Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 243

Chapter 243 Sleeping Together Once Tristan saw her exiting the house, he hurried out of the car and
opened the car door for her. After she entered the car, he asked, “Are you okay?” Tristan had been
outside of the car until a moment ago, so he had seen Yale standing on the rooftop. Nevertheless, it
seemed like Sophie knew Yale well, for the latter never ended up jumping. “Were you here the entire
time?” Didn’t I ask him to go back to rest first? Why is he still here? “I was worried about you,” he
replied. It was that simple. He was worried about her, and that was why he could not just leave her
there by herself.

“There’s nothing you need to worry about,” she mumbled. Didn’t I tell him I can deal with it fine? As
Tristan kept one hand on the steering wheel, he reached out to hold her hand with the other. “I know
you can handle it well, but I just don’t want you to be alone during the process. Even though I have to
be a distance away from you, I still wish to stay until the end with you.” Sophie was moved, but she did
not know what words she could use to express what she felt. In the end, she leaned forward and kissed
him. Tristan was delighted to see her initiate the kiss. After a bout of passionate kissing, Tristan drove
Sophie back to Wisteria Apartments. “It’s been a tiring day, so head in and rest. We’ll eat after you
wake up or would you like to eat now?” he asked upon noticing how exhausted she was. “Let’s sleep
together,” she said. She knew that he had a tiring day too. “What did you just say?” Tristan whispered,
unable to believe what he just heard. Instantly, Sophie’s face turned bright red. Like him, she could not
believe what she had just said. “I-I didn’t mean that!

I just wanted to ask you to take a nap too.” However, Tristan ignored her second sentence. “Since you’ll
feel lonely, I’ll keep you company.” With that said, Tristan lifted her into his arms and carried her into the
room bridal style. Then, he placed her on the bed and took off her jacket for her. When he was about to
take off his clothes for her, Sophie’s heart thumped loudly as if it was going to fly out of her ribcage.
Still, Tristan did not take off all of her clothes; a piece of black garment remained on her. “Sleep now.”
Tristan stayed dressed in his coat as he lay by her side trying hard to not let his desires take over his
rationality. She was tucked under the blanket, and he was lying beside her in his coat. At the same

time, he was holding her hand tightly. “Won’t you feel uncomfortable?” she asked, for she knew how
uncomfortable it would be to wear a coat to sleep. “Take off your coat.

I don’t mind,” she feigned nonchalance despite how her face had turned red from what she said.
Indeed, it was uncomfortable to sleep in a coat. Hence, he stood up and took it off. Then, he turned
around to look at her. At that, Sophie thought, There’s no way I can sleep with him staring at me. “Mr.
Tristan, why don’t you turn around?” Sophie said, hoping that he would accept her request. “No. I want
to look at you like this forever,” he rejected. Sophie was speechless, but there was nothing she could
do about that. In a way, she could only blame herself for the situation. No one had asked her to invite
him to sleep with her. Yes, there’s no one I can blame but myself for this. When Sophie’s eyes flitted
toward the thin garment he was wearing, she began to worry that he might be feeling cold. Hence, she
pulled half of the blanket toward him. “Let’s share the blanket.” Tristan could not hold himself back at
the sight of her cuteness, so he pulled her into his arms. Sophie was embarrassed by his hug, and her
face heated up even more. “Mr. Tristan—” “Hush. Don’t speak. Sleep now.” With her in his arms, he
had to summon even more willpower to stop himself from being taken over by his desire, so he would
rather have her stay silent. Therefore, Sophie closed her eyes and tried her best to ignore his
presence. Yet, he was a man who commanded people’s attention, so she could not pretend he did not
exist at all. In the meantime, Tristan patted her shoulder rhythmically as if he was coaxing a child to
sleep. Still, it was not as if Sophie could say anything about it, so she closed her eyes and rested.

At the start, she thought it would be impossible for her to fall asleep. Yet, not long after, she fell asleep
in his arms. Tristan curled his lips as he studied her beautiful face. For Sophie to have fallen asleep in
his arms meant that she did not have her guard up around him. Is this something I should be happy
about? By the time Sophie woke, it was way past eight. Her stomach growled. Just as Sophie opened
her eyes, Tristan woke up. The man was frighteningly sensitive about his surroundings. “What’s the
matter? Are you hungry?” came his concerned question right away. “Yes, I am hungry.” “Then, let’s go.
Ysabelle and the others should still be in Blossom Garden, so let’s head over there and join them for a
meal.” They had planned to have a meal together, but what happened to Sophie earlier affected his

plan of joining them. They must be done by now, right? “Let’s not go then. They must have finished
their meals by now. It’ll be strange for them to watch us as we eat.” Regardless of everything, Sophie
felt ill at ease at the thought of eating while everyone stared at her. “What do you want to eat, then?”
Her place was close to Jipsdale Premier High, and there were a lot of student cafés in that area.
However, Tristan did not know how good the food was in those cafés.

“Don’t look at me. I am used to eating in student cafés, but it’s now the winter holiday, so they’re all
closed.” Right then, Tristan stood up and put on her jacket for her. “Wear this first. I don’t want you to
catch a cold.” Just as Sophie was adjusting her jacket, Ysabelle called. “Soph, what are you doing? I
called you a dozen times!” Isn’t this just the start of the holiday? And I already have problems
contacting her? “I was sleeping earlier. What’s up?” “Sleeping? Is my Uncle Tristan around?” Ysabelle
suddenly asked. Sophie glanced at the man beside her and replied, “He is. What’s the matter? Are you
looking for him?” What’s going on? Are these two together now? Ysabelle was silent for a moment
before she asked, “So… you’re telling me that you’re sleeping with my uncle?” Now, it was Sophie’s
turn to fall silent. She wanted to tell the other woman that nothing happened, but she was almost sure
that Ysabelle would not believe her words even if she were to try explaining. When Tristan saw the look
on Sophie’s face, he took the phone from her. “What’s the matter? Do you have a problem with that?”
“No, no! Uncle Tristan, hurry and come over! Isn’t Sophie going to Horington tomorrow? We’re all at
Ms. Blossom’s place right now, so bring Sophie over quickly.” Ysabelle was upset every time she
thought about how she would not be seeing Sophie for a few days soon, and the people had gathered
at Blossom garden to send Sophie off.

“Have you not eaten yet?” “The lead character isn’t here yet, so how can we possibly start eating?
Hurry up and come now!” Ysabelle said. Ysabella had been cursing away earlier, but the moment she
found out that Sophie was with Tristan, her tone immediately turned polite. After the call ended, Tristan
said, “They’re all waiting at Blossom Garden, but we won’t go if you don’t want to go.”