Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 227

Chapter 227

Survival Instincts “Your mentor? How can I contact him?” the client urged. No matter what, I must
destroy Lombard Group. “I don’t know. He often travels. The last time he contacted me, he said he was
in Xemrich.” “I’m leaving. I didn’t accomplish the mission, so I won’t take your money!” The hacker spun
on his heels and strode away. One day, I shall beat Phantom up to a pulp! The man said nothing and
watched as he left. He knew how it felt to be defeated by someone else. “Tristan, don’t you worry. I
shall make sure you get a taste of your own medicine!” the man vowed viciously. When Tristan arrived
at Lombard Group, the problem had already been solved. “What? Another person popped up and
hacked into the hacker’s laptop?” Tristan couldn’t believe his ears. If the engineers I paid handsomely
to protect my company’s system are helpless against Phantom, who else is capable enough of hacking
into his laptop? “Was that really Phantom?” he asked doubtfully.

Tristan couldn’t believe that the hacker was Phantom. He had never offended Phantom, so there was
no reason for Phantom to attack Lombard Group suddenly. “I don’t know either. The engineers were
the ones who said that!” Felix wasn’t good with computers and wasn’t a match for the hackers. When
Tristan came over to Sophie, the latter quickly deleted all traces on the computer. “What are you
doing?” Tristan asked. He noticed she was busy since his arrival. “Nothing.” Sophie clicked into a game
calmly and pretended to play it. “You must be bored. I shall bring you and Ysabelle out to have some
fun.” It was the holidays now, so they should be having fun. Her winter holidays have just started. It will
last for around ten days. That’s too little. “I’m fine. I’m not bored. You should go back to work. Don’t
worry about me.” She wasn’t lying when she said she wasn’t bored. The hacker was slightly less
capable than her, so it took her some time before she successfully hacked into his computer. However,
she knew she would only improve whenever a capable rival appeared. Otherwise, it would be boring to
stay the same. It was lonely to be unbeatable at the top.

“Tell the engineers to wait for me in the conference room,” Tristan told Felix. Felix scratched his nose
as he knew the engineers were in deep trouble. The engineers were paid handsomely to work at
Lombard Group. In Chanaea, they were the highest-paid engineers. “Mr. Tristan, you shouldn’t give
them a hard time. No one else will be at the top forever!” Sophie tried to defend the engineers. The
hacker was almost as good as her, so it was natural for the engineers to not be his match.
“Nevertheless, as they are in charge of Lombard Group’s network security, I think they aren’t good
enough at their job.” “That I know. That’s why I’ve never stopped looking for Phantom. Alas, this hacker
is too mysterious.” Why did he suddenly mention Phantom? “I heard that Phantom is a loner who won’t
accept any offers from any companies,” Sophie revealed. She loved leading a carefree life and didn’t
want any company to restrict her freedom. Even after establishing Wings of Light due to boredom, she
couldn’t be bothered to manage it and got Butterfly to manage it for her.

“I know, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Phantom is the only hacker in the world who can guarantee my
company’s network security,” Tristan responded. “Mr. Tristan, did you misunderstand Phantom? No one
can guarantee anything in this world.” Truth be told, Sophie thought they had made her a legend when
she was just better than the average hacker. “Soph, you have no idea how capable Phantom is!”
Tristan told her. That was the first time Sophie had ever heard Tristan lavishing praises on someone.
“Is he or she that capable?” “Mr. Tristan, stop it. Sophie will get jealous if you continue praising
Phantom!” Felix joked. No one would want to hear their boyfriend praising another person, though the
person’s gender remained unknown. Sophie shot Felix a look, and the latter immediately shut up.
“Fine. Pretend you heard nothing from me.” Tristan might be scary, but his girlfriend was scarier. It only
took a look from her to scare Felix into silence. Sophie was pleased as he finally fell silent. “Sophie,
stop bullying Felix! Look how pitiful he is. Never mind if Uncle Tristan picks on him. Why are you doing
the same thing to him?” Ysabelle couldn’t help but feel bad for Felix. Hearing that, Felix hurried over to
her and took her hand. “Ysabelle, I knew it.

You’re the only person in the world who cares about me. Look at how they bullied me! Poor me. Why
did they make things difficult for me?” Ysabelle rolled her eyes. “Fine, you’re the most pitiful man in the

world!” she responded in resignation. Poor guy. He got bullied by Uncle Tristan, and now Uncle
Tristan’s girlfriend bullied him, too. “Ysabelle, didn’t the son of the Ackhurst family take a liking to you?
He seems like a good man. Why don’t you try dating him? Doesn’t that sound like a good idea?” Tristan
suggested suddenly. Felix nearly spat out blood in frustration. Mr. Tristan is doing this on purpose!

He knows I like Ysabelle but said that out loud. This is too much! He has gone overboard! “Uncle
Tristan, I don’t want to get into a relationship for now!” Ysabelle rejected his offer immediately as she
glanced at Felix subconsciously. Seeing that, Felix relaxed. He felt better to know that Ysabelle was on
his side. “I’m not telling you to find a boyfriend now. It won’t do you harm to get to know another friend. I
don’t want you to get scammed by someone else.” Tristan gave Felix a pointed look when he said
“someone else.” “The world is a dangerous place. It is impossible to judge someone’s heart from his
face,” he added. “Dad, please forgive me!” Felix apologized immediately without caring about his
dignity. I’ll never complain that they bully me. They treat me well. Ysabelle and Sophie were at a loss
for words. His survival instincts are kicking in, huh? “Mr. Tristan, if you don’t mind, I shall introduce you
to someone!” Tristan was a great help to her, so Sophie wanted to repay his favor.

Tristan arched a brow. Felix couldn’t help but say, “Sophie, don’t tell me you’re going to introduce a
girlfriend to Mr. Tristan. He loves you. Finding him a girlfriend is too…” The moment he felt an icy gaze
on his back, however, he trailed off and pretended he hadn’t said anything. He was a man who knew
when to relent and when to persist. I’m nothing compared to Mr. Tristan!