Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 241

Chapter 241 A Fight

“What about this? My standards for you aren’t high. All you need to do is defeat me,” Sophie
nonchalantly said.

“What? Ms. Tanner, you aren’t joking with us, right?”

Please, aren’t you just humiliating us?

“Ms. Tanner, we don’t like hitting women and we don’t want to bully women.”

There was a big gap between a man’s and a woman’s strength.

Hence, they found it too embarrassing if they were to bully an eighteen-year-old girl.

“It’s fine. I asked you to hit me. Mr. Tristan won’t do anything to you.”

How will he be at ease letting us keep an eye on my grandfather if we don’t fight?

“Are you sure about that, Ms. Tanner? What if we hurt you?”

After all, Tristan had assigned them to protect the old man. Hence, they did not know how they would
explain to Tristan about the matter if they ended up hurting Sophie.

“That’s enough. Cease the nonsense and let’s fight!”

She had the most say now. If they were not capable, she was going to send them off even if Tristan
was the one who assigned them here. She was not going to risk her grandfather’s safety.

The two of them exchanged a glance.

“Well… But we have to agree on something first. You can’t blame us if you’re hurt.” They had to make
sure to clarify that before everything else.

It was not as if they could reject her request.

“Soph, don’t mess around. Tanny’s the one who sent them here, and even if you don’t trust them, you
should trust Tanny.”

Sophie was speechless.

She was not messing around but was just being cautious.

“It’s fine, Grandpa. I can deal with them.” With that said, Sophie brought the two men into the courtyard.

“Old Mr. Tanner, since Ms. Sophie has said that, perhaps she’s confident in her ability. We’ll just head
out and take a look.” Frankly, Morgan was worried as well.

Although there were rumors about Sophie being a gangster in the past, that had only been a
roughhouse between children. Now, she was going to be up against two powerful men sent by Tristan.

Those who had been on battlefields would know the difference between the two scenarios.

Although the two men seemed ordinary, they were far from normal.

“Let’s head out and take a look.” Josiah looked forward to it as well. Caleb was his only grandson, but
he only loved research and had no interest in military affairs.

Honestly, Josiah wished that one of the Tanner children would join the army.

That was the wildest dream he had.

Morgan helped Josiah out.

“Are you going to come one at a time, or are you going to come at me together?” Sophie was quite
straightforward with her words, for she only wanted to find out what are the standards of those two

At that, the two shared a look, annoyed by how she seemed like she was looking down on them.

“Ms. Tanner, even though you’re the most important person to Mr. Tristan, you can’t look down on us
like this.”

“Cut it out. Speak with your capabilities if you’re a man,” Sophie snapped. She really disliked wishy-
washy attitudes. Can’t they just hurry up and start the fight?

“You’ll go first,” one of the men said to the other.

The other man then rolled up his sleeve.

After what seemed like forever, the man remained still. Thus, Sophie decided to make the first move.
The man thought that the young woman was only messing around, but upon seeing her first move, he
realized that she genuinely had the right to speak in such a bold way.

Instantly, he took her seriously.

Indeed, Tristan had found a combat expert. The battle between the two skillful fighters was a flashy

Josiah was taken aback when he saw the way Sophie fought.

Oh my god. Is she really my Soph? How can she be so adept at fighting?

The look of the man who was fighting Sophie changed as well. He was finally taking the battle

However, it was obvious that Sophie’s strikes were quicker and more merciless.

Moreover, her stamina was unlike a young woman’s. In fact, people who frequently trained in fighting
might not have as much stamina as Sophie did.

Furthermore, Sophie’s moves were all unpredictable.

Even someone who was uninvolved in the fight would have a hard time figuring out what her next move
would be.

“Isn’t Ms. Sophie incredible?” Morgan uttered, shocked by the sight he was seeing.

He could not help but wonder, Is this really the Ms. Sophie we know? What happened to her in
Horington? What made her change this drastically?

Of course, Josiah had no answers to those questions.

He only knew that he liked her even more.

I knew it. Of all the children, she’s the one who inherited most of my skills and abilities.

Meanwhile, even though the man had used everything he could, he was still not a match for Sophie.

Just as he thought she was about to cripple him, she stopped.

Sophie had only fought him because she wanted to find out if they were worthy enough to protect her
grandfather, and it seemed like they could indeed protect him.

“Very well. The two of you will do the job.”

A wave of embarrassment washed over the man who had fought with Sophie.

Although the battle had stopped before a winner could be declared, it was apparent that he was no
match for Sophie.

“Are you really fine with leaving Old Mr. Tanner to us?”

“Yes, but if you don’t have the confidence to do this well, you can leave now. I’ll inform Mr. Tristan about

“No, we want to stay.” The two men had never admitted defeat to anyone but Tristan. However, Sophie
had made them willing to work for her after the earlier fight.

“I’ll leave my grandpa in your hands then.” By then, Sophie no longer had any doubts about the two
men’s capabilities.

Without a doubt, the two men were great combatants.

“Ms. Tanner, may I ask you a question?” the man who had fought Sophie earlier asked.

“Yes, but you might not receive an answer.” After all, there were some questions she could not reply to
even if Josiah was the one who asked them.

After a brief while, the man muttered, “I guess it’s better for me not to ask you the question then.”

Right then, Yale’s car appeared outside the house. The housekeeper then opened the gate for Yale,
who then drove in.

When Yale saw his family members in the courtyard, his eye twitched.

Nevertheless, no one could turn back the time, and he could not undo what he had done. Thus, he had
no choice but to steel himself and come down from the car.

The moment he stepped out of the car, he went straight to Josiah.

“Dad, I—”

Before Yale could even finish his sentence, Josiah slapped him with all his might.

Yale’s head was tilted to the side from the force.

It was the first time Josiah had hit him ever since he was an adult.

“Dad, there must be a misunderstanding somewhere. Sophie must have said something to you, right?
Dad, you can’t simply believe whatever she says!” Yale cried out as he kneeled on the ground. Even
then, he still refused to admit to his deeds.

In his fury, Josiah kicked Yale.

He could not believe that his only son had used him to threaten his granddaughter.

How could he not be livid about that?

“Yale, are you still refusing to admit to your wrongdoings?” Josiah had wanted to give him one last
chance, but it seemed like that chance would be wasted on Yale.