Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 280

Chapter 280 Only You

“It’s Transfix Cosmetics’ annual event today, Ms. Willow. If Ms. Sophie finds out…” Wilma trailed off.
Willow sneered.

“Trying to threaten me with Sophie? Do you think I’m scared of her?” Wilma frowned. It’s going to be
hard dealing with Ms. Willow without Ms. Sophie around.

“I said, fire her, or else.” Caleb heard the commotion. When he came to see what was going on, he saw
Willow making an unreasonable demand. A frown appeared on his brows. I take my eyes off them for
two seconds, and this happens?

“What’s going on, Willow?” “Caleb, this lowly employee won’t even listen to me! Unbelievable!” Willow
teared up. She obviously did it on purpose! A simple apology isn’t enough! Caleb sighed.

“Enough, Willow. Calm down.”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Willow! I’m really sorry! Please, have mercy on me!” Wendy was in tears right now. She
didn’t mean what she did to Willow. That was just something she did on the spur of the moment.

“That’s enough. Wear this, Willow.” Caleb took his suit jacket off and draped it over her. Tristan and
Sophie came back just in time to see this. Sophie approached the scene.

“What happened?” she asked. Wendy cried even harder the moment she saw Sophie.

“You’re behind this, aren’t you, Sophie? You hate me, so you told her to splash that wine on me.” The
more Willow talked, the angrier she was. How could they do this to me? Sophie gave her a look that
said, “Are you mad?”

“What are you, mad? Shut up and go home. This is an office.”

“We still don’t know whose fault this is. Can you be nicer to her?” Caleb chided. Can’t you see she’s
crying? Tristan looked at him. “What happened?” he asked, and everyone quieted down.

“Ms. Sophie didn’t tell me to do anything. I just got angry seeing Ms. Willow trying to seduce Ms.
Sophie’s boyfriend, so I splashed her with wine.” Wendy decided to step up for the woman who had
given them so much.

I won’t let anyone slander her.

“Why, you little…” Willow felt like she could have a heart attack at any moment. The other ladies
nodded in agreement.

“Yeah, we saw it too. While Ms. Sophie was drawing the prizes for everyone, Ms. Willow kept showing
off her skin to Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend, but he didn’t even spare her a look.”

Soon, everyone else chimed in as well.

“We saw it too.”

“Yeah. Trying to steal your own sister’s boyfriend is despicable. I can’t believe she’d do this.” The more
they spoke up, the paler Willow’s face became.

“T-That’s a lie! They’re lying, Caleb! I didn’t do anything!” She looked to Caleb for help, but he shook
his head. Apparently, he didn’t believe her at all.

“All right, that’s it. We’re going home.” It was embarrassing to find out that his sisters were fighting over
one man.

“You’re leaving? After she hit someone?” Sophie blurted coldly. Caleb’s brows knitted together.

“We’re not gonna talk about this anymore. I know Willow’s at fault, but your employee’s partly
responsible too.”

And we’re your family. She’s not.

“I’m fine, Ms. Sophie. This is partly my responsibility too.” Wendy felt a little ashamed of herself since
she didn’t mean to cause Sophie any trouble.

“Apologize,” Sophie said coldly. Nobody told them to come. They came uninvited and tried to bully my
employee. That is something I won’t stand for.

“No! I won’t apologize!” Willow snapped. I will not apologize to that lowly peasant!

“Sophie!” Caleb was incredulous.

“She’s your sister!”

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” Sophie shot Willow a look, and the arrogant woman hid behind her

“Willow, you did slap her. An apology is nothing. It’s expected.” Caleb had to say that since Wendy was
bleeding from what Willow had done to her. Rage filled Willow’s heart, and she uttered reluctantly, “I’m

Everyone was starting to gossip about her, and she had no plans of being an exhibition for their
entertainment. “I’m sorry too, Ms. Willow, but please never seduce Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend again.

” Godd*mmit. Willow was speechless. She’s saying that on purpose, isn’t she?

Wilma nudged Wendy’s arm, telling her to stop talking. At the end of the day, Willow was still Sophie’s
sister, and Wendy would make things worse for the family if she kept talking. Wendy finally shut up.

“You may leave now.” Sophie chased them away immediately. They would have been denied entrance
if not for Josiah’s sake, but they took that kindness and trampled all over it like they usually did. A sigh
escaped Caleb’s lips, and he took Willow away. Only Sophie, Tristan, and Transfix Cosmetics’
employees were left. Wendy quickly bowed to Sophie.

“I’m really, really sorry, Ms. Sophie. I didn’t mean to put you in a tough spot.” Her brain felt like it short-
circuited for a moment, and she couldn’t hold back from splashing Willow with wine.

“It’s water under the bridge now, but don’t do anything like that again, Wendy. I don’t want to see you
get hurt.” Sophie didn’t lecture Wendy, as she did that all for her sake after all.

“Yes.” Wendy was too ashamed to even look at Sophie.

“You guys go on ahead. I’ll be going home now.”

“Are you sure you’re all right, Ms. Sophie?” Wilma was still worried about her.

“I’m fine. Just calm everyone down and tell them to have a good time.” The new year is drawing near.
No need to sour their mood over something so trivial.

“Of course, Ms. Sophie. I’ll give Wendy an earful. I’ll make sure she doesn’t act impulsively next time.”

“Don’t lecture her. She’s already scared enough as is.” Willow is still a terrifying woman when she
wants to be. They exited the venue, and Tristan held the car’s door open for her.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“I need consolation.” Tristan held her hand.

“For what?”

“I can’t believe a witch like Willow was trying to seduce me. Do you know how scary that was?” Huh? “I
thought you were looking forward to it. You’re a guy, aren’t you?”

“I’m not like other guys, so how am I supposed to know what they think? Personally, I don’t like any
other women.” Sophie nodded. She had no reason not to believe him, as he would have slept with all
kinds of women if he wanted to. Those women would kill to have that chance. Tristan pulled her into his

“Now give me some sugar and delete that horrible memory from my mind. I can feel the nightmare fuel
tank feeling up.”

“Wait. So you’re saying she actually tried to seduce you?”

Tristan tried to remember what Willow had done. Yes, Willow was right beside him at the party, but he
didn’t even talk to her. What she did wasn’t of interest to him.

“I think so? I don’t think Wendy and the girls would lie.”

“Wait, so you don’t know what she did? You weren’t even paying attention?”