Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 281

Chapter 281 Agency


Oh boy. Willow’s going to explode if she hears that. The guy didn’t even see what she was trying to do.
Tristan kissed her lips and held her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Sophie.”

“Is there something I should be worried about?”

“I’m a loyal guy, and I will only date one woman my whole life. Anyone and everyone else doesn’t

If he didn’t even fall for a woman like Winter, someone like Willow would have no chance to seduce

“Oh, I’m so sorry you had to go through that ordeal, then.”

“Not exactly. I can take anything as long as you’re with me. Willow? Willow who? Never heard of her.”

“You can be sharp-tongued, huh?”

“Nope. I call that ‘not wasting my time on people I don’t care.’” He’s at it again.

“The girls in Transfix Cosmetics are nice to you.”


Sophie never wanted them to get hurt because of her. Sophie and Ysabelle arrived at the airport at
about five in the afternoon the next day to welcome Mark and the others. Christmas was drawing near,

so Sophie told them to come back. They had families here, and Christmas was a season of reunions,
after all.

“I’m so excited, Sophie!”

“You’ll lose that excitement after you see them a few times. They’re regular people like you and me.”

“Really? I can hang out with them?”

Just the thought of hanging out with Mark and his gang whipped her into a frenzied state. The
Wheelers took the VIP passage, and Sunny saw Sophie before he even emerged from the passage.

“Mark, that’s Sophie, isn’t it? She’s the welcoming committee?” The aloof Sophie came to welcome us.
What an honor. Mark saw Sophie as well, and he waved at her. Eventually, the whole band approached
Sophie and Ysabelle.

“Thanks for all your help, Sophie, and sorry. We’ll rise to the top again. We won’t let you down,” Mark
promised quickly. Getting out of a contract with Clayton was arduous, so he knew Sophie must have
gone through a lot just for them. “It’s all right. We’re friends here.

The reason I set up an entertainment company is so everyone can have fun with music without
worries.” As for profits. Well, we’ll see how that goes.

“Don’t worry, Sophie. We’re really famous, actually. And with the new song you made for us? That
album is going to be a hit.”

The Wheelers wouldn’t let her lose money. They could even carry a whole entertainment company on
their backs while they were under Clayton’s tyranny. If they did everything right, fame and fortune
would come their way, eventually.

“You’re our sponsor now, Sophie,” Sunny suddenly said. “So tell us if you ever need anything.”

Huh. He’s technically right.

“Oh, and here’s Ysabelle Lombard. You guys met before, and she’s one of our company’s artists.” No
contract was signed yet, but she did promise Ysabelle to take her on board, so here she was.

“Hey, Ysabelle. Come to me if you need anything. I’ll help.” Sunny wrapped his arm around her

“Really? I can come to you if I need anything?” Ysabelle adored Sunny. He’s captivating when playing
the drums and only loses to Sophie in the skill by a little.


“Sophie’s friend is our friend. If you need anything, we’ll help you,” Mark chimed in.

“Take Ysabelle with you after Christmas, after the album is out.” Ysabelle has a lot to learn if she wants
to debut in this industry. “We’re releasing the album after Christmas?” A frown furrowed Mark’s brows.
That’s a bit too fast.

“What? Is there any problem?” She didn’t think there were any problems at all.

“No.” He was just worried about the cash flow since running a company was not easy.

“I’m the sponsor here. Don’t worry about the money.” If money’s their concern, then it’s no concern at
all. I have money.

“I’ll use my savings on this release, Sophie.” Sunny was worried about her. Sophie’s just an eighteen-
year-old girl. She doesn’t have that much money.

“Yeah. We’ve been working for a while, and we all have some money for this.”

Even if they lost all their money, they could just start all over again. Ysabelle was moved by their
willingness to sacrifice just to protect Sophie.

“You guys should trust your sponsor, you know.” Is she really seeing herself as the sponsor?

“All right, that’s enough talk. Everyone’s hungry, I bet. First, we need to go back.”

“Been a while since we had some BBQ. Let’s do that at my place,” Sunny suggested. He missed the
days of having simple BBQs back when they were just some poor guys. There wasn’t even any meat,
but those were happy days. They were poor, but the joy was always around.


Sophie was reminded of the good old days too. They had no money, but those were the sweeter days.
Tristan sent out two cars for them, so they split into two teams. Sophie, Ysabelle, Mark, and Sunny
took up one car while the others took up the other.

“We should probably get some ingredients.”

It had been a while since their return, and they had nothing in their fridge.


Sophie had no objections, so she drove them to the supermarket. Ysabelle thought it was a new
experience seeing fresh BBQ ingredients. She was used to BBQs, but all of the food was already
prepped. This was her first time seeing them in their original forms. Mark and Sunny were hard at work.
They were wearing black masks and pushing shopping carts across the food area. Mark went for the
meats, while Sunny targeted the greens.

“I feel useless, Sophie. I can’t even do anything.” The guys are more useful than I am.

“You don’t have to do anything besides eating.” Sophie took Ysabelle to the snacks area. It would take
some time before the BBQ, so they would need some snacks to stave off their hunger. Sophie took
some chips off the shelf and put them in the cart. Suddenly, her phone rang. She stopped walking and
whipped out her phone.


“Where are you?” Tristan asked. He wanted to ask her out for dinner.

“I’m getting something in the supermarket for a BBQ session with Mark and his band. What do you
need?” Tristan was a little frustrated. She’s having dinner with other guys? What about me?

“It’s nothing. I haven’t had dinner yet.”

That was an obvious hint. Now invite me to the BBQ.


Then, get something to eat. Why are you even telling me that?