Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 270

Chapter 270 Becoming Senile

“How’s everything in Horington? Settled?” Caleb expressed his concern when he sat down with Sophie.
Sophie merely bobbed her head in response as she did not feel comfortable talking to people.

“Sophie, we’re a family. I know Dad has gone overboard in some ways, but he’s still our father. I hope
you can”

Upon hearing Caleb’s remark, Sophie knitted her brows. Did he come back to lecture me?

“I know.” Sophie had her own way of doing things.

“Christmas is around the corner, and I’m sure Dad is all alone. I plan to invite him for Christmas. What
do you think?” Caleb asked.

Sophie asked in response, “Does Grandpa know about this?”

Caleb shook his head.

“Not yet. I want to discuss this with you first.”

After all, she’s directly involved in it.

“I don’t want to see him during Christmas,” Sophie answered. All he can think of is Tanner Group’s
money. He even tried abducting Grandpa. God knows what he’ll do next!

“Dad told me everything. We’re a family, Soph. We should be keeping the family together instead of
tearing it apart,” Caleb said.

We used to be a close-knit family, but everything changed when Sophie returned! Caleb hardly
returned to the country as he had been living overseas all these years.

That was why he wished his family could live peacefully with each other. In a split second, the meaning
of his words dawned on Sophie.

“Caleb, are you implying I’m the one causing this family conflict? You think things would have been
different had I not returned, huh?”

Sophie was good at reading between the lines. She understood exactly what he meant by reading the
expression on his face. That was also exactly why she couldn’t click with Caleb. She just wanted to
stay away from him. All this while, Caleb always distanced himself from the Tanners though he was the
pride of the family. Likewise, he had never shown any interest in Tanner Group either. He was so
engrossed in his work in the research institute overseas that he could not care less about the family

That was probably the reason he wanted to stay out of the drama in the Tanner family instead of doing
something for the family. He didn’t want the Tanner family’s matters to affect his life.

“I don’t care what he told you, but I’ll not allow him to return since he hurt Grandpa.” Caleb was
rendered speechless.

“I’m sure it’s all just a misunderstanding. Why would Dad hurt Grandpa? It’s impossible for any person
to do this to his biological father.”

Caleb refused to believe Yale would treat Josiah like that. He understood family members would
wrestle for power and wealth, but he did not want Sophie to treat their father like that. Sophie began to
feel annoyed.

Why are we having this talk since nothing is going to change his mind anyway?

“Caleb, people always think of you as the genius of the family, but I guess you’re not that smart after
all! Go ahead and do what you want since you don’t bother to listen to me,” she uttered.

Sophie stood up and went upstairs as she refused to talk to him anymore. How could he be so easily
brainwashed by Dad? Meanwhile, Willow, who had been hiding in a corner, walked out and said to
Caleb, “You can never convince Sophie, considering how self-centered she is. I told you so. She just
doesn’t care about anyone.”

Sophie will never get to live peacefully in this house as long as she lost favor with Caleb! Caleb could
not help but sigh after glancing at the obedient Willow.

“Tell me, Willa. Did Dad really abduct Grandpa? Who on earth would abduct his own father?”

“I’m sure it’s a misunderstanding. Dad has always taken good care of Grandpa. You’re aware of that,
too, right? I feel Sophie is just trying to get to us ever since she returned from Horington. She hates the
family and wants to take revenge against us,” Willow said.

Willow was trying her best to sow discord between Caleb and Sophie. As long as I have Caleb behind
my back, I’ll be able to live a comfortable life and not have a care in the world.

“All right. Go and focus on your studies. I’ll take care of the family matters.”

Working day and night in his lab had already taken a toll on him, yet he still had to deal with all these
family problems. Caleb could not help but feel helpless.

“Caleb, you should take a good rest, too, since you’ve just returned from Anglandur.”

“I will. All right, Willow. Carry on with your revision!” Caleb was pleased to see how obedient and
affectionate Willow was. At noon, Josiah, in the company of Caleb, went upstairs to call Sophie. Caleb
tried to persuade Josiah since Sophie refused to give in.

“Grandpa, Dad is all alone out there. Let’s bring him home, shall we?” He believed his grandfather
would sympathize with Yale and allow him to celebrate Christmas with the family. Yet, an icy glint

flashed across Josiah’s eyes when he heard Caleb’s proposal.

“Have you talked to Sophie about this?” Caleb thought for a while and decided to tell the truth since
there was nothing to hide.

“Yes. Grandpa, Sophie is still young, so she might have misjudged Dad. I believe Dad wouldn’t abduct
you.” Josiah’s face turned even grimmer.

“So you’re saying Sophie uttered nonsense just to make your father a scapegoat?” Upon sensing the
anger in his voice, Caleb immediately shook his head.

“That’s not what I meant, Grandpa!” Josiah responded with a cold snort.

“Sophie might be young, but she’s a meticulous and observant girl. Caleb, I’ve always thought of you
as a highly-educated capable man, but today, you disappoint me.” Caleb was at a loss for words. Why
is Grandpa so stubborn? Elderly folks couldn’t distinguish right from wrong anymore, could they? He
said, “Grandpa, why do we have to resort to this? We’re a family, aren’t we?”

“You’ve underestimated Sophie. Do you think she’ll humiliate your dad because she wants to get her
hands on Tanner Group’s money? Listen carefully, Caleb. Had I not held Sophie back, she would have
gone to the International Medical Association! Have you heard of the association’s founder, Dr. Smith?
He came here personally to perform surgery on me because he wants Sophie to become his

Who cares about Tanner Group when she has gotten the International Medical Association’s attention?
Caleb could not believe his ears. The research center he was attached to was no match for the
International Medical Association, though they were both headquartered in Anglandur.

All this while, he had looked down on Sophie. That was why he was stunned when he learned that
Barney had identified her as his successor. But isn’t she just a senior in high school? Why would Dr.

Smith want to take her in? Upon noticing the look of disbelief on Josiah’s face, Tanner got even more

“Caleb, do you think I’ve become senile just because I’m getting old?” My age is catching up, but this
doesn’t mean I’m going senile.