Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 279

Chapter 279 Sack Her Immediately Wilma led them both inside. When the others saw Sophie and
Tristan arriving, they quietened down immediately.

“Are they a little afraid of me?” Tristan whispered into Sophie’s ear. The way they were sharing a secret
conversation with each other made everyone envious. These two are quite the perfect couple.

“Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend is really hot.”

“I know, right? They’re like straight out of a romantic drama!” “How I wish I have a boyfriend like that.”

Naturally, Wilma heard all those comments, and she agreed with them all. No matter where Sophie
went, she was, inevitably, the star of the show.

“All right, everyone, let’s not crowd around here. Go and have a good time!”

Only when Wilma said this did the girls leave reluctantly. Tristan and Sophie settled down on the couch
at one side of the hall. Not long after that, Caleb arrived with Willow. There was hardly any reaction
from the staff of Transfix Cosmetics to the arrival of these two. Of course, they knew who these two
people were, but they were just not interested.

Willow was upset when she noticed their attitude. I’m the heiress of Transfix Cosmetics!

“Caleb, just look at their attitude. They were so friendly and enthusiastic toward Sophie, but they
ignored us when we arrived. Don’t you think something is off? Sophie must’ve said something to them!”

Caleb frowned.

“Sophie’s the one who’s fighting alongside them, so it’s only natural that they admire her. Stop
overreacting, okay?”

All he wanted was to get Tristan’s help, so he couldn’t be bothered to heed Willow’s complaints. Most
importantly, he did not mind how those people treated him at all.

Caleb and Willow went and sat down next to Sophie and Tristan. Tristan and Sophie were engaged in a
conversation, but Tristan seemed to be doing most of the talking. Sophie would occasionally nod or
give a perfunctory reply. Within ten minutes of his arrival, Caleb could tell that Tristan tolerated Sophie
very much.

“Are you hungry?” Sophie shook her head. She didn’t feel hungry at all at that moment.

“Are you thirsty?” Words eluded Willow. Sophie is no longer a child. Does he really need to look after
her like this? Willow was green with envy. What happened to Mr. Tristan? I can’t believe someone as
elegant and charming as Mr. Tristan is pampering Sophie! This made Willow more jealous than ever.

“Mr. Tristan, are you interested in the research institute in Anglandur?” Caleb could no longer suppress
his impatience after sitting quietly for a long while. He finally spoke up. His motive for coming here
today was obvious.

When he spoke, Sophie could not help glancing at him. She had been wondering why he insisted on
attending the annual gathering of Transfix Cosmetics. Caleb was only concerned about the research
institute and had no interest whatsoever in the affairs of Tanner Group. It turns out that he is here for
Tristan. Tristan held Sophie’s hand tight.

“No, I’m not interested.” Tristan was only polite for Sophie’s sake. He showed much respect for Josiah
who treated Sophie well.

However, he showed no respect at all for Caleb and Willow, who obviously did not care much about
Sophie. Caleb had prepared quite a speech to persuade Tristan.

Unfortunately, when Tristan said he was not interested, all of Caleb’s preparation had gone to waste.
Caleb glanced at Sophie, who blatantly ignored him as if he wasn’t even there. She didn’t speak up for

When Wilma came over and invited Sophie to do a lucky draw, the latter left with her. Sensing the
tense atmosphere, Caleb excused himself and went to the restroom.

Only Tristan and Willow were left on the couch. Willow could not help stealing glances at Tristan. Ever
since Sophie left, the man had been checking his phone continuously, seemingly chatting with

Willow had always felt that she was in no way inferior to Sophie. Furthermore, at this moment, an idea
was forming in her mind. If Tristan becomes my boyfriend, Sophie will go through much suffering.

All this while, Sophie had been bullying me. This is my chance! Thus, Willow began posing seductively,
trying to captureTristan’s attention. She purposefully pulled up her skirt to the extent that her underwear
could be seen. The staff of Transfix Cosmetics nearby watched her antics and thought she was a
disgrace to all women.

“Look at her displaying her legs! Does she think that her legs are beautiful?”

“That’s right. Those legs look like an elephant’s legs. I can’t believe she had the audacity to show

“The crux of the matter now is that she is trying to steal Ms. Sophie’s boyfriend.” Wendy who was
watching nearby became very angry.

“Willow is really too much.”

“Let it go, Wendy. After all, she is Ms. Sophie’s sister.”

Wendy could not bear it anymore. She brought a glass of red wine over to the couch. Then, she
“accidentally” spilled the glass of red wine all over Willow’s body.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Willow! I slipped.” Wendy acted rashly on impulse.

Therefore, when she saw the murderous look in Willow’s eyes, she was frightened. Willow was just
about to throw a tantrum when she remembered that Tristan was seated right next to her. She held
back her temper. I mustn’t get angry. I mustn’t.

“Mr. Tristan, my clothes are wet. Can I borrow your coat?” Willow’s tearful expression was quite a
revolting sight to behold. Wendy, who was afraid just now, no longer felt scared after seeing how
pretentiously she behaved. Tristan finally looked up. However, he walked away after merely sparing her
a glance.

“Mr. Tristan—” Willow was about to say something else when she saw Tristan walk over to the stage
and carefully help Sophie down the stairs. The care and caution that he exercised while doing that
made Willow so jealous that she gritted her teeth, seething with rage.

Tristan then took Sophie outside for some fresh air.

“What are you staring at? Do you know how much this dress costs? Do you think you can pay for it?”
Willow vented her anger on Wendy.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Willow. It was really an accident.” Scared, Wendy kept retreating.

However, Willow was not about to let her off. She approached and grasped Wendy’s pigtail.

“Answer me! Did Sophie ask you to do it?” She slipped? Does she think I’ll believe that? When Wilma
saw Wendy being bullied, she quickly came over.

“Calm down, Ms. Willow. Let’s talk things through reasonably.” Wilma frowned. We didn’t invite Willow,
yet she still showed up uninvited. To make matters worse, she even bullied my staff!

“Wilma, you’re just in time. This subordinate of yours splashed red wine all over me on purpose. I’m not
asking her to pay for this dress because she looks miserly. She can’t afford to compensate me,
anyway. I want you to sack her instantly and I’ll consider the matter settled.”

“Ms. Lineker, I—” Wendy panicked when she heard that. She really liked this job.

“Ms. Willow, it’s all my fault. I beg you to please let me off! I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Willow raised her hand and gave Wendy a slap right across her face.

“I dare you to say that again!”

Blood dripped from the corner of Wendy’s lips. Willow didn’t hold back at all. Wilma instantly caught
hold of Willow’s hand when the latter was about to land another slap on Wendy’s face.