Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 264

Helen’s POV:

On Monday morning, I went back to the law firm to turn in my report to Anya.

When I got out of the conference room after the meeting concluded, Phil pulled me aside.In a voice that
only the two of us could hear, he asked, "Have you spoken to Lucy lately?"

"We met up last week.But we haven‘t spoken to each other the past two days.What‘s up?" I asked.

Visibly conflicted, Phil handed me his phone.

"Why don‘t you take a look at this?" I stared at his phone‘s screen and saw that someone had exposed
Lucy‘s social media account with millions of followers on the Internet.I didn‘t take the news seriously at

After all, Lucy was a very famous blogger, so chances were, someone did it out of envy.But upon
clicking on the post, I was stupefied.

Aside from Lucy‘s account, all her personal information had been exposed to the public.

"Lucy Clark took advantage of her position to hook up with a married man and broke up my family! I
want Zhester Technology to give me a proper explanation."

The article described in detail how Lucy ruined someone‘s family, including the specific dates and time,
and screenshots of her chatting with this so–called married man.

What surprised me the most was that the married man mentioned in the article was actually Dyer.

The article was written by a person claiming to be his wife Martha, and it was posted in the form of a
letter.She said she had been married to Dyer for many years, and they had a child together.

In the letter, Martha humbled herself.

"I‘m writing you this letter as a wife and a mother.I‘m begging you, Miss Clark.Please give him back to
me and my daughter."

It sounded like she was really desperate to get Dyer back.

At the end of the article attached Lucy‘s photos, her work address, and even her chat logs with Dyer.

Whenever a man and a woman were in love, it was inevitable for them to chat about things sexual in
nature.Lucy was outgoing and she enjoyed teasing Dyer.

He, on the other hand, was a man of few words.He only responded with short sentences each time.

Thus, it seemed as though Lucy was too into him.

Taking that into consideration along with what Martha said, it was easy to understand why many people
believed that Lucy indeed seduced Dyer.

Having seen the post, I was so flummoxed that it took a long time before I managed to compose

"I have faith in Lucy.She‘d never do something like that! There‘s gotta be more to the story,"I remarked
firmly.I knew my best friend well.

Lucy might‘ve dated a lot of men, but she‘d never be the other woman in other people‘s
relationships.Even if she liked Dyer, she‘d never cross that line.I returned Phil‘s phone and gradually
calmed down.I called Lucy several times after that, but she wasn‘t answering me.

It was hard for me not to worry about her.

After pondering for a moment, I decided to call George.

To my chagrin, he was currently in a meeting, so he couldn‘t talk either.

Every passing minute made me more worried about Lucy.

Thus, I drove directly to Zhester Technology Upon entering the office building, the receptionist halted

The public had no idea about my relationship with George.

All they knew was that I once drove Zhester Technology into a bad situation.

Aside from that, Jane‘s reputation was ruined and she got fired because of me.

Because of those reasons, the receptionist was on guard against me.She stopped me and asked,
"Miss Dewar, what brings you here? If you want to leave a message for someone, I can convey it for

I hesitated for a moment, wondering if I should ask the receptionist to call Lucy out for me.

Just then, I heard Velma‘s voice from behind me.

"Miss Dewar, are you here to see your best friend?"

She walked up to me, casting a defiance gaze at me.

This woman enjoyed gossiping, so she had probably heard about Lucy‘s situation by now.

"Yes," I answered frankly.

A smug look appeared on Velma‘s face.

"As thanks for driving me around last time, you can come with me."

The receptionist was caught in a dilemma.She didn‘t want me in, but neither could she dare to stop
Velma, because she knew who the latter was.I tailed Velma into the Zhester Technology building

All of a sudden, a pair of small hands tugged at the hem of my clothes.

"Hi, Miss!"

I stopped in my tracks and looked back, only to find a five–year–old girl looking up at me.She looked

After taking a closer look, I remembered that I had seen this little girl at the subway the other day.

Back then, Jane slapped me in front of everyone, and I ran away and cried bitterly in the subway for

This same little girl and her mother accompanied me the entire time, fearing that something might
happen to me.

Later on, we went to eat some cake together.I had forgotten to ask their contact information last time,
and we hadn‘t seen each other since then.

Even so, I had kept their kindness in mind.I squatted down and asked the little girl, "Hey there, sweetie!
What are you doing here?"

The little girl was so adorable.Her bright eyes were dazzling.She pointed at the person standing next to
her and said, "I‘m here with Mommy to find Daddy!"

Only then did I notice that her mother was also there.

Upon seeing the woman‘s face, my head suddenly buzzed.

All the dots in my head were connected at this moment.

The little girl was here to with her mommy to find her daddy.

Was her mother the same person claiming to be Dyer‘s wife and saying that Lucy was a home–
wrecker? Slowly, I got up while locking my gaze on Martha.Her face was gaunt, and her eyes were red
and swollen.She wasn‘t as mild–mannered and charming as she was when I met her in the subway the
other day.

Our roles had reversed this time we met each other.

Back then, I was the one crying so hard and I looked gaunt and disheveled just like her now.

Perhaps the kindness they gave me at the time left a good impression on me.

