Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 240

Chapter 240 Fight

“What are you doing? Where is my dad? Where did you bring him to?” Yale was genuinely anxious at
that instant.

The secretary shoved Yale aside.

“Stay away from me in the future.” That man is none other than Tristan Lombard. An instruction from
him is sufficient to ruin my life.

Dumbstruck, Yale slumped to the floor.

Am I really doomed? Have I truly lost all my chances and possessions?

Meanwhile, at Tristan’s mansion, Sophie took a nap inside Tristan’s room.

However, she did not sleep soundly. Resting in a hypnagogic state of consciousness, she immediately
woke up when Tristan entered the room.

“Is my grandpa awake?”

Tristan walked to the side of the bed and helped her brush her stray strands of hair.

“Yes. Old Mr. Tanner is awake, and he’s having his afternoon tea. Let’s go. We’ll accompany him to
have his meal.” Tristan was there to invite Sophie to join Josiah.


She got up and followed Tristan out of the room. Josiah was very contented at the amicable sight of the
couple approaching him together.

They are indeed a match made in heaven. I can honestly rest assured with Tristan by Soph’s side.

“Did you rest well, Grandpa?” Sophie asked concernedly.

“I had a good rest. Come over here and join me for a meal. Let’s have some food and go back home,
so the others are not worried.”

No matter what, Josiah would demand an explanation from Yale because of what the latter did. Josiah
was not letting that matter slide.


Tristan and Sophie sat beside Josiah and accompanied the old man to have his afternoon tea. Josiah’s
appetite was good as he consumed a considerable amount of food.

Still, Sophie was worried that overeating would affect his health, so he stopped eating after she
persuaded him.

“Let’s go.”

Josiah tried his best to put up a more relaxed appearance but to no avail.

After all, anyone would be furious after experiencing something like that.

Sophie went to help Josiah up.

“Don’t be mad, Grandpa. Getting too worked up is bad for your health.” She was ready to assist her
grandpa in executing whatever was necessary after he made the decision, so there was no need for
him to be angry.

“Soph, this is a problem I must take care of. I hope you can understand that there are some matters I
cannot let you handle entirely.”

Yale is my son, and part of the reason contributing to his current vile behavior is my failure to educate

“Okay. I promise you. I will support whatever decision you make.” Ultimately, Josiah was the head of
the family.

“I’ll tag along.” Tristan wished to stay by Sophie’s side and face the situation with her when dealing with
that predicament.

“Tanny, I know you are a kind boy, but this is still the Tanner family’s matter. Therefore, there’s no need
for you to be there.”

Josiah wished to preserve the last of his pride and dignity.

Tristan grasped Sophie’s hand.

Grandpa still thinks of him as an outsider. It seems like there is still room for improvement for Tristan.

“That’s right. You don’t have to go. I’ll take care of this.” Sophie blamed herself for allowing Yale to take
Josiah away. This time, I’ll make sure to protect Grandpa well.

“All right. Allow me to send you back then. Remember to contact me no matter what happens. I’ll be
there at any time.”

Tristan was actually quite delighted because Sophie had thought of him when that incident occurred.

He hoped that she would always be reminded of him regardless of the circumstances in the future.

Josiah did not refuse Tristan’s offer since the latter was just going to send them back to the Tanner

Tristan personally drove to send Josiah back to the Tanner residence. Upon their arrival, Sophie
opened the car door and helped Josiah to get out of the vehicle.

Morgan was already waiting outside the house at that moment after he received a call from Sophie in
advance. He felt guilt-ridden for losing Josiah.

Hence, at the sight of Josiah, Morgan hastily jogged up to him.

“Old Mr. Tanner, I’m sorry. This is all my fault.” After serving the Tanner family for so many years,
Morgan could not believe he would commit such a blunder, so he was not able to forgive himself for the

“Morgan, this is not your fault. You don’t have to feel guilty.” Josiah was sure that his incapability to
handle his family matters led to the incident, so Morgan had nothing to do with that issue.

“Old Mr. Tanner, you—” Morgan knew Josiah was upset, but he did not know how to comfort the latter.

Yale did cross the line this time. His actions have really disappointed us greatly.

Morgan helped Josiah to enter the house, leaving only Sophie and Tristan outside.

“You should go back now. I’ll call you later.” Sophie could not spare her attention entertaining Tristan at
that moment because she had her family matter to attend to.

“Remember to call me once you’ve settled everything.”

In fact, he yearned to go into the house with her, but he knew she would forbid him from doing so. As a
result, Tristan had no choice but to leave.

“I got it. Drive safely on your way back.”

As long as Josiah was safe, Sophie was not afraid of anything else and had the confidence to deal with
the ongoing situation.

Tristan gave her a gentle hug.

“Bear in mind that you are not alone. I’ll always have your back,” he uttered emotionally.


Sophie’s eyes gleamed as she gazed at him. He’s so kind. I think that I am very fortunate and blessed
to have met with him.

“Go back to your car. I’ll enter the house after I see you off.”

Tristan nodded. He turned around, got into his car, and drove away. Sophie watched him leave before
spinning on her heel and walking into the house.

Charmaine immediately ordered the housekeeper to prepare a cup of tea when she saw Josiah had
returned safely.

“Dad, are you all right?” Charmaine asked looking all concerned.

That unexpected event caused everyone in the family to feel very worried.

Josiah merely nodded in response.

Willow was also present, standing beside her mother.

“Grandpa, did my dad really kidnap you?” Willow was still in disbelief up until that moment.

Charmaine nudged Willow with her elbow. What is wrong with her? How can she ask a question like
this now? I wouldn’t have told her these things if I had known her insensibility.

“Willow, go upstairs. You’ve got no business staying here.” Charmaine had no choice but to ask Willow
to excuse herself from the scene.

Just then, Sophie showed up. Catching sight of Sophie, Willow took a seat on the couch at once.

“Mom, if she can be here, why can’t I stay? Am I not your daughter?” Willow had the urge to compete
against Sophie in everything the latter did.

“Willa—” Charmaine warned her. Can’t you see that your grandpa is at the limits of his patience?

Willow went upstairs reluctantly and threw a tantrum in her room. All of them only have Sophie in their
eyes. They are all neglecting me. How can they do this to me?

Sophie sat beside Josiah and poured him a cup of tea.

Yale did not seem to be home at that moment. Therefore, even if Josiah wanted to settle the score, he
had to wait for Yale to come home.

Nevertheless, Josiah was determined to reprimand Yale no matter what.

At that moment, the two people hired by Tristan had also arrived, but they appeared no different from
an average Joe.

“Ms. Tanner, Mr. Tristan sent us here. From now on, we will take care of Old Mr. Tanner’s safety.”

“You two will need to prove your worth and abilities to me before you are qualified to protect my
grandpa.” Although Tristan had assigned the two men, Sophie wanted to be more cautious as they
would be responsible for Josiah’s security.

“How do you wish for us to show you then? Do we have to face you in a one-on-one fight?” However,
the two bodyguards did not feel it was appropriate for them to bully a girl like Sophie.