Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 237

Chapter 237 Capable Of Murder

“Keep dreaming.”

Yale did not expect that to happen.

“Let me tell you something, Sophie. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do when I’m backed up against the wall.
To think that your grandfather loves you so. How could you—”

“How dare you?”

You were the one who kidnapped Grandpa!

Sophie no longer paid him any mind. Instead, she called Butterfly.

“What is it, Phantom?” Butterfly asked, concerned because she was usually the one to seek Phantom
out. Could something have happened for Phantom to make contact this time?

“Locate my grandfather, and send a team to bring him back.” Sophie’s tone made it clear that her order
was not to be questioned.

“All right.”

Whenever Sophie spoke in that tone, it was a sign she was trying her best to control her emotions.

Still feeling uneasy after hanging up, Sophie made another call to Tristan.

“What is it?” Tristan had been waiting for her call and, upon receiving it, thought the shareholders’
meeting had ended.

“I would like to ask for a favor, Mr. Tristan.” Though she wanted more than anything to search for
Josiah herself, Sophie had promised the old man to assume the position of CEO, which was why she
could not leave as she pleased.

“What is it?” Though her tone was no different than usual, he felt his heart ache upon hearing her

“Yale took Grandpa away. Could you bring him back for me, please?” Sophie did not realize how much
calmer she became after hearing Tristan’s voice.

“All right. I will get it done,” Tristan promised. “Don’t worry. I will personally carry this out and bring Old
Mr. Tanner to you once the shareholder meeting ends.”


She might not believe anybody else, but she had complete faith in Tristan.

She knew he was capable and would get it done for her sake.

“All right, don’t fret about it. I’ll bring him back.”

After assuring her, Tristan hung up and got to his feet, with Felix following suit.

“Did something happen, Mr. Tristan?” Felix asked curiously.

“Yale is up to no good. He kidnapped Old Mr. Tanner.”

“What?” Felix was stunned. “That old fox, Yale, kidnapped his father to threaten his daughter? What
has the world come to?”

“Enough. Have somebody find out Old Mr. Tanner’s current location.”

As he had already promised Sophie, he was going to bring Josiah back no matter the cost.

“All right. Rest assured, Mr. Tristan. I will keep you informed promptly.”

Having met much more formidable and complex adversaries than Yale, Felix was not concerned at all.

Tristan was still not assured. “Make haste. There cannot be any mistake. Understood?”

As long as it pertained to Sophie, I must do it well. I do not want anything to upset Sophie.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Tristan. What haven’t I encountered after all these years by your side?” Mr. Tristan
was not even that nervous when Ysabelle was kidnapped!

Tristan gave Felix a look which the latter hastily took as his cue to leave.

“All right, understood. I’ll have somebody poke around.”

Tristan knew despite Yale’s deranged and reckless actions, he would not bring harm to his own father.
The latter’s reason for doing so was to force Sophie to forfeit herself from the election.

Only by bringing Old Mr. Tanner home will I ease Sophie’s worries.

Meanwhile, Yale was awaiting Sophie’s answer in Tanner Group.

“Old Mr. Tanner loves you so much, Sophie. You wouldn’t turn a blind eye to his survival, would you? I
will have Old Mr. Tanner returned home without a scratch if you give up this opportunity.”

Sophie’s gaze were like glaciers.

Her hands clenched involuntarily into fists.

“Aren’t you ashamed of saying such a thing, Yale? Grandpa has always been good to you. As his son,
how could you have such thoughts?”

“Good to me? He would not have snatched Tanner Group from my hands if he were good to me. Do
you think I want to do this? I’ve been driven to desperation by you all!”

Who would do such a sick thing? If they had not forced me to the edge, I definitely wouldn’t.

“Since you dared do such a thing for your own greed, Yale, I, too, will dare send you to prison.” I am not
going to accommodate him anymore.

Yale was rendered speechless.

He did not expect her to remain steadfast even up to that point.

“Are you going to disregard Old Mr. Tanner’s life for Tanner Group?”

Yale, confident that victory was within his grasp, became suddenly unsure.

Sophie does not look as if she is going to cooperate. What does she mean by this now?

Victor arrived at that moment. The shareholders had already arrived at a conclusion, and it was time
they headed in.

“Let’s go! It’s time,” he announced before noticing Sophie’s cold expression.

I wonder what she and Yale were talking about?

“What’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?” Victor asked in concern.

Sophie shook her head.

Tristan will help me with this, so it is not necessary to inform Victor of this.

“I want to be your ally, Sophie. You must tell me if there’s anything important.”

No matter what it is, I would do it without hesitation as long as it was within my capacity.

“Thank you, but it really is not necessary. Aside from Tristan, I cannot trust anybody else.”

“I meant what I said. I want to fight side by side with you.” He even conceded running for election to
show her his resolve.

“Hmm. Noted.”

Yale panicked as Sophie and Victor made to depart and completely ignored him.

What is going on with Sophie? Doesn’t she care whether the old man lives or not?

Tanner dashed over and grabbed Sophie’s arm. It was the final straw. Unable to tolerate her father
another second longer, she whipped around and grabbed Yale by the throat.

Despite struggling with all his might, Yale could not muster even an ounce of strength.

Sophie stood before him. Though she was several inches shorter than him, the aura emanating from
her was terrifying.

Yale panicked and flailed his arms madly as the feeling of suffocation descended upon him.

He did not dare believe Sophie was capable of laying a finger on him.

I am her father, and she is doing this before an outsider. Isn’t she afraid of what people would think of

“You shouldn’t have threatened me with Grandpa, Yale.” She might have tolerated it if it were anybody
else, but she could not do so when it came to Josiah.

Yale continued to struggle and was suddenly lifted off the ground by Sophie.

Victor, who was usually ruthless, was also stunned by Sophie’s actions at that moment.

What is going on here? This girl looks terrifying right now. Even I can sense the murderous, bloodthirsty
aura emanating from her. Is she really going to kill her own father?