Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 236

Chapter 236 Kidnapping Her Grandpa

“What do you mean? All my data are genuine!” Yale was indignant.

Hearing that, all the shareholders in the room felt awkward.

They were not as foolish as Yale. All of them could tell that his data were faked at first glance.

Charmaine felt embarrassed too when she heard what Yale said, and she avoided the shareholders’

Yale was doomed to failure since he decided to go out and fool around the day before such an
important occasion. He did not even bother to do his preparation.

Charmaine was extremely disappointed with him.

Without the title of Tanner Group’s CEO, Yale was a nobody.

“Do you have any evidence to prove that my data are faked?” Yale was not giving up. That was not the
first time he forged data. He was not afraid of their accusation if they had no proof.

“Since you still refuse to admit your fault, I’ll make you do so.”

Then, Victor asked his assistant to disclose all the evidence.

Yale’s face immediately turned pale after saw the documents that Victor had prepared beforehand.

All of them were evidence of his falsification.

He didn’t expect to be humiliated right in front of everyone.

“Mr. White, I know that you’ve always disliked me. But how can you disgrace me in such a way? This is
defamation, and I can sue you!”

“I believe you know it clearly in your heart whether this is defamation,” said Victor scornfully.

Yale was so furious that he was at a loss of words.

“If you want to continue to mess around, I’ll have to get the Investigation Department involved.” Victor
did not want to waste time listening to his nonsense. After all, it was useless trying to argue with
someone like Yale.

“You—” Although Yale was angry, he did not dare to let the people from the Investigation Department
come over.

Suddenly, Sophie stood up and interjected, “That’s enough for today’s drama! I believe everyone has
made up their mind about who to vote for the upcoming CEO. The three of us will leave the room now,
and all of you can proceed with your voting.”

As soon as Sophie walked out of the room, Victor followed behind her too, not wanting to stick around
any longer.

However, Yale refused to leave, as he wanted to witness the voting process.

“Mr. Tanner, for the sake of fairness, you should go out too!” said the union chairman of Tanner Group.

Yale was extremely worried about the result, but since everyone was looking at him derisively, he had
no choice but to leave the room. Besides, the only thing left for him to do now was to talk to Sophie.

“Do you really want to give up the position of Tanner Group’s CEO?” asked Sophie.

She could hardly believe her ears. After all, Victor had been preparing for this election for so long. Why
did he give up all of a sudden?

“Didn’t you hear me just now? Yes, I voluntarily quit the election because I believe you are more
suitable for this position than me.”

That was Victor’s sincere thought.

Sophie was unsure of what was exactly on his mind.

Nonetheless, that was not important to her at that moment.

It was better for her if there was one less competitor.

Right then, Yale walked over.

Victor completely ignored him, unwilling to speak with him.

Yale walked up to Sophie and said in a low voice, “Can we talk?”

Sophie raised her brows. What else can we talk about? The outcome is already decided.

“Mr. Tanner, don’t be a sore loser.” Victor despised the other man to no end.

“Mr. White, this is our family matter, and it’s none of your business. So, you might want to step away.”

Although Yale was unhappy deep down, he dared not say much in front of a strong competitor like

“Family? Have you ever treated Sophie as your daughter? If you treat her as your daughter, you
wouldn’t have behaved like this.”

Victor was a straightforward person. He had no qualms about saying what was on his mind.

“Sophie, I’m talking to you. Are you listening? Your attitude is really disappointing. Do you even have

Yale dared not criticize Victor, but he was not afraid to do so to Sophie. After all, he was her father. He
believed she would not fight back.

Victor looked at Sophie in silence, wanting to see how she would deal with that situation.

“Sophie, don’t let yourself regret it.” Yale was annoyed by her attitude. If it was not because Sophie had
Tristan as her backer, Yale would not let her off easily.

Sophie frowned.

Is he threatening me?

“If you have anything to say, just say it here!” As a righteous person, Sophie had nothing to hide.

Yale shot a look at Victor.

He did not feel comfortable having Victor, an outsider around.

However, Victor showed no intention of leaving. Instead, he regarded Yale curiously, wondering what
he was going to do next.

“Mr. White, do you mind giving us some space for a private talk?” said Sophie as she knew what Yale
was wary of.

Victor shrugged. Fine, I’ll leave. I don’t mind.

Then, he turned and left, leaving Sophie and Yale alone.

Now that they were left alone, Yale rubbed his hands and said, “Sophie, I know you’re a very capable
person. Since you’re so capable, I believe you can shine anywhere. Why don’t you give me Tanner

If Yale had other choices, he definitely would not have resorted to kidnapping his own father.

Sophie grew impatient.

“I’m not going to say another word about this matter.”

Taking note of her attitude, Yale clenched his fists in anger.

“Sophie, let me warn you again. You must give up the position of CEO no matter what!” Yale could no
longer control himself.

Unwilling to speak any further, Sophie turned to walk away.

“Your grandpa is in my hands. If you don’t give up today, you’ll never get to see him again.” Yale knew
that Sophie cared about Josiah the most, which was why he made such a move, putting all his hope on

Hearing that, Sophie stopped in her tracks.

“What do you mean?” Her voice was extremely cold.

Looking at her reaction, Yale was a little proud of himself.

No one is indestructible. As long as I can find her weakness, I can control her very well too.

Sophie walked up to Yale.

“You kidnapped Grandpa?” Sophie wanted to give him one last chance. If he still showed no signs of
repentance, she would show no mercy.

“I have no other choices. I would not have made such a move if you were willing to listen to me. For the
sake of our family’s harmony, you have to give up the position of CEO today,” said Yale, sounding as if
all he did was for her own good.