Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 234

Chapter 234 Feeling Helpless With a plan in mind, Yale felt more confident in succeeding. No matter
what, I must achieve victory this time! Sowhat if the other party is Tristan? I'll never let what I deserve
slip through my hands.

Don’t blame me for adopting an extreme approach.

I've tried begging Sophie, but she paid no heed to my pleas.

It's every man for himself! When Sophie visited Tanner Group in the past, the employees never paid
any attention to her.

However, things changed after the incident at Transfix Cosmetics.

Everyone started to take notice of her and anticipate her capabilities. Sophie managed to turn the tides
and saveTransfix Cosmetics from going into bankruptcy. It was obvious to the staff that she had the
caliber to lead the company to greater heights.

Hence, they were assured of that.

“Good morning, Ms.

Tanner,” several workers greeted her respectfully whereas the others followed suit. Instantly, everyone
became very optimistic about her. That was the scene Victor saw when he arrived at the office. “Sophie
is quiteimpressive! She has already won everyone's trust even before making any contributions.” She's
really something! “Mr.

Victor, she’s now your opponent.”

Hasn’t Mr.

Victor been eyeing the position of CEO? How could he praise his competitor at this juncture? “Mr.

Victor, do you think you will win this time?” They had given their best. “No idea.” Without Sophie, Victor
would have won the position hands down. However, he wasuncertain about his status the moment
Sophie entered the power game. “Mr.

Victor, should we pull a trick to make her withdraw?” It’s not like we haven’t done anything similar
before. Apparently, it was quite normal for businessmen to do whateverit would take to achieve their
objectives. “Stop it! This girl piqued my interest.

I'm more than happy to play games with her,” Victor rejected the idea proposed immediately. “Did you
fallfor her, Mr.

Victor?” He’s never been this kind to others.

If this isn't love, then what is? Victor shot his assistant a cold glare and yelled, “What are you talking
about? Do you know how young is she?” She’s no longera minor, though. As they were speaking,
Victor spotted Sophie, and he quickly approached her. “Hey, Sophie, it's been a while.

How are you?” Victor had been swamped with work recently and did not have the time to check in on

She seems to have grown prettier since the last time I saw her. “Hi, Mr.

White.” She nodded politely.

The impression she had of him was not too bad. “Congratulations! Transfix Cosmetics is doing very
well,” he complimented, feeling honored to have her as hisopponent. “Thanks.

You also have some great projects going on.” Sophie meant it earnestly. Victor was indeed a

He completed the tasks assigned to him in an outstanding manner. “Look at how we flatter each other!
Shallwe drop the formalities?” Victor chuckled. “Anyway, I admire you very much, Sophie.

You're only a young lady, but you were able to successfully transform Transfix Cosmetics.” “Trust me
when I say there’s no correlation between gender and caliber.” “All right, pardonme.

However, it's rare to see such a competent eighteen-year-old girl in the entire Chanaea.” She was
deemed a talent not because she stood out as a girl but hergreat finesse and ability demonstrated at a
very young age. “Thank you.” Sophie accepted his praise. Such a side of her piqued Victor's interest.
“Sophie, you're my cup of tea,” he said under his breath. I don't mind losing this time.

Meeting a girl like her makes it all worthwhile. Sophie was not a social butterfly.

In fact, she was getting a little uneasy having small talks with others. Soon, they entered the
conferenceroom. The other shareholders had arrived, including Charmaine. She was well aware of
Sophie's intention to take over Tanner Group.

Hence, she did not approach Sophie to chat further. To Charmaine, Sophie was the unswerving type
who focusedfirmly on her goal.

No matter what anyone said, nothing could shake her determination. If that was the case, there was no
way Charmaine could convince Sophie to dootherwise. After all, it would not affect Charmaine
regardless of who became the CEO. Yale's reputation was going down the drain by the day. Ten
minutes before the scheduled meeting time, Wilma finally arrived with the latest data about Transfix
Cosmetics. “Don't worry, Ms.

Tanner, our sales has tripled!”

Action speaks louder than words.

The excellent sales performance would definitely help Ms.

Tanner become the company's CEO. Sophie received the document from her. “Good job! You’ve
worked hard lately.” Sophie meantevery word she said. “I feel so happy working alongside you, Ms.


Sophie was a generous boss.

She had given her staff a lot of benefits.


Lineker, I'll offer you ten percent of Transfix Cosmetics' shares.” “Ms.

Tanner?” Wilma could not believe her ears. People who did not have strong family backgrounds like her
would usually remain in the working class for life despitethe tremendous effort they channeled into their
work. With Sophie rewarding Wilma with the company shares, the latter would then be one of Tanner
Group's owners. This was unheard of in a capitalist society.

No one would usually offer their employees any of the company’s shares. “All right, you can carry on
with your work.” Therewas nothing else that Wilma could do at the shareholders' meeting.

Hence, Sophie thought it was a better idea for her to return to Transfix Cosmetics. “Okay, I’ll take my
leave now.

All the best, Ms.

Tanner!” Wilma was extremely confident that Sophie would win because she was a genius at doing
business. I’m sure her talents won’t go unnoticed. The shareholders’ meeting was about tocommence.

Most of the people had arrived except for Yale.


Tanner, could you give Mr.

Tanner a call, please? Everyone is waiting for him.” One of the shareholders grew impatient.

Our time is very precious.

How could we waste it by waiting for him? “I'm sorry.

Actually, I've been trying to reach him.” Charmaine felt so helpless.

How could he be late to attend such an important meeting? “Mr.

Tanner is a busy man, huh? He hasn't even shown up for this major event! If Tanner Group means
nothingto him, why is he pursuing the position relentlessly?” “Precisely! If he's late for such an
important meeting, it makes me wonder if tardiness is a daily issue for him.

How insolent! He's clearly not bothered about our benefits.” The shareholders were serious about their

Their main motive was to earn money, and nobody had the luxury of time to play the fool. Facedwith
the quandary, Charmaine did not know what to do. Where on earth is Yale? Why isn't he here yet?
Charmaine was clueless.

She felt so lost as she fixated her gaze on Sophie. “Sophie, do you know where’s your dad? We’re a
family! You shouldn’t let these shareholders bullyme!” Charmaine was left alone without any support.