Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Tristan Is Drunk

“It’s a gathering, so let’s have some alcohol,” suggested Sunny all of a sudden. He was too scared to
outright fight Tristan, so he figured he’d settle for getting the guy drunk. The Wheelers had five
members, so there was no way Tristan could out-drink all of them.


Mark got up and went to retrieve a treasured bottle of shoppingmode vodka. He had spent a fortune to
buy that bottle. Sunny stared when he saw Mark returning with that particular bottle. Isn’t that his most
treasured bottle of shoppingmode vodka? Why is he getting it for us? Mark ignored Sunny’s stare. He
simply popped the bottle open and poured everyone half a glass of vodka. Sophie knew her alcohol
well. Even the scent of the vodka was exquisite. She picked up her glass and sipped some. The taste
was perfect.

“This is amazing,” complimented Sophie before she took another sip.

“Is it really that good?” asked Ysabelle. She had never had vodka before, but the way Sophie appeared
satisfied made Ysabelle take a sip.

“Oh, my gosh!” She wasn’t used to the liquor and almost spat everything out. Sophie couldn’t help
giggling when she saw Ysabelle struggling like that. The former got the latter a piece of tissue.

“Maybe you should just stick to regular wine.” The shoppingmode vodka was good, but the alcohol
content was ridiculously high. For those who had never taken shoppingmode vodka before, it was easy
for them to get drunk quickly.

“Mr. Tristan, this is the first time we drink together. I’m sure you won’t turn down our offer to drink up,
right?” I’m sure the rich are acquainted with exotic vodkas like these.

“Of course not,” replied Tristan as he picked his glass up. He wasn’t an idiot and knew that the vodka
was so rare that it was virtually impossible to procure it, even with all the money in the world. He sipped
at the liquor. Not bad.

“Thank you for your treat today.”

“Come on. We’re all men here, so what’s with all the excess politeness? Let’s just drink up,” replied
Sunny immediately. He had only suggested getting some alcohol because he wanted to get Tristan

“Okay, if you say so,” replied Tristan. He knew what Sunny was planning right away. This kid has been
hostile toward me from the very beginning. It’s obvious what his plans are.

“I’m young and can be hotheaded sometimes, Mr. Tristan. Please don’t take my rude words earlier to
heart. Here, I will drink up to apologize for that,” said Sunny. He downed an entire shot after that.

Tristan picked up his glass and downed his drink as well. Sunny was just a punk to him, so he couldn’t
care less. Mark filled his own glass. He didn’t say anything, but he nodded at Tristan and raised his
drink at the latter before downing it. Tristan topped up his glass and tossed back another shot. The
three other band members took turns toasting Tristan. After that, Sunny started the cycle again.

Ysabelle inched toward Sophie and whispered, “What do we do, Sophie? The tension between the
men is so high.”

I knew it. Uncle Tristan being here causes all sorts of trouble. Sophie poured herself another glass of
shoppingmode vodka. She enjoyed her drink and watched from the side.

“Ignore them. Just enjoy your food.”

“Oh, okay.”

Can Uncle Tristan handle drinking against all five of them? It’d be so embarrassing for him if he puked
in front of Sophie. Sunny was the first one to fall after having too many shots. He collapsed against the
couch and just laid there. Mark and Tristan battled until the very end. Mark was a man of few words,
but it was clear he didn’t like Tristan either. That was understandable since they were all super
protective of Sophie.

“That’s enough. It’s getting late,” said Sophie to put a stop to everything. The two of them had drunk too
much, and if they continued, they would end up in the hospital.


“Okay.” Both men were surprisingly obedient.

“I need to use the washroom,” said Mark. He was actually having a hard time keeping up.

“Are you okay?” asked Sophie in a concerned voice. Mark nodded.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry. I’m good,” replied Mark. He ran to the toilet as soon as he finished talking.
Ysabelle followed along because she was worried. All she heard was Mark retching after he entered
the toilet. That’s right… Superstars are still human, and he had too much to drink, so it’s normal for him
to puke. She left quietly.

“He vomited,” said Ysabelle when she saw Sophie.

“Okay.” Mark can hold his alcohol pretty well, and even he is vomiting. Tristan probably isn’t that much
better off, either.

“How are you doing? Are you okay?” asked Sophie.

Tristan responded by leaning on her shoulder. He closed his eyes, too tired to say another word. That
was how Tristan was. He would always become extremely quiet after he drank too much.

“What do we do now, Sophie?” asked Ysabelle. Everyone had indulged in alcohol, so no one could
drive home.

“It’ll be fine. You and your Uncle Tristan shouldn’t go home today. Let’s just head to Wisteria
Apartments instead.”

It was obvious that Tristan was a little drunk as well. Hence, there was no saying what would happen if
she brought him back to his place in his inebriated state. She would rather take care of him in person.

“Okay, then I’ll call the driver,” replied Ysabelle before she left to make the call.

“Sophie, you and the others don’t need to go home today. Just stay here at our place tonight,” offered
Sunny, who felt much better after resting. They had an extra room, and he thought it was fine to just let
Tristan sleep on the couch.

“Nah, I’ll get the driver to come and get us. You should go check up on Mark.” That was when Sunny
finally realized that Mark had been in the toilet for quite some time. Holy sh*t! Tristan is too good at
drinking. I can’t believe we failed to beat him, even though it was a battle of one against five.

“Okay, then take care. I’ll go check up on Mark now.”

“Okay.” The driver showed up at that moment. Sophie helped Tristan out of the house. When the driver
saw them, he got out of the car immediately to open the door for them.

“Mr. Tristan, are you okay?” asked the driver. He had never seen Tristan that drunk before.

“I’m fine.” Tristan kept leaning on Sophie’s shoulder, even after he got into the car. He had indeed had
too much to drink that day, so his head was aching a little. The car drove down the road for quite some
time before Sophie suddenly asked the driver to stop. The driver parked the car at the side of the road.

“Is there anything you need, Ms. Tanner? I can buy it for you,” offered the driver immediately.

“There’s no need for that. Just wait here for a while.” Sophie hopped out of the car and went into the
pharmacy on the other side of the road. She took a box of medicine from the shelves, paid for it, then
hurried back into the car.

“What were you doing?” asked Tristan. He was currently in a daze, so he had no idea what she had
gone out to do.

“It’s nothing. I just bought some stuff. Go back to sleep. I’ll wake you up once we reach Wisteria

“Okay.” Tristan was especially obedient when he was drunk. When they reached the underground
parking lot, the driver got out of the car to help Tristan up, but the latter turned the offer down.

“You can go home now. I’m not drunk.”

“Okay, Mr. Tristan.” Tristan claimed he wasn’t drunk, but as soon as the driver was gone, he leaned on
Sophie as though he couldn’t walk properly. Sophie glared at him.

“Didn’t you say that you weren’t drunk?”

“I’m not. It’s just a headache,” answered Tristan in a surprisingly pitiful tone.

Sophie was frustrated, but there was nothing she could do about it. Resigned, she helped him to the
elevator. Ysabelle was speechless. He is obviously messing with Sophie. Gah, never mind. I’ll just
pretend I never noticed anything. This evil uncle of mine would kick me out if I stepped on his toes. He
won’t even care that it’s the middle of the night.

Ysabelle didn’t say another word. When they reached their place, she fled into her room, determined to
not be a third wheel. It was not the right thing to do because men, when drunk, could turn into

monsters. Hence, leaving Sophie alone to deal with the matter was borderline cruel.

The man in question was her uncle, though, so it was a different story. She suddenly wished that
something more could happen between Sophie and Tristan.