Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Perfect Data “If you can't adapt to everything here, then you shouldn’t be here. This is a
company. I won’t help you just because you’re my family.” Sophie had alwaysseparated work-related
matters from personal matters. “How dare you! I bet you're just afraid your dad will be re-elected as the
CEO again! Did you do something to him?” Charmaine accused her baselessly. To be honest, Sophie
knew Charmaine very well.

She was not only a nose of wax, but also liked to rely on someone else. However, this woman gave
birth to her no matter what.

Thus, she had always respected her as her mother, but what Charmaine said today really annoyed her.

She had never expected the other woman to say that about her. Is this what a mother should say to her
daughter? “I’m not the same as you! Youcan harm your family member just for the sake of money and
power, but I won't!” Sophie refuted.

Does she think I'm as despicable as they are? Victor, who was listening at the side, couldnot stand it
any longer. What a weird family this girl has! “Mrs.

Tanner, how can you say that? I saw Mr.

Tanner on my way here just now.

If he doesn't dare to show up for fear of losing, we’ll start the shareholders’ meetingright away.

Anyhow, the result will be the same regardless he comes or not,” said Victor. He did not want to waste
time on anirresponsible person anymore. “You—” Charmaine glared at Victor, but she immediately shut
her mouth when Victor shot her with a fierce look. Their aura were more terrifying than mine.

I have no say at all in this company!


White, what are you talking about? I was making some preparations.

What makes you think that I dare not show up?” Yale walked in with a confident look. He waspositive
that he would be re-elected as the CEO of Tanner Group.

No one could take this title away from him. He walked straight to his seat and sat down. With that, all
the attendees of the shareholders’ meeting werethere. Then, the meeting commenced. Victor was the
first one to give his speech.

He achieved remarkable results that year.

After he took over a failing company, he managed to revive it and turn the losses into profits. The
comparative data presented on the screen coupledwith Victor's eloquent presentation rendered Sophie
fascinated. She couldn't help staring at him. Victor does look dependable when he's serious. After
Victor ended his speech, a round of applause echoed in the conference room. “That's the end of my

Now let’s invite Mr.

Tanner onto the stage!” Victor wanted Sophie to be the last one to present as he had high expectations
for her. Yale asked his secretaryto show the slides. Though all the preparation work was done by his
secretary, he still had to do the presentation himself. However, he was not familiar with the data at all.
Similarly, he never took his presentations seriously in the past and merely went through with them as a
formality. He was too busy the night before and did not even get to take a glance at the slides. As he
started his speech, the data that he presented orally was totally different from what was shown on the
screen. Despite his poor performance, Yale's expression remained calm. “Sophie, are you really Mr.

Tanner’s daughter?” asked Victor.

How can someone like him be the father to such an outstanding daughter? Sophie remained silent, not
knowing how to respond. “I don’t mean anything.

I just think biology is amazing.

How can a terrible father like him have such a brilliant daughter?” Victor admired Sophie from the
bottom of his heart. After Yale finishedhis presentation with difficulty, everyone else in the conference
room started whispering to each other. Yale's expression turned grim. “Was my performance bad just
now?” Yale asked Charmaine in a low voice. “Where did you go last night? Why can't you memorize
the data on the slides?” asked Charmaine.

Yale did not come home all night the day before. “It's none of your business.

No matter what, I'm confident that I'll continue to be the CEO.” For some unknown reason, Yale was
still very confident despite his terrible presentation. Aslong as Sophie voluntarily gives up. “Now let's
welcome Ms.

Tanner to give her speech,” Victor announced with anticipation. Not only Victor, but all shareholders
were looking forward toSophie's presentation. On the contrary, Yale snorted coldly. What's so great
about her? No matter how great she is, she will listen to me as long as I use Dad to threaten her. Yale
knew exactly what Sophie cared about most. Sophie got up and walked toward the stage under
everyone's expectant gazes. She played the slides herself. Then, she began with her presentation.
Sophie presented the facts confidently without any exaggerations. The data shown on the screen
successfully attracted everyone's attention. Transfix Cosmetics had turned from a brand that was
spurned by everyone to a popular brand under Sophie's leadership. “That's the end of my report.

I believe all of the shareholders here are smart and visionary.

I'm sure that you invest in Tanner Group with the hope of getting the greatest return.

I can assure you that I will help you to achieve what you want!” Sophie articulated each word
convincingly. Her confidence was genuine.

Though there weren't any pretentious behaviors and unfeasible claims to prove her case, her
performance alone rendered her absolutely remarkable. When Yale noticed everyone’s excited and
satisfied expression, his facefell. Everyone was giving him a doubtful look during his presentation.
However, their eyes immediately lit up when they were listening to Sophie's speech.

She had won their trust easily. Victor took the lead to give her a round of applause. “I’ve never admired
anyone in my life.

But today, I'm really impressed by Sophie,” said Victor sincerely. Apparently, the presentation that she
did was enough to prove her ability. Suchability was enough to lead Tanner Group to a brighter future.
After he paused for a moment, Victor added, “I hereby announce that I voluntarily quit the election for
the position of CEO.” He thought that by quitting unselfishly, he had achieved another form of victory.

Victor!” His assistant was shocked at his decision.

He didn't expect things to play out the way it did. We’ve put in so much effort.

Why does he want to quit all of a sudden? “I believe Sophie is more suitable than everyone else tolead
Tanner Group.

Rest assured that I will also do my best to assist Sophie in the future.” Tanner Group was a company
with great potential.

Under the leadership of Sophie, this marked the start of the journey to a better future. The other
shareholders also agreed with what Victor said. Afterall, Victor's ability was obvious to all. Since even

Victor appreciated Sophie's capability and supported her to be Tanner Group's new CEO, they believed
Sophie was indeed amazing. “Victor, don't you forget that I'm still one of the candidates.

My profit is the highest, isn't it?” Yale would not give up easily. Victor glanced at him with exasperation.

Tanner, do you think all of us are idiots? You might not know the validity of your own data, but we all
know that.” Victor did not understandwhy he had to humiliate himself.