Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 277

Chapter 277

Sophie Is In Jipsdale Sophie’s room was not very big. Her room had only a king-size bed, a computer
desk, and a wardrobe. She did not even have a dressing table. As Sophie had rarely returned home,
her room was clean and tidy. She sat on the swivel chair and gazed at him. Tristan saw an album and
reached out to grab it.

“Can I take a look at this?”


He sat on the bed, opened the album, and browsed through pictures of Sophie from her childhood until
now. He flipped through every page and took in the pictures depicting her growth from a baby to the
beautiful teenage girl she was at that moment. Staring at those images, Tristan felt as if he had
accompanied her as she grew up.

“Come here,” he said to her while he remained seated on the bed.

“What’s the matter?”

“Come here.”

Before she realized it, his seductive voice prompted her to get to her feet and walk up to him. Tristan
pulled her into his embrace so that they could look at the pictures together.

“I can’t believe this used to be your style.” He pointed at a photo of Sophie in pigtails. She glanced at

“Why? Is there a problem with that?”

“No. You look very adorable.” Tristan’s mind wandered. If we have a daughter in the future, I suppose
she will be as cute as Sophie.

After all, Sophie has excellent genes. I have no doubt her child will be very good-looking. Sophie turned
her head around and noticed the contented smile on his face.

“What? What are you thinking about?”

“I’m just imagining if we have a daughter together in the future, she must be as cute as you,” Tristan
replied frankly. He wanted to let her know that he was serious about her and that he had included her in
his future planning. Sophie was stumped.

Giving birth to a child? To be honest, that thought had never crossed her mind up until that point. She
was uncertain if someone like her would be a good mother because she did not know how to handle

“Mr. Tristan, I don’t want to have kids.”

If he’s looking for a partner with whom he can get married and have children, I don’t think I am a
suitable candidate. I don’t want to waste his time if that’s the case.

“You don’t like children?”

Tristan was not very fond of children, but he thought he would cherish the child dearly if they were

“I don’t know how to put it either. I think I’m not suitable to become a mother.”

“That’s enough. We’ll discuss this topic another day. You’re still young, so it is normal for you not to like
kids now.”

“What if I still do not like them in the future?”

“Then we won’t have children. I don’t need to have kids. Having you by my side is already sufficient.”
Tristan was not merely coaxing her.

If Sophie did not want to have kids, he would respect her decision instead of forcing her to bear his
child. When they exited Sophie’s room, they stumbled into Willow. Willow could not help but sneer at
the sight of Tristan coming out from Sophie’s room. Weren’t you acting high and mighty all the time?
Well, you’re certainly living up to your reputation now, Sophie. I can’t believe you just brought a man
into your room. Sophie disregarded Willow and led Tristan away. When they arrived at the living room,
he stopped in his tracks.

“You will be attending Transfix Cosmetics’ anniversary event tomorrow, right?”

“Yes.” How did he know about that? I don’t recall telling anyone else about this matter.

“Wilma sent me an invitation.” Sophie was rendered speechless. Why is he going to Transfix
Cosmetics’ anniversary event? Why did Wilma send him an invitation?

“Therefore, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow.” Fortunately, he was able to attend the occasion tomorrow
because Lombard Group’s anniversary event was on a different date.

And the reason would be that Tristan had deliberately arranged for both companies to host their
anniversary events on separate dates.

“All right then.” Since Wilma had sent him an invitation, Sophie had no reason to forbid him from

“Be careful on your way back.” She wanted to follow him out, but he did not allow her to do so because
of the cold weather outside.

“All right. Rest early.” After Tristan left the Tanner residence, Sophie turned around and immediately
caught sight of Willow, standing behind her like a ghost, wearing a white dress.

“Stand aside.” Sophie lacked the patience to spend another second talking to Willow.

“Sophie, don’t you always think you’re better than everyone else? What’s the matter? How shameless
are you to let a man enter your room now? Do you really think Mr. Tristan loves you? He’s just toying
with you. Have you even met with his family members? There’s no way the Lombard family will accept
someone like you.” Sophie frowned.

“That’s none of your business.” Since when does Willow care about my matters?

“You can also do the same if you have the capabilities. However, the reason you’re so agitated is that
you’re jealous.Do you realize that?” Willow was rendered speechless.

Willow took a step back. Sophie had always chosen to ignore her, but the latter’s words were
unexpectedly harsh and unforgiving when she decided to speak up.

“Do you have any other questions for me?” Sophie stared into Willow’s eyes. Willow was stumped.
Moments later, she said, “What about Mason? Do you not love him anymore?” Sophie fell silent. How
long has it been since I last heard this name?

“I’ve never loved him. With that said, will you return to Mason’s side in assurance now?” Willow still felt
aggrieved at the mention of Mason. However, she thought he was no longer a match for her.

“What’s the matter? Are you disdaining him because he went lame?” Aren’t you always putting up an
obedient and sensible act? Why don’t you continue to play that role now?

“I certainly wish Mason would fall for me, but I’ve worked so hard, yearning and waiting to be with him
for such a long time, and to no avail. What else can I do if he doesn’t want to reciprocate my feelings?

Who are you all to criticize me now?”

I’ve shown my efforts, haven’t I? Are my teenage years not as worthy as others’ teenage years?

“No one is criticizing you, and I could not care less about you.” With that, Sophie headed upstairs right
away. Willow crouched on the floor and burst into tears. Why? Why am I the only one without anything
to show, even until now? I did not do anything wrong, right? Sophie returned to her room, and just as
she lay on her bed, the ring on her ring finger emitted a strange light.

Looking at the ring, she was reminded of Nicholas again. Why isn’t he giving up? Have I not made
myself clear? Still, Sophie was no longer the innocent and ignorant young girl she was.

One day, even if Nicholas managed to locate her, she already had the confidence to handle him. She
had no doubt about her abilities. Sophie promised herself never to let anyone control how she lived her
life, not even Nicholas. Meanwhile, at Anglandur, Nicholas was listening to his subordinate’s report in a
relaxed manner.

“Boss, Sophie is in Jipsdale, but you are also aware that Jipsdale is Tristan’s territory. If we go there
without a plan, I’m afraid—”

“Afraid?” Nicholas lay on the chair and flashed a wicked grin.

“How dare you mention this word to me as my assistant?”

I see.

So, she’s in Jipsdale! I was wondering how someone could disappear without a trace on this earth.
This is why!