Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 230

Chapter 230 Shocking Self Control “Mr. Tristan, are our plans for this year’s Christmas the same as
usual?” Every year, the fourof them would have dinner with their families on Christmas Eve.

However, they would go on a vacation together after that. “I have other plans, so I won’t join you this
year,” Tristan replied nonchalantly. The other three were silent and couldnot help glancing toward

His “other plans” must refer to her! Alas, some people really do forget all about their friends after
getting a girlfriend.

That’s no fun.

“Don’t look at me.

I’m busy and won’t be with Mr.

Tristan,” Sophie responded.

They don't think I'll be spending Christmas with him, do they? “Huh?” Felix could hardly believe his

What was that I just heard? So, that means Mr.

Tristan's feelings are one-sided, and he hasn't told her about them! How awkward! Suddenly, Felix felt
a littlesorry for Tristan. Sure enough, one reaps what one sows.


Tanner sure is no pushover. “What are you busy with? Christmas is a time for family.

Everything else doesn’t matter.

Didn't your grandfather recently undergo surgery?” Sarah couldn't help piping up.

It's only at this age that I realize how important it is to spend time with family.

Perhaps it's because I let my family down too much when I was younger. “Yes, I know.

I'll be back in time for Christmas.” She had already promised Josiah that she would celebrate the
holiday with him.

And since she had given him her word, there was no way she would change her plans. “Soph,
sinceyou'll be in Jipsdale for Christmas, can I go and hang out at your house during that time?”
Ysabelle asked.

She had not been to Sophie's house before. “You little rascal.

What are you doing going to Sophie's house during Christmas? This year, no one is allowed to run
aboutas they wish.

You're all to stay at home with your families.” “Oh, that's all right.

I'll call you after I get back from Horington,” said Sophie.

She did not mind if Ysabelle wanted to go and find her.

However, I’d much rather stay at Wisteria Apartments.

I still don't feel like returning to the family mansion.

But let's not think about that for now. “I heard you'll be attending Tanner Group’s shareholders’ meeting
tomorrow and will officially assume the positionof the company's CEO.” Sarah was thoroughly
fascinated by Sophie.

She's only eighteen, but she has already led the ailing Transfix Cosmetics to where it is today. “Yeah,”
Sophie replied, not feeling the need to hide that from the others. The Tannerfamily may be nothing
compared to the four families now, but that doesn't mean it'll stay that way forever.

Tanner Group is the result of Grandpa’s hard work.

Hence, I won't let it fall. “If you need my help with anything, just let me know.

I’m not busy these few days anyway.

I can go with you if you need.

Why don't I act as your secretary?” Sarah was still worried Sophie would get bullied by the capitalists.
At least I’vehad more life experience, so I'd feel more at ease if I went with her. “There's really no need
for that, Sarah.

I’ve arranged everything,” Sophie replied confidently.

“Guys, look at Sophie.

She's only eighteen years old but already so capable!” Sarah could not help saying.

And there's Ysabelle, already nineteen years old but still so rebellious.

What a world of difference that is! Ysabelle stuck out her tongue, then said, “You’re right.

My dearest Soph is that amazing!” Indeed, she felt it was a blessing that she had gotten to know
Sophie. Although Tristan didnot say anything, the way he gazed at Sophie clearly showed how proud
he was of her. Meanwhile, Sean and Charles exchanged glances.

Did we come here to get ignored? Ever since Sophie turned up, everyone’s attention has been on her!
“Honestly, you guys have no ideahow Sophie managed to turn the tide and give the others a slap in the


The whole process was so satisfying!” What happened at Transfix Cosmetics' product launch was still
vivid in Felix’s mind. “It wasn’t that big of a deal.

I just got lucky,” Sophie replied, wondering why everyone seemed to be singing her praises whenthey
were supposed to be meeting for a meal. “Luck only favors those who are capable,” Tristan remarked.

And those who are incapable will never succeed no matter what they do. That was why he hated
hearing people say theyhad put in so much effort but were unlucky. He felt that not everything that
happened could be blamed on luck. After all the dishes had been served, everyone started eating.

During the meal, Tristan and the other men continued talking about investments while the three
ladieshad their girl talk. The atmosphere was warm and harmonious. “Ysabelle, you have to learn from
Sophie, got it? You're too impatient.” Sophie is always calm and composed.

She shows elegance, and that's how a lady should be. “I wish so too, Aunt Sarah.

However, there's a direct correlation between her calm temperament and her capabilities.

Since I don't possess capabilities like hers, I couldn't learn even if I wanted to.” Nonetheless, she had
been trying her best toemulate Sophie because she really like the aura that Sophie was exuding.

It was mesmerizing. Sarah also knew what Ysabelle said was true.

Nonetheless, she was still satisfied with the latter's attitude. “Ysabelle, I'll talk to your father about your
intention toenter the entertainment industry.

But before that, you have to be on your best behavior.

Got it?” I know that this niece of mine longs to join the entertainment industry.

It's just that that conservative brother of mine disapproves of it.

But seeing that she's so determined about it, naturally, I'll support her.

Being able to do something one loves brings happiness, and I genuinely hope she can be happy. “Aunt
Sarah, I’ve always known you’re thenicest to me!” Ysabelle immediately hugged Sarah's arm.

Aunt Sarah is beautiful, capable, and treats others well.

Alas, it's a pity that her love life hasn't been smooth-sailing. “Enough of that.” A smile appeared on
Sophie’s lips as she watched the othertwo interact with each other. What a heartwarming scene.

The Lombard family must get along pretty well, unlike my family.

The only thing on the minds of my family members are Tanner Group’s assets, so they always end up
doingthings that outsiders find bizarre.

It's just too disappointing. Seemingly sensing her thoughts, Tristan took her hand gently, placed it on
his thigh, and continued holding herhand. Suddenly having her hand held by him shifted her mood
instantly. His observation skills are too sharp to be true! My thoughts merely drifted for a split second,
yet he could still sense it. Felix suggested they all go for karaoke after they finished their meal, but
Tristan turned him down. “You guys go ahead.

Tomorrow is an important day for Sophie, so we'll head back first,” he said.

If it was just me, I wouldn't have minded because I only need three or four hours of sleep.

But not Sophie.

As a young lady, she should get lots of rest. “What has gotten into you, Mr.

Tristan?” Felix protested.

He never used to care how late he stayed out! However, since he got to know Sophie, his self-control
has been shocking!.