Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 258

Chapter 258 First Confrontation With a hostage in his hands, S was no longer afraid of anything. Right
then, Tristan and Felix opened the door and came in. Tristan seized the opportune moment to sweep S
to the ground. S did not expect anybody else to be in the warehouse, as he did not even hear them
breathe. Caught by surprise by the assault upon him, S loosened his grip on Muriel. Sophie caught her
and pulled her to her side. Tristan? Isn’t he in Jipsdale? What is he doing here? Sophie pulled Muriel
away as Tristan and S began brawling. Both of their movements were clean and precise. Tristan,
however, was obviously a better fighter than S. After being sent to the ground again with another kick,
S pulled out his pistol. “This place is filled with gasoline. What do you think will happen if I open fire?” S
had never encountered such a formidable opponent before. Escaping that place was the only thought
he had at that moment. Tristan was unafraid. “Is that so? Fire away, then.” He hated it when people
threatened him and was not going to accept threats from anybody.

“Let’s go.” Muriel was worried that S would open fire. It would be too late to run by then. “Okay.”
Tristan’s purpose for coming here, and his connection with the batch of goods, are questions that need
further investigation upon our return. When the women turned to leave, Felix hurriedly came over to
stand in their way. “Apologies, ladies. You cannot leave yet.” We must get to the bottom of the women’s
allegiance and their purpose for appearing here today. Tristan gazed at Sophie, who averted her eyes
as she was worried he would recognize her through her mask. “What has our identities got to do with

Muriel tugged Sophie, intending to make a run for it. Sophie did not speak, as she feared the men
would recognize her voice. Felix quickly blocked them in their path when he saw them making a run for
it. Sophie frowned. It looks like we won’t be able to leave here without a fight. If that’s the case, a fight
we shall have. S did not wish to die as well, so he did not open fire. As a result, he and Tristan
resumed their fight. He would keep fighting as long as he was still alive. He was not the type of person
to give up easily. Felix was very curious about the two women. He reached out to remove their masks.
Sophie became wary about her disguise upon discovering Felix’s intent. It’ll be game over if my mask is

removed. Despite his usual slovenly attitude, Felix was surprisingly good at fighting. After all, the four of
them had been left in the special forces for a long time and had naturally learned to fight well. Muriel
had also sensed the man’s intentions. What an unlucky day. Noticing that S was about to land a fatal
blow on Tristan, Sophie abandoned Muriel and dashed over to fight S alongside him. She landed a
flashy roundhouse kick onto S’ stomach. Immediately, Tristan used the space to subdue S. As soon as
S had been controlled, Sophie whipped out her pistol and aimed it at Tristan’s head. Nobody had ever
placed a gun on Tristan’s head.

This girl has got some guts. “Mr. Tristan…” Felix could not believe his eyes. My brain must not be
working properly. Even after blinking vigorously, he could still see that the woman’s gun was aimed at
Tristan. A smile appeared on Tristan’s lips, which made Sophie’s heart skip a beat. She had always
known that Tristan was not one to be trifled with. At that moment, she could feel the intimidating aura
emanating from him during their first confrontation. S was most excited at the imminent prospect of the
pair doing battle. If they fought, I would have a chance to escape. Yet before he managed to do so, the
man and the woman each landed a kick on him. S almost vomited blood upon having his chest
stomped on. Despite the fight between the pair, they did not forget him. “You two carry on,” S said
meekly. “Just pretend that I don’t exist.” To think that I, S, the infamous drug lord, have succumbed to
such a wretched capture. Even the FBA suffered a complete defeat at my hands. What kind of gods did
I encounter today? How are they so terrifying? “We were the ones who captured him first!” Felix said
unceremoniously. Since we’re all underworld members, we should abide by the code of honor.
“Rubbish! We were the ones who found him first and also the ones who wounded him!” Muriel
exclaimed. She knew that Sophie did not want to speak. “I don’t care who you are. This S is a target of
Nalliance. We must bring him away today.”

How he will be dealt with is to be discussed after we capture him. However, these two came from
nowhere. What is their purpose for wanting S? Is this just a feud? Or is it stemming from justice?
“Nalliance?” Felix was startled by the mention of the organization. After all, everybody in Chanaea had
heard of Nalliance. It was a very mysterious organization famed for its righteous actions. They had

captured some criminals that even the SWAT team could not apprehend. Their existence was a
modern echo of the righteous societies of old. However, their methods were far from genteel. “That’s
right. You’ve heard of us, haven’t you? You can rest assured if you hand him to us.” Muriel was
satisfied by the man’s expression. The reputation of Nalliance precedes us. “I’m sorry, but S is
someone we’ve been wanting to apprehend for a long time. Besides, I was the one who caught him.
Why should I hand him to you?” Tristan said in a surly manner. His tenderness only belonged to
Sophie, and he would not hesitate to put other women in their place. “You—” Muriel knew that things
would not be so easy to resolve as they were all there for the same reason: to capture S. “What is it?
Are you here for that hundred million as well?” What other reason would there be?

“What? A hundred million? D*mn! You’re working so hard for a hundred million?” Felix’s eyes widened.
S is an outlaw. They worked so hard just for that sum. “I’ll give you a hundred million. You guys hurry
up and get going,” Felix said straightforwardly. “We must take him away.” It’s only a hundred million. No
big deal. They were of great help in apprehending S today, after all. “Do I look like I’m short of money?”
Muriel was displeased. Money was the only thing she had never lacked since her birth. “Then what do
you want?” Tristan finally spoke. He was already very impatient, as he was all sweaty and
uncomfortable after the fight.