Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 268

Chapter 268 Investigating Sophie

Sophie felt rather uncomfortable in his embrace. However, she shifted her attention back to her phone.
She unlocked her phone and saw that she had received a voice message from Arius.

“It’s Arius.” Sophie got up from him.

“Go back, okay? I need to give Arius a call.” Tristan kept mum for a while. Is she chasing me away?

“Go on! I’ll wait for you here.” Sophie ignored what he said and went to a corner to put on her earbuds
before playing the voice message Arius had sent to her. After listening to the voice message, she
called Arius. The call was answered on the first ring.

“You finally called me, Sophie! How’s everything? Have you got back to Jipsdale from Horington?”
Arius asked.

“Yes. What’s up?”

“Nothing much. I just want to tell you that Nicholas is back in Anglandur.”

“Oh.” Sophie didn’t want to say much about Nicholas.

“Be careful, Sophie! I think Nicholas saw you in Horington, and he’s now looking for you.” Sophie went
silent. He saw me?

“Yet, he went back to Anglandur so soon after seeing me?”

“Yes. I think something happened to his father. That’s why he came back,” Arius answered. I’ve already
told her to stay in Jipsdale, but she just wouldn’t listen to me. Jipsdale is Mr. Tristan’s territory. As long
as she’s there, Nicholas won’t dare to touch her.

“Okay. Got it. It’s late, and I’m tired.”

“What’s with you? I’ve been so worried about you. Are you going to hang up on me after being on the
phone with me for just a few minutes? How are you so heartless?”

“Tristan is still in my room.”

“Sophie, let me remind you that you’re underage! I don’t care about other girls your age, but you must
protect yourself, okay?”

It’s already so late at night.What is Tristan still doing in her room? In response, Sophie just hung up on
him. Arius talks too much. Sophie went back to Tristan after she hung up the phone.

“Why didn’t you go to bed?”

“I’m waiting for you.”

“What for? Arius said I’m still underage, so you should keep your hands to yourself.”

“What does it have to do with him? Sophie, Arius isn’t a good person. Let’s just stay away from him,

“Well, you guys seem to have the same impressions about each other.” Did Arius say the same thing to
her about me?

“I’m not the same as him.”

“Okay.” Sophie didn’t have anything to add. Whatever he says!

“Besides, am I that much of an animal in your heart?” Tristan was well aware of the fact that she was
underage. That was why he had never done anything inappropriate to her. All he had ever done was
give her hugs and kisses.

“No. To be honest, I think you’re quite a gentleman.” Sophie had always thought so.

“So, as a gentleman, don’t you think you should leave soon, Mr. Tristan? It’s getting late, and I want to

In response, Tristan tapped her nose.

After talking for so long, all she wants is for me to leave. Tristan scooped her up and walked toward her
bed. Calmy, Sophie wrapped her arms around his neck.

Perhaps after spending so much time together, she knew that he wasn’t going to do anything
inappropriate to her. Hence, she wasn’t worried about what he would do. After putting her down on the
bed gently, he pulled the covers over both their bodies. Sophie raised her eyebrows when she saw

“Sleep in peace, okay? I’ve thought about doing something to you, but since you’ve already flattered
me, I can’t possibly ruin that, can I?”

“I meant it, though.” In fact, she only said it because she really thought he was a gentleman.

“All right. You’ve had a long day today. Clear your mind and go to sleep, okay? I’ll leave once you’ve
fallen asleep,” he said. With him next to her, she didn’t need essential oils anymore.

“Okay,” Sophie answered sweetly and obediently. Tristan’s heart melted when he saw how sweet she
looked. He kissed her on the forehead and shut his eyes. Sophie opened her eyes instantly when he
kissed her.

However, she kept silent when she saw that he had already closed his eyes. She even moved closer to
him after that. He’s so approachable when he’s like this. Sophie quickly fell asleep while lying on his
shoulder. Upon seeing that she was already fast asleep, Tristan left her room reluctantly. By then,

Ysabelle had also gone to sleep. Felix was sitting alone in the living room. When he saw Tristan, he
poured him a glass of wine.

“Want some?” Tristan took the glass of wine and uttered petulantly, “You really made yourself at home,

“Oh, come on, Mr. Tristan! I’ve already done so much for you. Can’t I open a bottle of your wine?”

“Do you know what I had to go through to get that bottle of wine?”

It was Tristan’s hobby to collect wine. That particular bottle Felix opened hadn’t come easy.

“Well, I think wine only serves its value when someone drinks it. Don’t you think so?” Felix asked.

What’s the point of collecting wine if we don’t drink them? Tristan didn’t answer to that.

“By the way, Mr. Tristan, someone in Horington is investigating Sophie.” Felix had been wanting to tell
Tristan that, but he never had a chance to do so.

“There must be more to why Sophie went back this time around.” Tristan took out a cigarette from the
cigarette box.

He simply played with it without lighting it up. Seeing that, Felix took a lighter from the coffee table,
wanting to light the cigarette for Tristan. However, Tristan shook his head and said, “I don’t want to
harm her with secondhand smoke.”

“So, are you just going to keep holding it, then?”

“You have a problem with that?”

“No, of course not. Why would I have a problem with that? Whatever you say.”

What can I possibly say?

“Find out who the person investigating Sophie is.” The nerve of them to look for Sophie so openly.

“I’ve already done that, but I couldn’t find anything.” How dare he talk so much when he can’t even find
out who that person is? Tristan raised his brows.

“Is that all you’re capable of?”

“You can’t blame me, Mr. Tristan. You know how weird the people around Sophie are.They’re all more
powerful than the other! I think it’s normal that I can’t find anything about them.” Tristan didn’t respond.

“To be frank, Sophie is an extraordinary girl. Not only is she associated with the International Medical
Association, but she’s also connected to Arius. Now, we don’t even know who we’re dealing with. Being
with a girl like her, don’t you feel pressured?” Felix asked.

We don’t even know what’s going to happen next. Someone might just come and grab Sophie. Does
he not feel pressured at all?