Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 267

Chapter 267 I Want To Sleep With Her Too

Instead of answering Ysabelle’s question right away, Tristan turned toward Sophie and asked, “Will you
be going back to Wisteria Apartments or the Tanner residence?”

Grandpa is probably asleep by now. I don’t want to wake him up by going home at this hour.

“It’s getting late, so I’ll stay over at Wisteria Apartments tonight and head over to the Tanner residence

“All right, I’ll stay with you at Wisteria Apartments for a bit,” Tristan said with a nod.

Ysabelle felt as if she had been completely ignored. What? Did they not hear me, or are they
pretending not to hear me? This is unacceptable!

“It looks like we’re on our own, Belle. Come on, I’ll drive you home!” Felix said with a smile. Ysabelle
gave him a hard stomp on the foot.

“No! I want to sleep with Sophie tonight! Uncle Tristan, can I sleep with Sophie tonight?” Tristan shot
her a glance as he replied, “I want to sleep with her too, but we don’t always get what we want.

“ Ysabelle fell speechless when she heard that. What did Uncle Tristan just say? I’ve always thought of
him as a cold and tough guy, but that side of him is completely gone whenever he’s around Sophie!

“What the heck? Are you three going to sleep together or what?” Felix protested. Sophie truly is the
root of all problems here! Sophie didn’t even know how to react to their shenanigans at that point.

“You talk too much, Felix,” Tristan said coldly. Felix could only play his part as the driver and open the
car door for them.

“Regardless of how you guys plan on sleeping tonight, you’re all headed for Wisteria Apartments, right?
Come on, hop in.” Tristan would probably have me killed and fed to the dogs if I said I want to sleep
with them. It’s unfair, but that’s just how sad my life is…

As Sophie got into the car, Ysabelle quickly walked up to Tristan and played the sympathy card.

“Please, Uncle Tristan! I really missed Sophie a lot! I haven’t seen her for two days!”

“She’s my girlfriend!”

“But has she agreed to that?” Ysabelle decided to take a stand as she knew his statement would be
invalid without Sophie’s acknowledgement. Tristan paused in his tracks and shot her a cold glare.
Ysabelle snorted defiantly at him in response.

Hmph! I don’t care if he’s my uncle! I won’t let anyone take Sophie away from me!

“You’ve gotten awfully bold lately, Ysabelle!” Tristan’s tone sounded so menacing that Ysabelle nearly
broke down crying on the spot.

“What’s wrong? Did they bully you or something?” Sophie asked when she turned around and saw the
look on her face.

“Can I stay the night with you in Wisteria Apartments, Sophie?With Christmas around the corner, we’ll
all be so busy that we won’t have time to see each other!” Ysabelle said with a smug grin as she stood
behind Sophie. Sophie nodded in agreement with her statement, much to Ysabelle’s delight.

“Hehe! You’re the best, Sophie!” she exclaimed with a gleeful smile.

My goodness… Does Ysabelle’s insolence know no bounds? That’s Mr. Tristan she’s messing with!
We’re all going to be screwed if we get on his bad side! Why would she even try to steal Sophie from
him? To Felix’s surprise, Tristan simply entered the car without saying a word.

Since Sophie likes Ysabelle, I suppose it’d be fine to let her spend the night at Wisteria Apartments.
After driving them all to Wisteria Apartments, Felix watched as the three of them got out of the car. Not
wanting to be left all by himself, he asked, “Sophie, could you take me in as well? I don’t feel like going
home either.”

Sophie burst out laughing when she saw his pitiful expression.

“Why do you all like Wisteria Apartments so much? You guys never stayed here before I moved in!”
“Come on, Sophie! It’s not safe for me to drive home all alone this late at night!”

“Don’t make me laugh, Felix! You’re a man, for goodness’ sake! What’s so dangerous about driving
home all by yourself? I think it’s the girls you encounter along the way who should be more worried!”

“Shut up, Ysabelle!Hearing your voice right now gives me a headache!”

“Quit standing around, you guys! Let’s go! It’s freezing out here!” Tristan said as he pulled Sophie into
his arms.

“I’m not cold, Mr. Tristan.”

“Well, I am.”

Oh, all right… I guess I could warm him up this once… With that in mind, Sophie kept quiet and
entered the building with him. Ysabelle and Felix quickly followed behind them. After taking a shower,
Ysabelle was about to go have a chat with Sophie when Tristan stopped her outside the bedroom door.

“Ysabelle, I know you like Sophie a lot, but she hasn’t gotten any rest all day. She spent two hours in
the car earlier and even watched a movie with you.” Ysabelle didn’t know Sophie had such an
exhausting day.

“Whatever you want to talk to her about will have to wait till tomorrow,” Tristan continued as he entered
the bedroom and shut the door behind him, leaving Ysabelle standing there in confusion. Wait… If
Sophie is that tired, then why did he go into her room?

I sense double standards! However, she didn’t dare knock on the door as she knew Tristan would have
her head if she did. Sophie wasn’t surprised to see Tristan sitting in her room when she came out of the

“Where’s Ysabelle? Didn’t she say she’d come see me after taking a shower?”

“I saw her on my way here. She said she’s tired and wants to sleep earlier tonight.” Sophie patted her
hair dry with a towel as she walked up to him.

“Oh, I see. You should get some sleep too. You must be tired after driving for two hours straight.”

“I’m not tired,” Tristan replied as he got up and took her towel. He then sat her down on the couch and
began wiping her hair dry for her.

“Mr. Tristan, I can—” “I know you can do it yourself, but I want to do it for you. Just sit tight and enjoy
the process, okay? I’m sure you’ll find my services satisfactory!” Sure enough, Tristan was very gentle
as he massaged her scalp with the towel. It felt so comfortable that Sophie closed her eyes and tried to
enjoy the moment.

Suddenly, the screen of her phone lit up.

“Someone sent you a message,” Tristan said after glancing at it.

Sophie opened her eyes and reached out to grab her phone. Since Tristan was done drying her hair,
he sat down beside her on the couch. As the couch wasn’t exactly large to begin with, it got really
cramped with the two of them sitting on it. Tristan decided to use that opportunity to snuggle up and

hug her in his arms. Sophie shot him a glare in response. I’m wearing a nightgown! He can easily get
an eyeful if I’m not careful!

“Who is it from?” Tristan asked.