Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 262

Chapter 262 Nicholas Is Here When Sophie returned to the room, the dishes had already been served.
The moment Felix saw her coming in, he immediately asked, “We can eat now, right? I’m starving! It’s
almost two in the afternoon!” “Are you really hungry?” Sophie looked troubled. Since I’ve invited
Eustace to join us, will it be a good idea if I let them eat first? “What do you mean? Are you saying we
can’t eat yet? Everyone’s here already!” “Can you wait ten more minutes? There’s one more person
coming.” Sophie was embarrassed. “But if you’re really hungry, we can just eat first.”

At worst, I’ll just treat Eustace to a meal when he arrives. “Who is it?” Tristan was only curious about
that. Why is someone else joining us after she received a call? “It’s Eustace. I think you two should
know him. He wanted to meet up with me, saying he has something to discuss with me, so I invited him
over. You two don’t mind, right?” Sophie assumed that men should be fine with matters like that. “I
mind! A lot!” Hearing that news made Felix grumpy. Couldn’t he have come earlier? Now we have to
wait for him while I’m starving! “Then we’ll wait for him,” Tristan decided. It’s just a meal. It’s fine if we
wait. That rendered Felix speechless. Mr. Tristan always listens to what Sophie says now. Is he really
still the fierce and decisive Mr. Tristan I know? Where did that version of him go? When Eustace
arrived at the location Sophie mentioned, he was surprised to learn there were other people in the
private room. While Tristan and Felix knew him, he had never met them before.

After all, they didn’t belong to the same social circle. However, he could tell at a glance that Tristan
wasn’t an ordinary person. Seeing that Eustace had arrived, Sophie stood up and gestured for him to
sit. “I don’t think I need to introduce you to them, right, Eustace? You all should be familiar with each
other. This is Tristan, and that’s Felix!” Many people had heard of Tristan’s name before, but only a few
had met him. Since no one dared to publish his photos, not a lot of people could recognize him. “That
Mr. Tristan from Jipsdale?” That was the only person Eustace could think of when he heard the name
and saw Tristan’s demeanor. Sophie nodded. “All right, let’s eat!” By that point, she, too, was feeling
pretty hungry. I don’t know why he just had to pick this time to meet me.

Everyone was quiet as they ate. That was how Tristan and Felix would act whenever they had to deal
with people they were unfamiliar with. As for Sophie, she had never been much of a talker. Eustace,
meanwhile, didn’t say much because he was still processing the fact that he was eating with the
famous Mr. Tristan. Thankfully, the food was pretty delicious, so they all ate quite a lot. Sophie had a
pretty good appetite. After she had almost finished her meal, she asked, “You said there’s something
you want to talk to me about, Captain Sheppard. What is it?” He should be in a hurry to return to
Jipsdale right now, right? After all, he still has his mission of transporting S back to Jipsdale. Staring at
the silent Tristan, Eustace swallowed the words he wanted to say. Seeing him acting like that, Felix
couldn’t help but exclaim, “You’re not here to confess, are you, Captain Sheppard?” He looks so
hesitant to speak! How can it be anything else but a confession? The moment he said that, Tristan
glared at him. Don’t be such a busybody! Felix promptly slapped his mouth. Why did I say that without
thinking? Stupid mouth! Why can’t I just stay silent and watch the show instead of saying stuff like that?
“Forget it. It’s not like my matter is very urgent. I’ll be going back now.

Once you make it back to Jipsdale, I’ll invite you out for a meal. Thanks for the lunch today!” Obviously,
Eustace wasn’t going to say the words in his mind out loud with Felix and Tristan around. Sophie didn’t
force him and simply nodded. “We’re done here, too. Let’s leave together!” When the four of them left
the room, Sophie and Tristan fought for the bill. “This is basically my territory. Allow me,” Sophie said.
Instead of arguing with her, Tristan let her do just that. “I’ll be going back now, Sophie. Call me when
you return to Jipsdale. I really have something important I need your help with!” With that, Eustace got
into the car and left. Sophie, Tristan, and Felix stood there and watched him leave. “You should ignore
Eustace, Sophie! I think he has ill intentions toward you,” Felix advised. How can he say such a thing
right in front of Mr. Tristan? “You’re so talkative, Felix!”

Sophie finally spoke. It didn’t matter to her if Eustace liked her or not. What was important was what
she thought about him. Felix’s lips twitched. Is she finding me annoying now? I was simply worried
about her, okay? “Mr. Tristan, look at her…” “You really are too talkative. In any case, now that the
issue has been resolved, you should head back first!” “What about you?” We came here together!

Shouldn’t we also return together? Tristan glanced at him. What is going on with Felix lately? He needs
to get his eyes checked. “Do I need to report to you what I want to do?” That shut Felix up. Fine! I
guess I shouldn’t have cared about you. “I’ll leave now, then! You need to protect yourself well, Sophie!
Men are like animals, got it? Mr. Tristan is an especially dangerous one!” When he finished speaking,
he immediately scurried away. Sophie was utterly speechless. Tristan, on the other hand, remained
expressionless. It seems that Felix has gotten bolder after I stopped torturing him.

I need to find a good opportunity to remind him of his place. “Aren’t you busy? You should return with
Felix! I can take care of myself here.” “It’s not that I’m worried about you. I just want to spend more time
with you here!” Tristan grabbed her hand. An intimate act like that was still something Sophie wasn’t
used to. He was holding her hand so tightly that she couldn’t break free from his grip. “Let’s go! What’s
fun here in Horington? We should tour the place! It’s a good idea to exercise a little after a meal.” He
suggested that because it would be torturous to him if he returned to the hotel immediately. Like all
men, his lust was awakened after he was full. “There is a place with a pretty great view.” A location
popped into Sophie’s mind, and she brought him to the side of the road. Then she hailed a cab and
entered the vehicle with him. The moment they left, Nicholas ran out of the building across the street.
Sophie! Where did she go? I saw her earlier, yet when I came down, she was gone!

“What’s the matter, Boss?” His assistant couldn’t run as fast as him, so it took a while before he caught
up to him. “I saw Sophie! She really is in Horington.” It had been his third day in Horington. And yet, he
still couldn’t find Sophie after he had used all his connections. Just as he was about to give up and
leave, he saw her. Even if she had turned to ash, he could still recognize her, so he was certain she
was the woman he saw.