Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 255

Chapter 255

Divo “Mr. Tristan, the drug lord is in Horington,” reported Felix as soon as he received the news. They
had been going after that drug lord for quite some time. “Horington?” Why did the drug lord come to
Horington? Didn’t he just make a mess in Anglandur a month ago? “Have our people get ready. We’ll
return to Horington tonight.” “Mr. Tristan, are you going back to Horington to get that drug lord? Or are
you doing so for Sophie?” Felix had already made the arrangements, but he couldn’t resist asking. “Is
that important?”

There isn’t a conflict of interest, so why does the reason I’m going back matter at all? “No, not at all. I
was just asking,” Felix said. “Are you two going?” Charles and Sean had always been uninterested in
matters as such. They would usually keep watch in the base camp. “I don’t think so. There are a lot of
things I have to take care of at home these days,” Charles said. Winter’s issue had yet to be resolved.
She wouldn’t go to Alendor. “I have a few active cases, so I won’t be going either,” Sean said. Those
cases were rather challenging, so he had to focus on them. “In that case, Mr. Tristan and I will be the
only ones going, then.” Charles chuckled. “Why does Mr. Tristan look especially happy about it?

Is it because he’ll get to see Sophie soon? My gosh, it’s only been a day. Is it really necessary?” “Don’t
you know? Love drives people crazy,” Felix teased. Tristan could not care less about them at all. None
of that mattered to him. He couldn’t wait to fly to Sophie when he thought about how he’d get to see her
in a gown. That night, at seven o’clock, Eustace led the SWAT team to meet up with a team of local
police officers. They had been planning for a long time just to catch that notorious drug lord that night.
Before they left, their leader gave them a final lecture. Danny complained, “Why is he talking so much?
We have to leave and strike while the iron before the drug lord gets away again.”

Eustace gave Danny a look, and the latter immediately shut up. When their leader finished his speech,
Eustace said to everyone, “Our target is a merciless killer, so everyone is to be extra careful. I hope
that all twelve of us will return safely.” That was what Eustace wished for every mission. He wanted the

missions to go smoothly without anyone getting hurt or injured. Unfortunately, that was rarely the case.
“Don’t worry, Captain Sheppard. We’ll definitely be careful,” said a member of the special forces who
was in his forties and was about to retire. He came from a family of farmers, so he was rather honest.
“Okay. Let’s move out.” Meanwhile, Tristan and Felix had already got off the plane. “Mr. Tristan, should
we call Sophie now?” They had arrived in Horington, so it was natural for Felix to assume that Tristan
would want to call Sophie. “No. We’ll call her once this is over.”

Tristan knew that he wouldn’t be able to explain himself if he were to call her at that moment. Hence,
he decided it was better not to call her at all. “Okay.” I guess that’s a wise choice. This is a men’s thing.
Sophie is strong, but she is still a woman and shouldn’t be dragged into this. “Are we going to
apprehend that guy right now?” asked Felix. He already had his men on standby. “Hang on for now. If
Eustace can capture the guy, then there is no need for us to get involved.” Their best-case scenario
was still for the SWAT team to catch the drug lord. “Okay.” Several black cars were already parked
outside and waiting for them. Tristan got into one of them, and Felix took the passenger seat after he
closed the door for Tristan. This will probably be a tough battle. I hope Eustace can handle it.

“Are we really not going to check things out?” asked Muriel. She couldn’t help thinking about it because
it looked fun. This is a golden opportunity. We will never get a shot like this again. “Let’s go.” Sophie
stood up. Hearing that, Muriel immediately jumped from her seat. Finally! Yes! It’s been so long since
I’ve experienced this joy. This is going to be so much fun. Muriel got Sophie an outfit that was suitable
for combat. After that, the two ladies went to change their clothes. They were both wearing all black.
Even their caps were black. Muriel tossed two guns to Sophie because a situation like that warranted
them. Sophie caught those guns with ease. She loaded the guns and holstered them before putting on
her sunglasses. It had been quite some time since Muriel had seen that side of Sophie. D*mn, she’s so
cool. With those black leather pants wrapped around her legs, Sophie looked even sexier than usual.
“What are you looking at? Let’s go.” “Sophie, aren’t you going to put on your mask?” It’s way too
dangerous for her to leave just like that. Muriel tossed her the mask. A sense of nostalgia hit Sophie
hard when she held the mask, which hadn’t been used for quite some time. This time, the deal would

take place at the beach. Sophie was a little speechless when she saw Muriel’s luxury car. “Ms.
Peterson, will it kill you to keep a low profile?”

My gosh, we’re not going to a fancy ball or a closing ceremony, so what’s with the car? “What? I
thought the car looks nice. Don’t you think so?” Muriel found the car matched them rather well. Sophie
was lost for words. “It’s been a while since you have done something like this, hasn’t it, Sophie? Be
extra careful later and don’t get hurt.” Is she looking down on me? “Don’t worry about me. In fact, I’ll be
thankful if you can take care of yourself and not slow me down.” Everyone there would be a fighting
expert, so Sophie’s concern was not unfounded. “Hey! I’ve gotten much better at this, and—you know
what? I’m not even going to talk about this. You can see for yourself later.”

It didn’t take long before they arrived at the location where the drug lord was supposed to make a deal.
“Seriously, this guy has quite the nerves,” Muriel commented. “What’s his name by the way?” Sophie
asked, as Muriel had yet to mention it. “No idea, but everyone calls him S.” Sophie didn’t know what to
say about that. You don’t even know his name, yet you’re aiming for that one hundred million. What is
wrong with you? It was one in the morning, and there was total silence. It was also the perfect time to
do something shady. Two groups showed up at the beach. Everyone was wearing a black outfit and
looked as though they were a force to be reckoned with. Sophie and Muriel were standing some
distance away. The former was using a pair of binoculars to see how things were progressing. My
guess is that S is not here yet. Both parties are on standby, so it is likely they are waiting for him to
show up.

“That S is such a divo, huh?” commented Sophie. I can’t believe he has over two hundred subordinates
waiting for him. “Well, you’ve seen him before, and you gotta admit he’s kinda hot.” Muriel smiled. “Is
he?” Muriel has seriously got to do something about her lack of taste in men.