Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 257

Chapter 257

Hostage Sophie noticed something awry as soon as she entered the warehouse. It was filled with
barrels of gasoline. The place would explode if someone opened fire, and nobody would be able to
walk out of there alive by then. “Don’t shoot,” Sophie cautioned Muriel. Looks like it has to be resolved
with fists this time! Muriel nodded, understanding the situation at once. “What do we do now? I feel like
we’re currently wading in murky waters.”

What’s more, coming here was my idea. Muriel was not concerned at all when it came to
marksmanship, as she had undergone special training and passed many levels of tests to qualify to join
Nalliance. However, her confidence wavered at the mention of a fistfight. “What say we forget it,
Sophie?” He is an outlaw who has nothing left to lose, but we’re not. We still have families. We would
likely be charred beyond recognition in such a place. Sophie glanced at her. Doesn’t she find it
ridiculous to talk about giving up at this juncture? It’s not like we can back out at this point, anyway.
Right then, the entrance slammed shut. S was evidently holding a grudge and intended to deal with
them once and for all. Muriel looked helpless. “I know we can’t open fire in such a place, but I wonder if
S has enough brains to know that. What if he opens fire?” “Don’t worry. S is an intelligent criminal. He
won’t be that stupid.” Now is the time to see who the better fighter is! “Stay close to me, got it?”

As long as Muriel stays by my side, there won’t be any problem. “Don’t worry. I’ll stay close to you. I’m
actually terrified of death.” Despite the conflict with her family, Muriel still loved them dearly. I joined
Nalliance because I was interested, and also for that d*mned sense of justice. Suddenly, the lights in
the warehouse were put out by S. Muriel clutched Sophie’s arm. What do we do now? Large gasoline
barrels, taller than an average person, littered the warehouse; they did not know where S was at that
moment. Sophie tapped her shoulder. “Hide here and don’t make a sound. Don’t come out no matter
what happens, understand?” She was not afraid at all when it came to single combat. “I…”

Muriel faltered. How can I let Sophie risk herself like that? I was the one who wanted to come! “Don’t
worry. Just trust me.” Hiding there was not an option. Besides, it went against Sophie’s character of
meeting challenges head-on. It was completely dark in the warehouse, so she had to rely on her sense
of hearing. Right then, somebody grabbed Sophie’s shoulder from the back. She retaliated immediately
by grabbing their arm. The two began to fight. Sophie attacked S, who, as an internationally feared
drug lord, had decent skills of his own. As a result, their fight was intense, as none of them could gain
an advantage over the other. S was especially excited as it had been a long time since he had
encountered such a skilled opponent—and a woman at that. “Not bad. You can parry so many of my
strikes!” S finally spoke. His voice was rather pleasant. Sophie ignored him. Instead, she focused her
attacks on his gunshot wound and landed a kick. S yelled in pain.

He had lost much blood from the shot and had only managed to bandage it hastily earlier. With her
merciless kick, surely, it must be bleeding again. “I like how untamed you are, pretty lady. Come with
me, and I can give you whatever you want.” This woman is skilled. If she follows me, I’ll no doubt grow
more powerful. “Perhaps you should remove your mask. If I like what I see, I’ll take you in.” S leered at
her curves and especially her long legs. How seductive! Sophie did not respond. She gave him a kick,
but he managed to dodge it. Upon realizing that he was no match for her, S hid away. The two began a
cautious game of cat and mouse in the warehouse, each wary of the skills of the other. None of them
dared act carelessly. At that moment, an evil smile appeared on S’ lips when he discovered the other
woman. Muriel thought she had hidden well, yet she was still discovered by S. Since she had been
discovered, there was nothing she could do but put up a fight, although it was evident that she was
going to lose. S’ intention was clear. He wanted to capture her and threatened Sophie.

The two began sparring. Before long, S sent Muriel to the ground with a kick. Muriel was beginning to
regret having Sophie come here when she fell to his strike. As if coming here isn’t bad enough, I am
now being used to threaten Sophie. It is an unforgivable mistake on my part. Muriel’s plan to escape
was foiled by a glinting knife pressed against her neck. She was already his captive by the time Sophie
heard the noise and rushed over. S appeared delighted by the sight of the women before him. “How do

you think I should deal with you both?” S let his hand wander all over Muriel’s back. “I’m very pleased
with both of your figures. Spend the night with me, and I’ll let the matters of tonight slide. What do you
say?” They will naturally say yes to anything I say, as they are now in my hands.

“Leave me!” Muriel clenched her fists. She regretted bringing Sophie here. Sophie glanced at Muriel.
She really thinks too much. We came together, so how can I leave her behind? S raised his eyebrows,
confident she would not desert her comrade. “You underestimate your friend, pretty lady. Does she look
like somebody who would leave you behind?” “Let go of her, and I’ll come with you,” Sophie said. “I
was the one who shot you, anyway.” Even if he wants to avenge himself, it is only proper if he takes it
out on me. “No.” Muriel shook her head. I will not let S take Sophie away even if I am to die here.
Sophie is the successor of Nalliance, hand-picked by the founder himself. If something happens to
Sophie today, I will never forgive myself for as long as I live. “Enough nonsense. Let her go, and I’ll
come with you.”

“No. You are both coming with me.” S was not stupid. She would beat him to death if he let go of her.
She must be joking. Do I look like somebody who is easy to fool? “We should get going now. If we
don’t, nobody can leave when Eustace gets here.”