Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 285

Chapter 285 Backer

How can there be such a vast difference between two people? While I’ve been asleep until now,
Sophie has already written all those lyrics!

"I admire you so much, Sophie. Although we’re roughly the same age, we couldn’t be more different."

Honestly, I really get an inferiority complex when I’m with her. That’s because she’s just incredible!

"You’re exaggerating. Come on. The housekeeper has probably finished preparing lunch. You can
decide whether you want to eat now or wait until your uncle returns to eat with him,"Sophie said.

After all, Ysabelle had not eaten breakfast.

"I’m not hungry. Hurry up and continue writing! I’ve no interest in breakfast and am way more
fascinated by your lyrics."

"Go and eat. Skipping breakfast isn’t good for the stomach,"

Sophie responded firmly. Ysabelle was rendered speechless but obediently went to have breakfast in
the end.

There was still some food left from what Sophie bought for breakfast, so after getting the housekeeper
to warm the leftovers, Ysabelle sat at the dining table to eat. She ate a little, then went to look for
Sophie in the study.

Even though she had only been gone for a while, Sophie had already completed the lyrics and was in
the middle of recording the demo.

Ysabelle went in quietly. Not daring to disturb, she merely sat to one side to listen. I was thoroughly
impressed when I heard the melody previously. But now, hearing Sophie recording a demo live
astounds me even more. Sophie’s genius completely obliterates what little talent I have, reducing it to

After completing the recording, Sophie spotted Ysabelle deep in thought. She walked over to the latter
and tapped her on the shoulder.

"What’s the matter?"

Why has she become like this after returning from having breakfast? In a particularly solemn tone,
Ysabelle asked, "Can I really become a singer? When it comes to talent, I can’t even compare to one-
tenth of what you have."

Seeing that Ysabelle’s confidence seemed to have taken a hit, Sophie sat on the carpet too and said,
"Why are you thinking so much? Do you have any idea how many singers there are in Chanaea? Not
every one of them knows how to write songs. To succeed in the entertainment industry, one must
possess something that makes them unique. There’s something special about your voice that makes it
memorable to others. Just that is enough."

"Really? You’re not just saying that to comfort me?"

"Really. I’m definitely not just comforting you, nor am I any good at doing that. Just go ahead and do
whatever you like without any worries. You still have me to tend to everything else, don’t you?"

With me around, she doesn’t have to worry about a thing! Touched, Ysabelle leaned against Sophie’s

"How did I get so lucky to meet someone as amazing as you? What would my life be like if I didn’t get
to know you?"

Ysabelle dared not think about it. Sophie was silent, not knowing what to say.

"I’m being serious. I’m definitely not trying to butter you up!"

Sophie got up, then sent the demo to Mark. The Wheelers were in the middle of practice when they
received it.

"Sophie sent over her demo. Let’s listen to it together."

They all believed in Sophie completely. We were blown away after hearing the melody the last time,
and now, she has sent us a demo! The five of them sat on the floor to listen to it, and once it was over,
they were dumbstruck.

"Seriously, is she even human?"

Is there anything she doesn’t know how to do? And as if it’s not enough that she knows how to do
everything, she goes all out in whatever she does! Sophie is truly terrifying!

"Let’s make the decision now. This is going to be the title track for our next album."

Mark was also brimming with excitement, confident that they would make waves with that song. The
other four raised their hands in agreement. After listening to the demo, Sunny immediately video-called

"Sophie, you’re remarkable! Also, are you really not planning to return? If you wanted to, you’d surely
become a global hit with talent like yours."

"I don’t want to be a global hit. It’s better if I’m just your backer," she replied.

The position of backer interests me way more. Sunny was stunned.

"All right. Having you support me in that way is also an honor."

"By the way, are you all planning to go home? It’s almost Christmas."

Apart from Mark, the other band members were from different cities. Hence, Sophie was curious as to
why they had not gone home when it was almost Christmas.

"I’m not going back. Mark and I are staying here to spend it with you. The other three will be leaving

"It’s been ages since you went back, Sunny. You should go home."

Sunny’s family was in Horington, and since he was still young and in that rebellious phase, he had not
been back home after leaving the last time. If it had been anyone else who said that to Sunny, he would
not have taken any heed. However, because Sophie was the one who said it, he started considering it

"You should go home," Sophie repeated. Thinking about how his grandmother was getting on in years,
he decided he should go home and visit her.

"All right, then. Mark, you’ll be alone in Jipsdale, so take good care of yourself."

Although Mark’s family lived in Jipsdale, the others had never met his family and rarely heard him talk
about them. Hence, they did not know much about his family either. "Hmm, how long has it been since
you’ve been home, Mark?"

Sophie asked casually. In truth, he had not been in contact with his family since going to Horington, so
it had been a good few years.

"When it comes to my private affairs, I’m well aware of what’s best for me. You don’t have to bother
yourself with it, Sophie."

She fell silent. Seeing how Mark was acting, Sunny immediately tried to defuse the situation.

"Don’t be like that, Mark. Sophie was only showing her concern for you."

"I didn’t mean to chastise you, Sophie."

"There’s no need to explain anything."

"Then I’ll hang up now."

Just thinking about his family gave Mark a headache. Many people had tried tracking down Mark’s
family members since his debut, but no one had been successful.

"Mark, why don’t I just stay here and keep you company?"

With everyone else gone, it’d be too pitiful to leave him here all on his own!

"No need for that. I’m fine on my own. You’d only make a ruckus if you stayed here."

Sunny stared at him wordlessly. Is he saying I’m annoying now? Tristan returned right after Sophie
spoke to Mark and the others on the video call. The housekeeper had prepared four dishes for lunch,
and the trio sat down to eat together. Ysabelle insisted on tidying away the plates after the meal, so
Sophie helped her with it.

However, Ysabelle was still reluctant to leave after putting everything away. If only I could stay here
with Sophie all the time! I don’t want to go back!

"Sophie, I really can’t bear to part with you. I don’t want to go home at all."

Alas, her father had already called that day and issued an ultimatum. "There, there. Off you go, then.
Christmas should be a joyful time with family."

Regardless, Sophie could sense that Ysabelle’s father genuinely wanted the best for Ysabelle. Hence,
she was sure he would not be able to bear seeing Ysabelle miserable.

"All right. Are you also returning to the Tanner residence?"

asked Ysabelle. I can still pop by occasionally and hang out with Sophie if she remains at Wisteria
Apartments. But once she returns to the Tanner residence, I won’t be able to go and see her.


I’ll have to return sooner or later. As long as Grandpa is there, I’ll definitely have to go back.

"That’s enough. What’s with all this chatter? The driver is downstairs waiting for you."

Ysabelle pursed her lips. Am I being dismissed again?