Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 238

Chapter 238 A Harrowing Scene

Charmaine emerged to summon them in and was greeted immediately by that harrowing scene.

Her mouth fell open in shock. She wanted to scream but was unable to produce even a squeak.

However, Sophie was unperturbed by Charmaine’s arrival.

Only when Yale was deathly pale and close to suffocation did Charmaine force herself to walk over and
grab Sophie’s hand.

“No matter what happened, Soph, he’s still your father,” Charmaine pleaded. “You’ll regret it for the rest
of your life if you hurt him today.” Sophie was her daughter, and to that end, Charmaine did not wish for
the former to be burdened by the sin of patricide.

Victor came over as well.

“It’s not worth destroying yourself for somebody like that, Sophie.” I still can’t believe Sophie did that.

Sophie shoved Yale aside. Despite regaining his freedom, he could not even take a single step as he
sat on the ground and gasped for breath. Even the expensive suit he donned could not disguise how
wretched he appeared at that moment.


Yale finally found his voice after a long while. It was quavering at that moment.

Is the girl before me my daughter? I never knew that the girl had such a terrifying side. She was going
to kill me just now!

Yale could not steady his pounding heart at the thought of his close brush with death.

“You better pray nothing happens to Grandpa, or I won’t let you go!” At that, Sophie turned and entered
the conference room.

Charmaine frowned.

“What did you do? Isn’t Old Mr. Tanner at home? Why would Soph say such a thing?”

Yale shoved his wife, who had knelt beside him, aside.

“All you know is ask questions. Look at the daughter you raised! She even dares raise a hand against
her father! She is a murderer!”

Charmaine shook her head. “I know my daughter very well, Yale. She would not be this way if you
hadn’t done something.”

Sophie has always been serene by nature and would not flare up without provocation. The
circumstances only pointed to the fact that Yale did something that thoroughly enraged her. What’s
more, the matter pertained to Old Mr. Tanner.

Yale stood up and entered the conference room. There is no way I’m going to miss the announcement
of the result.

Everybody had resumed their seats by then. The union chairman took the stage, and by the end, all the
shareholders unanimously agreed that Sophie was the best choice to lead Tanner Group.

“I hereby declare that from today on, Ms. Tanner is officially the CEO of Tanner Group!”

Victor led the round of applause after the union chairman spoke.

Everybody was satisfied with the results.

Sophie has what it takes to lead us to new heights.

Yale, however, refused to accept the result. He leaped to his feet.

“Sophie dared to lay a finger on her own father. How could somebody of this character be the CEO of
Tanner Group? I firmly object!”

Yale was clutching at straws, but not one of the shareholders paid him any attention.

Speaking of character, nobody’s was worse than Yale’s. Sophie’s leadership was what they wanted

“Don’t you believe me? She’d just grabbed my neck earlier, trying to kill me.”

Yale refused to give up. Sophie is not suitable for this position.

Nobody listened to a word he said. Instead, they flocked around Sophie to pledge their loyalty.

“Rest assured, everybody. As long as we work hard together, I won’t be pursuing matters of the past,”
Sophie declared, by way of reaffirming her stand.

“We will, we will.”

The other shareholders chimed in.

The more firmly everything appeared to be set in stone, the more in denial Yale became.

“Do you not care whether your grandfather lives or dies, Sophie?” It is impossible. I have done so many
things for the position of CEO of Tanner Group, yet here we are. I refuse to believe it.

“I’ll deal with you once I find Grandpa.” Sophie did not waste her breath with him. Instead, she called
Tristan at once.

“You can relax now. We’d found Grandpa! He’s doing very well.” Tristan was keeping Josiah company
when he received the call and strode outside to pick up for fear of upsetting Josiah lest the old man

To his credit, Josiah knew what was going on. From when Yale’s secretary picked him up from the
Tanner residence to when Tristan kicked up a ruckus in search of him, he understood everything that
was going on.

Severe disappointment was the only thing he felt at the moment.

There is something wrong with the way I raised my son. Otherwise, things would not be the way they
are now.

He had been chatting with Tristan earlier, and the younger man did not even dare mention Yale.

Josiah’s expression turned especially grim when Tristan stepped outside.

He felt awful about how things turned out.

Sophie exited Tanner Group immediately upon learning Josiah’s location as she intended to bring her
grandfather home at once.

Yale reached out to grab her arm at the sight of her leaving.

“You really don’t care if your grandfather dies or not?” Yale threatened, refusing to give up.

If I was never the CEO, I might not be this upset. But because I once had it, the loss hurts all the more.

“Where did you bring Old Mr. Tanner, Yale? Don’t do anything foolish!” Charmaine was shocked to
learn that Yale had kidnapped Josiah for Tanner Group.

“Get lost!” Yale growled impatiently.

He shoved Charmaine aside, who would have fallen over if Sophie had not caught her.

“Ignore him. He’s insane beyond redemption.” There is nothing else he wouldn’t do after doing
something like this to his father.

The car sent by Tristan had already arrived when Sophie exited Tanner Group. Felix emerged from the
vehicle to receive her.

“Let’s go! Don’t worry, Old Mr. Tanner is very safe now,” Felix assured, as he knew that Josiah’s safety
was her utmost priority.

“Thank you.”

Sophie only became truly relieved upon finding out that Josiah was unharmed.

Fortunately, nothing happened to Josiah. Otherwise, I would not know whether I made the right

“I’ll bring you over!”

“Can I come over with you, Soph?” Charmaine, too, wanted to pay Josiah a visit.

“It’s not necessary, Mom. You should go home first, and I will bring Grandpa back later today.” As for
Yale, the punishment that is going to befall him would be severe. “Start the car, Mr. Northley,” Sophie
then ordered.

Felix nodded and drove them away.

Yale, however, ran after the car. No, I cannot lose everything in Tanner Group!