Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 266

Chapter 266 Sophie Calls The Shots

Just like that, the four of them headed over to the nearest movie theater. Ysabelle dragged Felix over to
the ticket counter the moment they got there.

“Are you seriously going to make Mr. Tristan watch a cartoon?” Felix asked.

As far as he knew, Tristan and cartoons were two things that didn’t go together.

“Felix, for the last time, this isn’t a cartoon! It’s an animated film!” Ysabelle snapped at him.

“How is that any different? They’re both meant for kids, aren’t they?”

“You—” Realizing that Ysabelle was going to get mad at him, Felix quickly corrected himself, “Okay,
you’re right. It’s an animated film. Even so, it still doesn’t seem right for Mr. Tristan to watch something
like this!” Felix still felt it was too childish for someone of Tristan’s status.

“That’s no problem at all! Uncle Tristan wouldn’t even be paying attention to the movie with Sophie by
his side!” Ysabelle figured Tristan would probably keep his eyes on Sophie throughout the entire movie.

Felix shrugged helplessly.

“Fair enough.” She’s right. Sophie is the one calling the shots now. Tristan is so in love with her that
he’ll do anything to make her happy. Oh, well… I suppose this is the power of love, huh? Tristan and
Sophie went to buy some snacks while waiting for Felix and Ysabelle to get the tickets.

After all, a movie date wouldn’t be complete without popcorn.

“What would you like to drink?” Tristan asked, as he had no idea what her preferences were. Sophie
did not feel like drinking anything, as they had just taken their dinner a while ago. However, she

decided to order something anyway since everyone else was doing it.

“I’ll have a yam milkshake!”

“Four yam milkshakes, please.” The two of them then made their way over to Felix and Ysabelle with
two large buckets of popcorn and four cups of milkshakes in their hands. Ysabelle quickly stepped
forward and took one of the buckets of popcorn.

“Come on, Sophie! The movie is about to start!”

“Okay!” Tristan handed out the milkshakes as the four of them took their seats. Felix nearly spat out his
drink after taking a sip of it.

“What the heck? Who bought this milkshake?” Does no one know that I hate yam milkshakes the
most? This has gone way too far! Sophie flashed him a confused look as she said, “I did.Is something
the matter?”

Both Tristan and Ysabelle shifted their gaze toward him after hearing that. “What, is there a problem
with it?” Tristan asked in annoyance.

Felix could only rub his nose awkwardly in silence. No, of course not! I wouldn’t dare have a problem
with Sophie’s decisions! Even if I did, there’d be no point in voicing it out because I’m just a nobody!
Honestly, my life is a f*cking joke! The movie theater was playing an advertisement for a Transfix
Cosmetics product that Cecelia endorsed.

“Man, Cecelia sure is gorgeous!” Ysabelle exclaimed.

“I know, right? It’s almost as if she was born to be a movie star!” Sophie was in complete agreement
with her statement. Still unable to get over his feelings of indignation, Felix mumbled, “Mr. Tristan, you
know I don’t like yam milkshake.”

“How the heck would I know that?” Neither of them liked drinking milkshakes, so he really had no idea.

“It’s uncool to forget your friend just because you’ve gotten yourself a girlfriend, Mr. Tristan!”

“What do you want me to do, then? Go buy you another milkshake?”

“Ugh… Never mind…” Screw it… My life is just a joke anyway…

“Just so you know, Felix, Ysabelle likes yam milkshake.” Since Sophie wasn’t a huge fan of milkshakes,
she decided to buy something that Ysabelle liked instead.

At that moment, Felix finally realized his lack of understanding toward Ysabelle was probably why she
never returned his feelings. Because of the animated film’s popularity, it was practically a full house in
the movie theater. The movie became popular mainly because it reminded many of their childhood

The audience, who were giggling and laughing during the movie’s opening sequence, soon fell silent as
they found themselves in deep thought.

Even though Sophie rarely watched animated films, she found herself taking the movie rather seriously
as well because she could relate to its plot somehow. When Tristan held her hand and placed it on his
lap, she was snapped out of her train of thought. She turned toward him and saw a worried look in his

“Looks like we all share a similar childhood, huh?” Sophie said with a faint smile. Her childhood was
indeed no different from that of others before she was sent to Horington.

“Do you want to go for a walk? There’s no point in watching this if you don’t like it. There are plenty of
other things we can do here.”

“No, I kind of like this movie. It truly is the best Chanaean animated film ever!” Chanaea’s animated
films had always been a step behind Jetroina’s, so the success of this movie was considered truly
remarkable progress for the local animation industry.

Tristan, on the other hand, couldn’t relate to the movie in the slightest. If it weren’t for Sophie’s desire to
watch the movie, he wouldn’t have even been there in the first place.

Feeling bored, Tristan grabbed a piece of popcorn and held it up to her mouth. Although Sophie found
it a little embarrassing, she decided to eat it when she saw the expectant look in his eyes. Due to her
nervousness, she accidentally bit Tristan’s finger while eating the popcorn.

Tristan shuddered when he felt her teeth come into contact with his finger. He was genuinely trying to
feed her some popcorn, but it turned into an intimate moment between them instead.

“I-I didn’t do it on purpose!” Sophie stammered shyly.

“I didn’t say anything!” Tristan replied with a chuckle as he found her behavior rather adorable. He
could still feel a tingling sensation on his finger. Felix found himself feeling depressed when he saw
how lovey-dovey the two of them were.

Jeez… Why do I have to suffer like this while others are able to have such sweet relationships? His
mood only worsened when he turned to look at Ysabelle and saw her crying because of the movie.
What the f*ck? Why is she taking this animated film so seriously? My life is a lot more tragic than that

It wasn’t until the protagonist had overcome all the challenges and realized his dreams that Ysabelle
was able to smile again. The rest of the audience got up and left the movie theater while the ending
credits were still being played.

The four of them remained in their seats and waited until everyone was gone before leaving. As it was
a little dark inside, Tristan held Sophie’s hand as he led her down the steps. Felix seized the
opportunity and grabbed Ysabelle’s hand as well.

“Hey! What are you doing?” Ysabelle asked in confusion.

“It’s too dark in here, okay? I don’t want to trip over something and fall on my face!” Felix snapped back
at her impatiently. My goodness!

Just how dense can this girl get? He grabbed my hand because he’s afraid of tripping and falling?
What is he trying to do? Have me fall down with him? Ysabelle rolled her eyes at the thought of that.
Sophie looked back when she heard the commotion behind her, but Tristan continued dragging her
toward the door.

“Just ignore them, Sophie. We need to give them some space.”

“Okay!” Sophie nodded. He’s right. It’ll take quite a long while for Ysabelle to realize Felix’s feelings for
her. We can only try to speed up the process by giving them some privacy. It was already eleven thirty
by the time they came out of the movie theater.

“Uncle Tristan, can I go to Wisteria Apartments with Sophie? We have a lot to catch up on!”