Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 265

Chapter 265 Depressed Felix

Ysabelle is always so excited about Sophie. If only she’d treat me with that same level of passion…

“I really miss Sophie a lot, Uncle Tristan! I haven’t seen her in a long time! I’ll be going with Sophie, so
you can head back on your own, Felix!” Ysabelle then climbed into the back seat before Felix could

“Let’s go!” Sophie told Tristan when she saw Ysabelle get in. Just like that, the three of them sped off
while Felix stood there in the freezing cold with disbelief written all over his face.Am I really just a driver
to them? As Charles and Sean were too busy to join them for dinner, it was just the four of them at the
dinner table that night. To make matters worse, the three of them were so absorbed in their
conversation that Felix had been completely ignored.

Naturally, that made Felix even more depressed than he already was. I’m starting to question if I should
even be here. Why do I feel like I’m an outsider in this group?

“Help me pass this to Sarah. The one I gave her last time should be finished by now,” Sophie said while
retrieving a tiny bottle from her backpack.

“Aunt Sarah told me this is really helpful. She’s feeling a lot better lately and no longer suffers from
insomnia! Where did you get this from?” Ysabelle asked as she took the transparent bottle from her.

The Lombards could not treat Sarah’s condition despite them being the most powerful family in
Jipsdale, and yet, Sophie had got it taken care of so effortlessly.

“A friend of mine gave it to me.Since it works really well, I asked for two more bottles when I heard
about Sarah’s condition.” Sophie, too, had really severe insomnia back then, and her condition had
improved tremendously after Arius gave her that medicine.

“Oh? Who’s your friend? Do I know them?” Ysabelle asked. She knew Sophie didn’t have that many
friends, so she was curious as to who this person was.

“No, you don’t.” Sophie didn’t want to continue that topic as Ysabelle was far too pure and innocent for
such things. Even so, that did not stop the two of them from being friends with each other.

“Oh, okay!” Ysabelle knew better than to push Sophie for answers if she didn’t feel like talking about it.

“Eustace has done a really good job this time, Mr. Tristan.”

Feeling bored out of his mind, Felix decided to talk to Tristan while the girls continued chatting away.

“Yeah, I think we can count on him.”

“All right, then.”

Felix had full faith in Tristan’s judgment, especially after witnessing Eustace’s excellent performance.
The two of them refrained from mentioning S in front of Sophie and Ysabelle.

“By the way, Sophie, will The Wheelers be performing during Christmas?”

As all television stations would be competing against each other during Christmas, it would make
perfect sense for The Wheelers to capitalize on that opportunity.

“The issue with The Wheelers’ contract has been resolved, so they’ll be returning tomorrow. As for the
performance… Well, it’s Christmas, and our company isn’t open yet, so we’ll all just enjoy this festive
season together!” The Wheelers would not be performing that year.

“Ah, I see! That’s a shame! It’s been forever since I’ve last seen them perform!” Felix decided to share
the rumor he had recently heard.

“Right now, everyone thinks The Wheelers has been blacklisted.”

“Good! We’ll let them continue thinking that way, then. Their fans are unhappy with Sky Media now,

That’s what Clayton gets for bullying The Wheelers! He’s dead wrong if he thinks he can get off scot-

“Sophie, are you still mad at Clayton?”

Honestly, I feel bad for whoever gets on Sophie’s bad side! She’s still holding on to that grudge even
after so long!

“I’ll make his life in Jipsdale a living hell if he dares mess with The Wheelers!” Sophie was most
certainly capable of delivering on that promise. As Ysabelle wasn’t interested in Clayton at all, she tried
to change the topic.

“All right, enough talk about Clayton! Will you be joining The Wheelers for a meal when they get back?
If yes, make sure to take me with you!” Being a hardcore fan, she was dying to hang out with them.

“I think so. I’ll be sure to invite you when the time comes!” Sophie replied.

“I don’t get it. What’s so great about The Wheelers?” Felix exclaimed with a pout. Ysabelle has never
been this excited about seeing me when I left on business trips! Ysabelle shot him a fierce glare in

“Felix, you should just shut up if you don’t know anything about rock bands!” The Wheelers was
practically like a role model for her. A businessman like Felix could never understand what she liked
about their team spirit.

“I think The Wheelers is a great band.” Tristan was well aware of how much the two of them liked The
Wheelers, so he knew better than to say anything that would make them unhappy. The frowns on

Sophie’s and Ysabelle’s faces eased up when they heard that. Felix was surprised as he had never
seen this side of Tristan before.

“Mr. Tristan, do you really think The Wheelers are a great band?” he whispered.

“If Sophie and Ysabelle like the band, then it is great to me,” Tristan replied. Felix fell silent after
hearing his response. Wow…I never knew Tristan would be this deeply in love with Sophie! That
woman has him completely wrapped around her finger! After dinner, Ysabelle suggested that they go
for a movie.

“How about we go watch a movie, Sophie? It’s not often we get to hang out like this!”

“Are there any interesting movies lately?” Tristan asked. He knew it was common for couples to go on
movie dates, but he couldn’t care less about keeping himself updated on the latest trends.

As a result, he had no idea what movies were currently available.

“Of course there are!” Ysabelle replied with a smile. She figured Sophie wouldn’t object to her
suggestion if Tristan agreed to it.

“There’s a new cartoon that aired recently, but what’s so interesting about that?” Felix asked with a

I know I’m supposed to share all of Ysabelle’s interests if I am to date her and all, but I don’t
understand why an adult like her loves cartoons so much! Naturally, Ysabelle didn’t take too kindly to
what he had just said.

“Felix, what did I tell you about keeping your mouth shut about things you don’t understand? That’s an
animated film, not a cartoon! Know the difference, d*mn it! You’re the heir of Northley Group, aren’t

you? Can’t you say something more intelligent for once?” Felix wanted to argue that intelligence had
nothing to do with this, but he knew it was pointless to do so.

Sophie patted Ysabelle’s cheeks, which were puffed up with anger as she said affectionately, “All right,
we’ll go watch that movie if you like it so much.” Felix fell speechless once again. My goodness,
Sophie! Are you trying to be her boyfriend or something?