Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 239

Chapter 239 Consoling Kisses

“He’s still refusing to give up!” Felix smirked. How could a pair of human legs hope to catch up with the
four wheels of a car? This man’s brain must be chock full of sh*t!

Sophie glanced at the rearview mirror and saw Yale still in pursuit.

“Ignore him.” Sophie did not want to spare Yale another glance.

Soon, Yale could no longer be seen from the rearview mirror.

“Cheer up, Sophie!” Felix did not know how to console her. He thought she must be feeling horrible for
how her father treated her grandfather, despite how relaxed she looked.

“I’m fine.”

Sophie closed her eyes, making it plain that she no longer wished to discuss the subject. She was
reluctant to elaborate, and Felix did not force her.

Tristan had brought Josiah to one of his mansions. Though he did not often drop by, a housekeeper
kept the place ready for him to visit whenever he liked.

Having learned that Sophie was coming, Josiah sat in wait on the couch.

“Why don’t you take a nap, Grandpa? I’ll wake you when Soph comes.” He’s getting older and has
undergone such a massive operation, so he must be tired.

“Oh, Tanny. Thank you for always being by Soph’s side.” If it weren’t for Tristan, who was always by
Sophie’s side, Josiah dared not imagine what would become of her.

Though he knew his granddaughter was a force to be reckoned with, there was no way she could face
it calmly when her beloved family member was involved, no matter how formidable she was.

“It’s within my duty, Grandpa. Don’t worry. No matter what happens, I will always be by Soph’s side.”

That is my promise. I will not let anybody hurt Sophie.

Felix was leading Sophie in when she heard Tristan utter those words. She was touched.

It really is nice to have him. Otherwise, I would not know what to do.

Josiah smiled at Sophie’s arrival.

“What’s the rush, Soph? The shareholder’s meeting must have just ended. I’m fine! You needn’t worry.”

Josiah did not wish to bring up the matter, but it concerned Sophie, his beloved granddaughter.

He knew that the matter could not go unsaid.

Though he was the one who was kidnapped, he could no longer defend Yale.

Sophie wrapped her arms around Josiah’s waist and leaned on his chest.

Though she knew nothing would happen, Sophie felt relieved to see Josiah standing alive and well
before her.

“Don’t worry, Grandpa. Tanner Group will be my legacy from now on.” She was determined to lead
Tanner Group to new heights.

Sophie’s voice sounded relaxed.

“I’m sorry, Soph,” Josiah murmured. “If it weren’t for my insistence of you taking on that role, you
wouldn’t have had to experience all of that.” Such an ordeal is tough for anyone to endure.

Sophie grasped the old man’s hand.

“You don’t have to be sorry! It’s me you’re talking to, Grandpa. All right, you must be tired. Rest a little
here at Mr. Tristan’s before we go home. If you don’t feel like returning, you can stay with me for a few

“You know, I really am tired. I’ll take a nap here at Tanny’s, and we’ll talk after I wake up.”


After bringing Josiah into a clean room and tucking him in, Sophie emerged sometime later and
immediately spotted Tristan waiting for her.

He approached her, took both her hands, and pulled her into his embrace.

“It’s over. Grandpa’s fine. You can relax now. I’ll have two men following him from now on, and they
won’t allow anybody to take him away.” I will have two of my most capable men protect Old Mr. Tanner.

“I’d once offered to hire two bodyguards for him, but he turned me down.” Being a soldier in his day,
Josiah was prideful and thought highly of his combat skills.

But, how could he fight people off being as old as he is? Furthermore, he had just undergone an
extensive operation!

“Don’t worry,” Tristan said. “I’ve discussed this problem with Grandpa, and he’s agreed to it.” Josiah
had come around after the incident.

Leaning against his chest, Sophie felt genuinely relieved at the moment.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Tristan. Without you, I think I would be—” If it weren’t for him, I would not
have been able to control myself. I would’ve done something unthinkable.

Tristan lowered his head to kiss her still moving lips.

I don’t want to hear her say such things. She only needs to rely on me. I will work hard to ensure that
she has nothing to worry about.

It was a lingering kiss, tender and persistent yet vaguely domineering.

That kiss strengthened Sophie’s attachment to him.

Without a doubt, she enjoyed that kiss, which gave her a realistic sensation.

Tristan continued kissing her until she could not breathe and almost became the first person to die of
suffocation from kissing. He then let go of her reluctantly.

Tristan was dazed and out of breath, gazing at her lips made red by his own.

Sophie panted as she leaned against his chest. Her gentle, heaving breaths made the atmosphere
between them quite suggestive.

Tristan found his voice first. “Are you tired?”

“I’m fine.”

Yale had really got under her skin.

He should never have done something like that to Grandpa. He should never have put Grandpa in such
a predicament.

She knew Josiah best and was sure that Josiah must be feeling horrible about Yale at that moment, yet
she could do nothing about it.

“How do you plan to deal with Yale? I can help you if you don’t want to handle it.” As Yale is her father,
she must feel conflicted.

“I don’t mind handling it. Leave it to me.” Sophie was not a person to back down.

Since it already happened, the only thing I need to do is to make him give up.

He pinched her cheeks as his heart clenched.

Why does she have to make such difficult choices? She could have been a happy princess living in a
carefree castle, yet she is forced to face those matters and, even worse, is determined not to accept
help from anybody.

“I’m serious, Sophie. I want to help you handle it. I don’t want to see you conflicted.”

“I’m not conflicted.”

There’s nothing to be conflicted about. This isn’t even bad enough to trouble me.

Meanwhile, Yale sought his secretary with the intent of using Josiah as leverage for everything he
wanted. Instead, he found his secretary with a bruised and battered face.

“What happened? Where’s Old Mr. Tanner? Didn’t I tell you bring him out?” Yale was livid. If my trump
card is no longer in my hands, what else can I do?

The secretary grabbed Yale by the collar.

“You are too much, Yale! I work for you for wages. What about you? Do you want to cost me my life?”