Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 269

Chapter 269 Worthy

“Do you think there’s anyone in the world who’s capable of taking Sophie away from me?”

Since I’ve already considered Sophie mine, no one’s going to take her from me. I’ll never let that

“All right. But you ought to be careful since I couldn’t figure out who these people are. We don’t know
their intentions. Mr. Tristan, perhaps you should talk to Sophie about it. Since someone’s investigating
her, she should know who that person is, right?” Felix asked.

Even if she doesn’t know for sure, she should roughly know who’s looking for her. After all, there must
be a reason someone’s looking for her in the first place!

“Don’t tell Sophie about this first. I don’t want her to worry,” Tristan said.

If I can’t even handle this, I’m not worthy of being with her. When she’s with me, she shouldn’t need to
worry about these things. Felix shrugged and said nothing.

“All right. I’m going to sleep. Take your time to think about it.” Tristan stood up from the couch and put
his wineglass on the coffee table.

“Before you go to sleep, wash the glasses.”

“Since your bed is so big, Mr. Tristan, how about we sleep together?” Felix asked in anticipation.

Although the couch was comfortable to sleep on, his height made it rather inconvenient.

“What did you say?” Tristan thought he heard him wrong.

“What’s wrong with sleeping in the same bed? Your bed is big enough for both of us,” Felix answered.
Didn’t we grow up together? Why is he being so petty? How is that a problem?

“No,” Tristan uttered arrogantly before he left. Felix’s lips twitched in response. He’s just being
unreasonable. If Sophie were to ask him the same question, he would’ve said yes right away! Am I not
a human?

Why must he treat me so differently? Tristan went back to his room and got into bed. I can’t sleep in the
same bed with another man. That’s disgusting! Is someone really investigating Sophie? However, it
seems that it’s only happening in Horington. I’ve never seen anything suspicious in Jipsdale. What do
they want from her? He knew he had to be wary of everything in relation to Sophie. When Ysabelle and
Sophie woke up the next morning, Felix had already bought everyone breakfast.

“Come and eat! You’re going back to the Tanner residence later, aren’t you, Sophie?”

“Yes,” Sophie answered. Moments earlier, Josiah had called for her to go back.

Since Christmas was around the corner, he wanted to be surrounded by his family. Furthermore, Caleb
had also returned from Anglandur. That was what it was when people got older. They would always
want their family members around to keep them company. Sophie had always obeyed Josiah’s words.
Naturally, she wanted him to have a nice Christmas.

“Uncle Tristan, Grandpa called just now, and he asked you to go back too,” Ysabelle said.

Perhaps all the older people loved Christmas that much.

“Okay. I’ll send Sophie back first after breakfast. Felix, send Ysabelle back to the Lombard residence!”
Tristan said.

“It’s all right. Since Old Mr. Lombard is looking for you, you should head back first. He’s more
important,” Sophie said. I can just get a cab to send me back.

“I’ll send you.Nothing is more important than you.”

The four of them had breakfast together. While eating, Ysabelle kept grumbling because she wanted to
stay longer. It’s not very often that I come out! I want to have more fun.

“Sophie, you must remember to invite me out for a meal when The Wheelers is in town, okay? Don’t
worry. I’m not a big eater.” Ysabelle felt sorry for herself.

“Okay. Don’t worry. When The Wheelers is back, I’ll invite you out for a meal.” Sophie had been busy
with the entertainment company. In the future, Ysabelle is going to be The Wheelers’ junior. It’d be nice
for everyone to meet up.

Besides, Mark can even give her some pointers on singing. After breakfast, they went on their separate
ways. Tristan drove Sophie to the entrance of the Tanner residence.

“Do you want to come in?” she asked. Since he’s already here, why not? It’s been a while since he’s
met Grandpa.

“No. I’ll come over to visit your grandpa in a couple of days. Say hi to him for me.”

“All right. Well, I’m off, then.” Sophie got out of the car. She was about to head inside when Tristan got
out as well. Winters in Jipsdale were a lot colder than in Horington. Tristan went up to her and put the
scarf around her. It’s just an ordinary white scarf. But why does it look so good on her? What should I
do? How is Sophie always so captivating? She’s so captivating that I just want to keep her all to myself!

“All right, now. You’re busy, right? You should get going.”

With her hair covered by the scarf, Sophie looked utterly adorable.

“Okay. I’ll call you later.” How I wish I can be with her all the time! Yet, they had their personal matters
to attend to.


With that, Sophie walked in. After watching her walk in, Tristan started the car and drove away.
Meanwhile, Walter was unsettled by the fact that Winter was going to Alendor.

Winter was the only girl of the younger generation in the family. Hence, Walter loved her dearly. Before
she went to Alendor, Winter had complained about it to Walter.

Since Walter was close to William, Tristan knew that William was going to lecture him. It doesn’t matter
as long as Winter doesn’t disturb Sophie anymore. Sophie went into the Tanner residence and saw
Caleb playing chess with Josiah. Upon hearing someone coming in, Josiah quickly turned toward the
entrance. When he saw that it was Sophie, he immediately got up and went to welcome her.

“You’re finally back, Soph! What took you so long?” Josiah grumbled.

Because of his age, he wanted them to keep him company all the time. I know I’m being selfish, but I
can’t help it!

“Grandpa, I’ve only been away for three days!” Sophie had wanted to stay there for a week, but since
Tristan was there, she just followed him back.

“You’ve only been gone for three days? It felt like eons to me!” Sophie then nodded at Caleb. Caleb got
up from the couch and walked toward Sophie. Seeing that she had grown much taller, he exclaimed, “I
know, right? Sophie has really grown up!”

Ever since she was little, Sophie had always kept to herself. Although she wasn’t as cute as Willow,
she was a lot more sensible.

“You guys haven’t seen each other for so long! It’s time for you guys to catch up!” Josiah’s phone rang,
so he went to the study to answer the phone. It was a call from his comrade. Right then, Sophie was
left alone with Caleb in the room.