Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 232

Chapter 232 First Come First Served “Don't worry. Barney can protect me in Anglandur. Who would
dare to touch me? I’m just worried about you, andthat's why I called,” Arius answered.

That man just won’t quit!

“All right.

Don’t worry about me.

No one's going to hurt me, and that includes him.” Sophie was confident that no one could get their
hands on her.

“Take care of yourself, okay? Don't let him catch you.” That man knew her well, so he knew that Arius
was her weakness. “Don’t worry about that.

I won't let anyone use me to threaten you.” Although he wasn’t as strong as Sophie, he was still
capable of defending himself. “Okay.

I'll hang up now.” With that, Sophie wanted to hang up the phone. “Wait, Sophie! Don’t you miss me?
We haven’t seeneach other in so long! Can't we chat for a while?” Arius was displeased.

I worry about her every day! How could she be so heartless? “What do you want, then?” Sophie asked

Arius was the only person she would be patient with. “Say you miss me!” Arius uttered pridefully.
Sophie kept mum. “What’s wrong? Ijust want to hear you say that.

Is it that hard for you?” Arius asked.

I would risk my life for her.

Why can't she at least meet me halfway? “Arius, you're not young anymore.” With that, Sophie hung up
the phone beforehe could say something childish. When he heard the telltale sound of the call being
ended, Arius looked at his phone and realized that she had hung up on him. He then couldn't help but
grumble, “What? You're so cruel, Sophie! How could you hang up on me? I...” Arius just kept
complaining on his own. However, after a long while of ranting to himself, he deflated like a balloon.
Screw it! What's the point? I can complain all I want, but when she calls, I'll still go to her. Arius sighed,
feeling rather dispirited.

“Sophie, you’re so heartless!” he complained.

I'm her friend, but why do I feel like I'm sacrificing more than her parent? The next morning, Tristan
arrived to pick Sophie up. Sophie wore a formal outfit that day.

However, she still looked young. He couldn't help but pinch her chin and sigh. “Sophie, you’re not only
young, but you also have a baby face!” heuttered.

I bet no one's going to think that I'm her boyfriend when I go out with her! Sophie pushed his hand
away and retorted, “What’s the matter, Mr.

Tristan? Are you complaining about my looks?” “No! You're just so alluring! That’s why I’m feeling
insecure!” Tristan answered.

Having such an attractive girlfriend isn't necessarily a good thing.

Everyone will be mesmerized by her. Sophie didn't know how to respond.

What should I do? What can I say to respond to that? The shareholders’ meeting was going to start
atnine that morning.

Since they had enough time to have breakfast together, Tristan brought her to The Crown. To
theirsurprise, they bumped into Winter and Juan there. Winter's eyes lit up when she saw Tristan.

However, her gaze quickly dampened when she saw Sophie walking behind him.

I thought Mr.

Tristan was just toying with Sophie! So much time had passed.

Is Mr.

Tristan not sick of her yet? Don't men get sick with their flings? Why is Mr.

Tristan so loyal to her? I don't get it! When Juan saw Tristan, he immediately brought Winterover to
greet him.

“Are you guys here for breakfast as well? Let's have breakfast together! It has been awhile since we
had breakfast together!” Sophie didn't like Juan.

Furthermore, she noticed that Juan would always gaze at her.

What is he looking at?


She doesn't like having breakfast with a stranger!” Tristan wrapped his arm around her shoulders

What is Juan up to? He knows Sophie is mine.

Why is he still looking at her all the time? Juan merely smiled when he saw how Tristan acted.

“Don’t misunderstand me, Mr.


I just find Ms.

Tanner familiar.

That's all.” “Is that so? Is Sophie such an average-looking girl?” Tristan questioned.

Is he expecting me to believe him? She has such exquisite facial features. “That’s not what I mean.


Tanner, apart from Old Mr.

Quigley's birthday party, have we not met each other before?” Juan asked. Sophie shook her head in

She had no idea who Juan was.


I’ve been in Horington for the past few years.

I think you've mistaken me for someone else.” Sophie was getting sick of wasting her time talking

“I'm sorry, but we're in a rush.” Tristan ignored Juan and brought Sophie away. Since there were no
private rooms left, Tristan couldonly get a table by the window. “We've booked a private room, Mr.


Let’s eat together!” Winter offered.


Tristan had never been fond of eating in common areas.

Although there's no such thing as first come first served in romance, I’ve already been after him for so

How can I just give up now? No matter what, I’m not going to give up on getting him. “Winter, I just
want to have breakfast with Sophietoday.

Get lost, will you?” Tristan uttered mercilessly. Winter's face immediately turned pale when she heard
that. “Mr.

Tristan, Winter was just being kind.

Why must you act like that?” Juan piped up.

Regardless, Winter is still my sister.

How can he disrespect her? Tristan merely shot a glance at Juan. Juan was startled when he saw the
look in Tristan’s eyes.

I should just forget about it.

It’s not worth crossing Mr.

Tristan over such a trivial matter.

In Jipsdale, not many people can afford to offend him. “Let's go inside, Winter!” Juan dragged Winter
away. While getting dragged away, Winter still keptturning back to look at Tristan.

She hadn't seen him for a few days, and she was missing him dearly.

I'm such a fool! I have so many guys who are after me, and they’re all young and capable.

However, who is ever going to be as good as him? The annoyance on Tristan’s face gradually
disappeared after he watched Winter and Juan leave. Sophie forked some food and sent ithis way.

“Don't spoil your mood for people that don't matter,” she said nonchalantly, not the least bit bothered by
Juan. “Okay!”With that, Tristan opened his mouth and ate the food from her fork. Sophie was stunned

I wasn't trying to feed him! However, he already ate it, so it doesn’t matter what I say now. Tristan
wasvery pleased with Sophie's attentiveness.

“Have some yourself!”

Sophie was still slightly speechless.

All right, then! Maybe he's just used to being served by someone. Seeing that, Tristan immediately took
a bagel and held it up toher mouth. “Here.

Open your mouth.” He wanted to feed her, too. Words eluded Sophie. She knew she had to say


Tristan can be a clueless man at times!


Tristan, don't you think it'd be unsightly if I were to eat this huge bagel inone go?” .