun. “Okay. You’re right. Fine! I’ll enjoy the night,” Sarah replied. It’s so important for a woman to
have self-discipline. What else can a woman do if she can’t even manage her weight? However, I really
want to have fun with these two tonight. I’ll just eat and drink whatever I want and ignore what others
would think of me. I’ll worry about my weight tomorrow! Besides, I’m not even that fat. By the time they
stepped out of the clubhouse, it was already eleven. No matter how much fun they were having, Tristan
wouldn’t keep Sophie out past midnight. She should have a fixed routine. After everyone had left,
Tristan opened the car door for Sophie to get into the vehicle. “I’ll drive you back, okay?” “Okay.” Upon
arriving at the Tanner residence, Sophie immediately called Butterfly. “How’s everything? Did you take
him away?” After tying Nicholas to the chair, Sophie had texted Butterfly and told her to take him away.
When Sophie called her, Butterfly was applying a facial mask. She put the call on speaker mode and
continued her ministrations. “Do you ever need to worry about my efficiency?” “No.” Sophie was
confident in Butterfly’s capability. “Still, Sophie, he’s Nicholas Sable. You’ve just kidnapped an
international big shot. What are you planning to do next?” Butterfly asked. If we don’t handle this right,
Nicholas is going to kill us in revenge! “Don’t worry, okay? I’m here!” Sophie answered. Although it’s a
hassle to deal with Nicholas, I can still handle him. “All right! So, what now? He’s still tied up!” Butterfly
hadn’t known what to do with Nicholas after bringing him back. Therefore, she hadn’t even untied him.