Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 259

Chapter 259 Good Morning Muriel leaned toward Sophie’s ear and asked, “What do we do? Can you
beat him?” She had wanted to help, but she quickly realized she couldn’t beat either of them and was
just dead weight. “Nope!” After exchanging only a few moves with Tristan, Sophie knew she wasn’t
going to beat him. He’s been keeping his talents a secret, huh? I didn’t know he could fight this well
before. “Very well! You’ll transfer one hundred million into Nalliance’s account directly when the time
comes! Don’t play tricks with me or you’ll find yourself an enemy of Nalliance.” Sophie knew how to
adapt to the situation. Besides, with one hundred million on the table, she wouldn’t be losing much.
With that, Sophie left with Muriel. Tristan’s eyes remained fixed on them as they left. Seeing that he
was staring at the two women, Felix nudged Tristan with his elbow. “Why are you staring at them like
that, Mr. Tristan? Did you fall for one of them? Even though they’re wearing masks?

Sure, their figures are sexy, but it’s pointless if they look ugly! Besides, you already have Sophie. Have
you fallen in love with someone else already? You know Ysabelle’s not going to forgive you that easily
if you have, right?” “What are you thinking?” Tristan handed S over to Felix. “In any case, bring him
back first and interrogate him for information we want to know. Then hand him over to Eustace!” The
reason he wanted to hand that person over to Eustace was that he disliked handling matters like that.
“Okay! How about you? Are you going to look for Sophie now? It’s getting pretty late. Do you know
where she is?” Felix asked. Horington’s pretty big! It’ll take time to locate someone in the city. “Why are
you talking so much nonsense?” Tristan spat. It’s pretty late already. Why would I disturb her? As much
as I miss her, I should at least wait until tomorrow to meet her! Meanwhile, Sophie and Muriel had gone
into the car. This time, it was Muriel who drove. She intentionally avoided Eustace and the others by
taking a detour before returning to the main road and driving back home. When they returned, Sophie
began packing her things. That confounded Muriel.

“What are you doing? All right, I know what I did wrong. I won’t do it again!” She didn’t understand why
Sophie was doing all that instead of taking a bath and going to sleep. “I’m glad you know that! Don’t stir
things up like that again in the future! I still have things to take care of, so I’m not going to stay here any

longer!” Sophie informed. Since Tristan’s here in Horington, I’ve no doubt he’ll come and find me! It’ll be
difficult to explain myself if he learns that I’ve been staying with Muriel. Grabbing her hand, Muriel
asked, “So you’re not angry with me, right?” The answer to that question was important to her because
even though she had gone off on her own, Nalliance really wanted to capture S. “I’m not angry. Don’t
you know what kind of person I am? Do I look like I’m that petty? Just be more careful when I’m not
around. Don’t piss off people you can’t afford to, okay?”

Sophie said. Christmas is right around the corner. If I don’t go back soon, Grandpa’s going to overthink
things. I still need to be considerate of his emotions! “So you’re going back? It’s only been a few days!”
It saddened Muriel to learn that Sophie was about to leave. “I want to go with you!” Sadly, Nalliance
needed her help, so she couldn’t leave even if she wanted to. Sophie patted her pretty face. “Be good,
okay? If you come across a problem you don’t know how to take care of, just go and find our mentor!
He formed Nalliance, so he should take responsibility.” “Okay!” After telling her a few more things about
Nalliance, Sophie left Muriel’s condominium and went straight to Horington Hotel. Upon checking in
and going into her room, she, worried about her location being exposed, hacked into the hotel system
and changed her check-in information. Only then did she go and take a bath in peace. At the same
time, Tristan had also arrived at Horington Hotel. I need to take a bath and change into a new set of
clothing before I meet with Sophie. Felix had already handed S to their people in Horington before
personally interrogating the latter.

By the time Tristan was out of the bathroom, Felix had already returned. Felix handed the confidential
information he personally extracted from S to Tristan. “This is everything I got from S!” After flipping
through a few pages of the report, Tristan furrowed his brows even more tightly. This d*mn S! “Should
we hand him over to Eustace and the others now?”Felix asked. Even though we caught S, we’re about
to hand him over to Eustace now. Eustace’s a lucky man. “Give him to Eustace!” Tristan ordered.
Eustace doesn’t belong to that system. He always does things by the book! “Are you trying to gain
Eustace’s favor, Mr. Tristan?” Felix asked. Eustace is quite influential in Jipsdale. “No. I just think he
can be useful.” When it came to people, Tristan had a good eye for them. “Okay! I’ll ask people to

deliver this big gift to Eustace. Hopefully, he won’t disappoint us!” There were plenty of legends about
Eustace that Felix had heard of before. However, no matter what, it wouldn’t be easy to pull Eustace to
their side. After cleaning up the mess, Eustace and his team were demoralized because they failed to
capture S. Besides, one of them had been badly injured and was staying in the hospital. It infuriated
them that they had missed their prime opportunity to capture the person they had been looking for. Just
as everyone was getting pretty dejected, a member of Horington SWAT team saw an unlicensed black
car throw a bag down at the entrance of the SWAT team building. Then the car left. One of the team
members approached the bag and carefully opened it. When he saw the person inside, he promptly
asked someone to report it. When Eustace and the others came out, they saw S, who was all tied up.
Danny rubbed his eyes. They had all seen S’ photo before they went on the mission. Therefore, even
though S’ face had become so swollen, they still recognized him. “Captain Sheppard? Can we say that
we got lucky or not?” Danny scratched the back of his head. What the hell’s going on?

“All right, stop talking. Bring him in first!” While Eustace had no idea who captured S—since S was a
pretty extraordinary person—he decided to leave the mystery of S’ captors for another day. What was
more important to him at that moment was solving the cases that were tied directly to S. After she took
a bath, Sophie went straight to bed. She had thought Tristan would come looking for her after the
matter was dealt with, but it turned out to be just her wishful thinking. The next morning, someone
knocked on the door. She roughly combed her hair before opening the door. The moment she did that,
she saw Tristan’s familiar face and was pulled into his embrace. With Sophie in his embrace, Tristan
whispered next to her ear sexily, “Good morning.” Sophie was taken aback. “Why are you here?” It was
her assumption that he had already returned because he didn’t come to look for her during the night.