Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Taking The Risk “I guess you're right.” Tristan was left with no choice but to finish the
bagel himself. Sophie found his reaction amusing. “Rest assuredthat I'm already an adult who can take
good care of myself.

You don't have to worry about me at all.” It's just breakfast! There’s no need for him to keep an eye on
me. “You’re too skinny.

You should eat a bit more.” He was not happy with her weight. “Mr.

Tristan, being skinny is the new standard of beauty for women in this time and era.

Do you get it?” “What's so great about being exceptionally thin? You look like a bamboo stick.” “I look
like a bamboo stick? Are yousure?” Despite being slim, I have all the assets a woman would want on
her body.

Although I don't have a voluptuous figure, I can't possibly look like a bamboo stick. “That’s not what I

Actually, I’m very satisfied with your body.”


“Okay, fine.

I meant to say you have a great body.” Don't all girls mind when people comment about theirfigures?
“No need to explain anymore, Mr.


Go ahead and eat your breakfast.” I might appear aloof, but I do feel shy discussing my body early in
the morning! Regardless, I’m just ayoung lady. “Okay, I'll focus on my breakfast and stop checking you
out.” After they finished eating, they ran into Juan and Winter on the way out. Winter went up to them to
say hi, but Tristan gave her the cold shoulder and ignored her completely. Winter was used to him
reacting that way, for she knew that her one-sided feelings would never be reciprocated. Even if she
felt sour about it, there was nothing she could do. As Winter watched him leave with Sophie, the former
found it hard to avert her gaze. “Winter, do you still like Mr.

Tristan that much?” Juan thought it was a bonus to the Lombard family should Winter tie the knot with
Tristan. “Yes, I do.

The entire world knows that l have feelings for him, but he couldn’t care less about me.” Bitterness
permeated her. “Since you likehim so much, you should work hard to get him, Winter.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

As long as you put in the effort, you'll surely see results.” Winter stared at him in disbelief. At the same
time, there was a sparkle in her eyes. “Juan, doyou think that I'll succeed? Charles keeps asking me to
give up.” Many doubted her. Grabbing her shoulders, Juan said dotingly, “Absolutely! Our sister is so
adorable and talented.

I believe that you will win his heart.

Therefore, you must put more effort into it.” Winter nodded gleefully. “Yup!” At that moment, she saw a
glimmer of hope and feltgood about herself. Meanwhile, Tristan sent Sophie back to Tanner Group.
“Once you're done with the shareholders' meeting, call me.

I'll come and pick you up.” He knew that she did not want him to participate in the meeting.

Hence, he backed off. “All right, you go ahead and catch up with your work.

The end of the fiscal year is soon approaching, I bet Lombard Group has entered a busy period, too.”
“Okay.” Yale hadbeen waiting in the car to speak to Tristan.

Unfortunately, the latter left by the time Yale got out of his car. Yale’s face flushed a little when he saw
Sophie staring athim, expressionless. “Sophie, I'm your dad no matter what happens, right? You
shouldn't make it too difficult for me.

Now that you have Mr.

Tristan by your side, you can own anything you want in the future, can’t you?” Yale was clutching at
straws because he couldnot let go of Tanner Group. Being a spendthrift all of his life, he could never be
able to survive on a tiny amount of dividends. Sophie frowned at him. What's the use of him coming
here and spouting pointless words? “So?” Yale's face fell.

I’ve already made my intentions clear.

Why can't she understand where I'm coming from? How could she be so greedy? “So, what I’m trying
to point out is why are you fighting againstme for Tanner Group when you've got Lombard Group?
Tanner Group is my sweat and blood.

I can't live without it!” “Tanner Group is your sweat and blood? Are you kidding me? Come on and tell

What have you contributed to the group?” Tanner Group wouldn't have ended up the way it is now if it
hadn’t been for him! “By the way,are you out of your mind? Since when did Lombard Group belong to
me? Did you gift it to me?” Why is he spewing nonsense? What does he take me for? “Soph, I can tell
that Mr.

Tristan treats you very well.

If only you could marry him…

Even if you don't, you should remain by his side.

I'm certain he won't mistreat you.” What is he talking about? Are these words supposed to be spokenby
a father? How could he encourage me to be someone's lover? Sophie felt an impending headache.
“Cut the crap, Yale.

I must have Tanner Group.” “You! Sophie, what the h*ll is wrong with you? I’m still your father,

Must you drive me into a corner? Would you be happy if I were to jumpdown from the building of
Tanner Group?” “Jumping off the building? Are you threatening me now?” Yale said nothing.

The only thing on his mind was to secure Tanner Group.

There was absolutely no way for him to give it up. “Anyway, you’d better mark my words.

If I don't get to be the CEO of Tanner Group, I’ll jump off the building and haunt you forever.” At that
instant, Sophieburst out laughing. Haunt me for the rest of my life? So what? “Nothing will change even
if you end your life by jumping off the building, and nor will I feel bad about it.” With that, Sophie walked
past him without casting another glance at him. “Sophie, how could you be so cruel? I'm still your
father, no matter what.

How could you do this to me?” Yale bellowed as resentment swirled within him. Yet, Sophie ignored
him totally.

Regardless of what he had to say, she was resolute to possess Tanner Group. Yale stood rooted to the
spot, unwilling to accept the reality. I’mthe rightful heir to Tanner Group! Bearing that thought in mind,
he quickly gave his secretary a call. “Go to my house at once and take Dad away.” Since Sophie did

not grant him any opportunity to turn things around, he had no choice but to take a bold risk. It was
impossible for him to give up on Tanner Group in any case. “Are you sure you want to take this step?”
Yale's secretary was rather scared because the latter knew how terrifying Sophie was. My life is over if

Tanner finds out I'm the one who abducts Old Mr.

Lombard. “What's wrong? Don't you want to keep working at Tanner Group? Do you think you could
stay if they removedme from the company?” After falling silent for a while, the secretary responded,

I’ll go get Old Mr.

Tanner right away.” I'll just think of it as taking Old Mr.

Tanner out for a walk.