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Chapter 274 Showing Off “Caleb, a household staff will always be a household staff. Grandpa has
really lost his mind with his age.” Willow disagreed with treating a household staff as part of the family.
She did not feel that a household staff had the right to be her family. Caleb pursed his lips in response.
He knew that Willow had always been full of herself, but he never expected her to bear such thoughts
despite how Morgan had watched her grow up. “Willow—” Caleb started, about to say something else.
Knowing that he was going to say something she hated to hear, Willow jumped to her feet. “Caleb, I’ve
asked my classmate to hang out with me, so I won’t be home for the meal; enjoy your meal with Mom.
Bye.” With that said, Willow scurried off. Soon, Caleb was the only one left in the living room. He could
finally understand what it was like to be his grandfather, alone in the afternoon when he and Willow
were not around. It was indeed a sad feeling. Tristan had arranged the meal to be held at Blossom
Garden. After all, Blossom Garden was a famous spot in Jipsdale

. After arriving at Blossom Garden, Sop

hie went to the restroom. Only Tristan, Josiah, and Morgan remained in the private room. Initially,
Morgan did not want to sit with them. He was already satisfied with how he could follow Josiah to
Blossom Garden and take care of him. However, Tristan and Sophie had both asked him to take a seat
and so he did as they said. “Grandpa, who made you upset?” Tristan asked, having noticed Josiah’s
foul mood when he picked him up. At the mention of that, Josiah’s expression darkened, thinking Caleb
had crossed the line. Regardless of everything, the matter was the Tanner family’s affair. No matter
how terrible Caleb was, he was still his grandson. Therefore, Josiah did not wish to tell Tristan about it.
“It’s nothing, Tanny. As long as Sophie and you are good, I’m happy. You really have to take good care
of our Sophie.” Josiah knew how difficult life was for Sophie in the family. Even though she had older
siblings, her siblings never once cared about her. They only knew to request things from her, and they
never reflected on their actions. “Don’t worry, Old Mr. Tanner. As long as I’m by her side, I won’t let
anyone upset her,” Tristan promised.

Josiah beamed at his reply. “Very well. I like you very much. Although Sophie’s a hard girl to court, trust
me, you won’t regret being together with her. She’s a good girl,” Josiah said, for he was particularly
doting on Sophie. “Okay, I understand.” Sophie had never let him down, after all. Once Sophie was
back, she took a seat beside Josiah. By then, the dishes were served. The food made by Blossom
Garden was naturally the best, and Sophie wasted no time taking some for Josiah. “Dig in, Grandpa.”
Josiah smiled and nodded. Morgan had initially intended to stay by Josiah’s side to take care of him,
but it seemed like his help was unneeded, for Tristan and Sophie were by his side. At the sight of that,
Morgan was happy for Josiah. Out of the three children in the Tanner family, Sophie was the most
dutiful one. She truly answered every request Josiah made. “Morgan, you should dig in too.”

Sophie knew Morgan was sincerely nice to Josiah, so she had always respected the man. “Okay, let’s
all dig in,” Morgan replied with a smile, glad about the harmonious atmosphere. The four of them
finished their food merrily. “I need to use the restroom. Wait for me.” Josiah had eaten too much, so he
needed to use the restroom. “Grandpa, let me accompany you there.” “It’s fine; it’s not like I’m a kid. I’m
just using the restroom, so you don’t need to come along. Sit down, Morgan. I can go there myself. You
don’t need to come with me too.” Josiah refused to admit that his old age came with disadvantages, for
he felt fine. “Okay. Be careful. Call me right away if you need any help.” They were in Blossom Garden,
a place they frequented. Thus, the employees at Blossom Garden all knew them. There would be no
issue for Josiah to walk to the restroom himself. With that, Josiah chuckled and left the room. Once he
was out of the restroom and had washed his hands, he turned, about to go back to Sophie and the
others. However, he accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry—” Josiah was about to apologize when he registered the familiar face in front of him. “It’s you,
Waylon!” Waylon Lacraft was Josiah’s comrade from the past. Unlike Josiah, who retired from the army
because of an injury he sustained on the battlefield, Waylon was a man who feared death. Yet, he still
managed to climb up the social ranks with the support of his family. Waylon, too, never expected to
meet Josiah at Blossom Garden. Although they used to be comrades, Waylon truly disliked Josiah.
Hence, he could not help but laugh when he saw Josiah. “Josiah, didn’t you think the world of yourself

back then? How did you end up like this? I heard that your son even tried to kill himself by jumping off a
building. Didn’t you say that I didn’t know how to educate my son in the past? Think hard now about
who’s the one who doesn’t know how to educate their son!”

Waylon jeered. He had been annoyed with Josiah since forever, for he felt that the latter was too
arrogant for the little capability he had. At the start, Josiah wanted to retort Waylon, but he soon felt that
it was pointless to do that. After all, why should he waste his breath on someone like Waylon? “Excuse
me,” was all Josiah said before he turned to leave. However, Waylon grabbed his hand. “What’s the
matter? Our comrades are all in the room today, so come along and meet them. Let them see what
kind of miserable state Josiah Tanner is now in!” Waylon was the one who organized the reunion
between the army comrades, and he finally had the chance to shine. Josiah furrowed his brows and
rejected, “It’s fine.

I have some other things to attend to.” “It won’t take you more than a few minutes. Come on.” Waylon
simply wanted to show off in front of Josiah. When the other people in the room saw no sign of Waylon
returning, one of them came out, and he saw Josiah and Waylon. “Josiah, are you here for the reunion
too?” “No way! He has completely forgotten about us people. Look! I asked him to say hi to you all, but
he refused to come in.” “Hey, Josiah, that’s not nice of you. We were buddies who entrusted our lives to
each other’s hands. Moreover, do you know who Waylon’s granddaughter is? Her boyfriend works for
Mr. Tristan. I’m sure you know who Mr. Tristan is! Waylon is amazing to have found a grandson-in-law
like him. We’re all going to be relying on the Lacraft family in the future.” Waylon’s aim at the reunion
was to show off his future grandson-in-law. After all, anyone who worked for Tristan would certainly be
a capable individual. “Oh, is that so?

That’s nothing. I have something else to attend to, so I have to leave now.” Is he trying to show off?
Someone who works for Mr. Tristan? Is he better than Mr. Tristan himself? Waylon was irked by
Josiah’s dismissive attitude. “Wait, Josiah. What are you trying to do? Are you looking down on Mr.
Tristan’s employee?”

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