Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 278

Chapter 278 Jipsdale

“Boss, I’m not saying that I’m afraid of Tristan or scared of death, but despite our influence here in
Anglandur, we’ll be in Tristan’s territory once we step foot in Jipsdale. If we head over there without a
plan, things will become tricky for us.” Nicholas’ assistant, Quentin Schmidt, felt rather helpless serving
his employer. It is so difficult to work as his assistant.

“Quentin, what is there to plan regarding this matter? How will Tristan know if I go there by myself?” I’m
Nicholas Sable, after all.What will Tristan do to me if I’m just visiting Jipsdale to meet someone?

“Boss!” Quentin did not dare to tell Nicholas that Tristan was also interested in Sophie and that they
seemed to have become a couple I can’t imagine what would happen if Boss is informed of that matter.

“That’s enough. I’m getting tired. You can leave now. I’ll make the arrangements on my own for this trip
to Jipsdale, and you don’t have to tag along by then.”

It’s almost Christmas. I’ll go to Jipsdale and keep her company during this festive season. I suppose
she’ll be very surprised to see me. Nicholas could not fathom his own state of mind either. All he knew
was that he must not allow Sophie to leave his side despite knowing he would not be able to marry her.

After all, no one in the Sable family would agree for him to marry her due to the disparity between their
family backgrounds.

Therefore, Nicholas had never thought of marrying Sophie too. Still, even if he became married in the
future, he thought that would not be a factor prohibiting him from keeping her by his side. Quentin could
only shake his head while he stared at the gorgeous man reclining in the chair. How can I let him go to
Jipsdale alone? What if something terrible befalls him there? Old Mr. Sable will inflict his wrath on the
entire Chanaea.

If that happens, there will be so many casualties. Boss is Old Mr. Sable’s only son, so he would never
allow anything bad to happen to Boss. How should I establish contact with Sophie so I can inform her
Boss is planning to meet with her? Sophie is such a troublemaker.

Quentin had always wished for Sophie to die at a young age as her death would save him plenty of
trouble. Regrettably, she was blessed with a long life. He was amazed that she managed to stay alive
even after everything she had experienced. The following day at five o’clock in the evening, Tristan
arrived at the Tanner residence to pick Sophie up.

When Caleb saw Tristan, he immediately got to his feet, wanting to greet the latter. However, Tristan’s
overwhelming aura caused Caleb to hesitate for a few moments, and amidst his pausing, Tristan had
already gone upstairs to find Sophie. Taking in Caleb’s demeanor, Willow could not help but mock him,
“Caleb, are you thinking of buttering Mr. Tristan up too?”

Ever since Caleb knew of Sophie and Tristan’s relationship, Caleb began treating his sister very
differently from before.

“What nonsense are you talking about? Mr.Tristan will be displeased if he hears you.”

“Oh!” Although discomfort boiled within Willow, there was nothing she could do about it. That man was
Tristan, after all. Provoking him would be no different from courting death.

As a result, regardless of how much Willow hated Sophie, she did not dare to harm the latter now.
Willow merely hoped Tristan would get tired of Sophie as soon as possible. As long as Mr. Tristan no
longer cares about Sophie, I’ll be able to take advantage of the situation. Don’t tell me Sophie really
thinks Mr. Tristan is serious about being with a girl like her. As Tristan and Sophie came downstairs,
they formed a picture-perfect scene as both were very good-looking and appeared like a match made
in heaven. Josiah’s mind was filled with compliments to the couple when he saw them together.

The old man was genuinely satisfied with Tristan, but his only dissatisfaction and concern was Tristan’s
overly prominent social status. Aside from that, Tristan was as perfect as a man could be.

“Grandpa, I’ll be leaving then.” Sophie dressed beautifully that day. Josiah had deliberately asked
someone to prepare that dress for her.

“Okay. Go ahead. Transfix Cosmetics’ recent performance has been outstanding. You should really
express your gratitude to the company’s employees.”

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I know what to do.”

“Grandpa, can I follow Soph to the event to look around?” Caleb piped up. Josiah glanced at Caleb
dubiously as he reckoned the latter was only doing that because of Tristan. Everyone in Jipsdale was
well aware of Tristan’s competency. If that was indeed Caleb’s motivation, Josiah would be utterly

“Grandpa, I want to go too. Since Transfix Cosmetics is so successful now, their employees must be
outstanding. I want to go there to learn something too.”

Willow was not letting that opportunity slip.

“Transfix Cosmetics’ current achievements are made possible because of Soph.” Transfix Cosmetics
would have met its demise long ago if it wasn’t for Sophie. Willow fell silent after listening to Josiah’s
remark. Grandpa is really seizing every chance to praise Sophie. She’s just lucky. It’s not like it’s a big

“Go ahead and attend if you want.” This is just an anniversary event. I’ve never seen you two express
interest in visiting the company previously, yet you’re so excited to participate now.

“Let’s go.” Sophie did not have any objection. Having said that, Willow and Caleb would have to drive
there on their own because Sophie did not enjoy their company. Tristan hummed a response before
stretching out his hand. Sophie linked arms with him and they left the house together. At the sight of the
couple leaving together, bitterness surged within Willow’s chest. Tristan, influential and affluent, was
the epitome of a successful man. Any woman would yearn to be with him, and Willow was no
exception. Unfortunately, he was exceptionally indifferent toward her and had never given her the
slightest chance to approach him.

“Willow, didn’t you say you want to tag along? Let’s go.” Caleb wanted to find opportunities to spend
more alone time with Tristan. Currently, Caleb’s mentor was managing a huge project, and multiple
researchers were competing for the limited spots.

However, as Caleb was not the most excellent among his peers, he would have to pay some additional
price if he wanted to participate in that project. Incidentally, his mentor had always mentioned Tristan.
Caleb thought since his mentor was a great admirer of Tristan, the opportunity to join the project would
be his if Tristan could recommend him to his mentor. Hence, Caleb was determined to attend the
anniversary event with Tristan and Sophie that day.

Otherwise, regardless of how accomplished Transfix Cosmetics might be, he would not have the
slightest interest in the company’s matters. Just as Tristan’s car pulled up at the event venue, Sophie
immediately noticed Wilma. Wilma was wearing an exquisite evening gown, and she had been waiting
outside the whole time. Sophie wondered how long she had stood there. Tristan handed his car keys to
the parking valet before placing his hand around Sophie’s shoulder.

They both walked over together.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait inside? Why are you standing outside? It’s so cold out here. You’ll catch a cold.”

“Ms. Sophie, I just came out.”

Wilma wanted to guide Sophie to the venue because she did not want the latter to lose her way inside
the building. Although Sophie disagreed with Wilma’s action, she did not comment further after seeing
how long Wilma had waited for them outside judging by how pale and cold Wilma’s arms had become.
Instead, Sophie quickly steered Wilma into the building.

“Ms. Sophie, everyone is very happy that you’re here.” Sophie’s prowess had earned her everyone’s
respect and admiration. They all hoped to be in the same room as her.

“Yes. I’m delighted to be able to take part in this anniversary event with everyone too.”