Even though I knew that Martha was the one who leaked Lucy‘s private information on the Internet, I
couldn‘t just immediately take Lucy‘s side and scorn Martha for what she did.

Velma invited Martha and her daughter, seemingly wanting to witness something entertaining The
receptionist, on the other hand, was frightened.She hurriedly tried to stop Velma.

"Miss Collins, please don‘t let them inside.If Mr.Affleck finds out about it, he will be furious!"

"I don‘t care if he gets angry.Since they‘re already here, we should solve their problem.Instead of
causing a scene in public, I believe it‘s better to invite them in, so that they could find a quiet place and
talk properly."Velma was clearly trying to stir trouble.

Personally, I knew things could get complicated and troublesome for Lucy, so I didn‘t want Martha and
her daughter to see Lucy.Out of the goodness of my heart, I decided to take the little girl‘s hand and

asked, "Would you like to have some cake with me?"I wanted to take them outside for the time
being.Once Martha had calmed down, I planned to tell Lucy to come out, so that they could talk.If I
were to bring Martha and her daughter into Zhester Technology haphazardly, things could get out of
hand before I knew it.

However, Martha grabbed her daughter‘s hand and shook her head at me.She stood her ground,
waiting for Dyer and Lucy to come out.

"Come on, ma‘am.I‘ll take you in.Whatever happens, I‘ll take responsibility for it."

Velma pushed Martha and the little girl inside.

There was nothing I could do to stop her.

Hurriedly, I decided to call Lucy and tell her about it, but she didn‘t answer.Thus, I sent her a message.

Even then, she didn‘t respond.

I was so worried that they‘d run into each other in an unfavorable situation.

Lucy was a hothead, so if she were to see Martha and her daughter, things could spiral out of control.

As a last resort, I called George, so that he could alert Lucy about what was happening at the soonest
possible time.

Since Velma had taken Martha and her daughter upstairs already, I had to wait for the next elevator to

Along the way, I held my phone close to my chest, feeling like my heart was about to leap from my

By the time I had gone upstairs, they had already arrived at Lucy’s office.She was sitting at her desk,
reading through some resumes and carefully selecting the potential candidates.She was so calm.

It was as if nothing had happened yet.

Eventually, Lucy averted her gaze from the computer screen and glanced at us.She looked at the little
girl and then at Martha.

"Are you sure you want to talk to me in front of your daughter?" she asked calmly.

There was no visible sign of guilt nor fear in Lucy‘s eyes while facing Martha.I breathed a sigh of relief.

Just seeing her so composed assured me that Lucy didn‘t do anything wrong.

"Oh, my God! I‘ve never seen such an arrogant home–wrecker before!" Velma exclaimed.

She was staring at Lucy with utter disgust.

The tension in the office rose at once.

Annoyed, I glared at Velma.

I knew that she was a straightforward person who always spoke things before thinking carefully, but
hearing someone chastise Lucy was pretty annoying and definitely unacceptable! Just as I was about
to fire back, George came in a hurry.

"Shut up, Velma!"

Frowning, he grabbed Velma‘s collar and dragged her out of Lucy‘s office like she was a piece of trash.

"George, stop it! I‘m not done yet."

"This is none of your business.What are you even doing here?"

"George, are you even listening to me? I said let me go!"

Velma‘s incessant screaming gradually faded.It seemed George had taken her away.

Lucy, on the other hand, was particularly calm.

"Helen, please take the kid somewhere else.I need to speak to her mother in private."

Even though she was normally carefree, she always knew what she was doing.

Glancing at her worriedly, I eventually decided to trust my friend and took the child‘s hand before
leaving Lucy‘s office.

Just then, George returned, waving at me.

"Miss Dewar, please come with me."

He took me and the little girl to his office and told his assistant to bring in some snacks and juice for the
little girl.

Meanwhile, Velma was sitting aside, watching the scene unfold and visibly annoyed.

Once the little girl was sitting obediently on the sofa and eating some snacks, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Even after lazing around in George‘s office for a while, I was still worried.

I shot him a look, implying that he should look after the child for the time being, while I go and check on

But before I could even reach the door, George stopped me.

"Come back here."

The sound of his voice was so powerful that nobody could refuse to listen to him.

Instinctively, I stopped in my tracks, daring not to go out.

Velma sprang to her feet, shouting at George, "You‘ve crossed the line! If you want to scold me,
fine.But why do you have to do the same to my cousin–in–law?"

"Your cousin–in–law?"

George‘s eyes gleamed beneath the light, making him look dangerous.

Since Velma wasn‘t that vigilant, she was oblivious to how his eyes appeared at the moment and she
continued challenging his patience.

"That‘s right! Kendal has asked me to show her some respect and treat her like my cousin–in–law.I‘m
warning you! She‘s my cousin‘s woman.If you dare to bully her, you‘re going to regret it!"

George chuckled at me, playfully saying, "She‘s your cousin‘s woman, huh?"

Velma said it multiple times already, and yet I didn‘t find it strange.But hearing it come from George‘s
mouth sounded so weird.It was then that I glared at George.

Instead of getting angry, he smiled even brighter.

"True enough.You should be nicer to her.Try to be more patient with her, okay?" he said to Velma.

Velma just stared daggers at George before dragging me out of his office.