Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 229

Chapter 229 Choose Any High School In Jipsdale “Sure, no problem! I’ll join you guys. We can
playwhatever you want!” Sophie had heard Angie had been having a tough time since the latter
transferred schools.

However, I never imagined she’d become like this.

Seeing her this way makes me so disappointed. One of the youths grabbed Angie by her hair and
jerked hertoward him.

Then, he said tauntingly, “Oh, is that so? But we don’t want to let her go.

What's the matter? Is this b*tch your friend?” Angie had a look of despair on her face after getting
grabbed by her hair, thinking she mustcut a pathetic sight. Meanwhile, Sophie had no intention of
wasting time beating around the bush. “All right.

Let's have some fun.” With that, she kicked the youth in front of her right in hisabdomen, knocking him
to the ground at once.

Then, she sent the other young lad flying through the air with a roundhouse kick. When the youth
holding onto Angie saw how skilled Sophie was, he quickly let goof Angie's hair. “Who are you? Do you
have any idea who we are?” Sophie rolled her eyes at him. “I've no interest in engaging in such a
stupid conversation.

You only need to know who I am—Sophie Tanner from Jipsdale Premier High.

If you're unwilling to accept defeat, I'm ready for another round anytime.” Then, Sophie pulled Angie
over with one swift motion. That action sent a shiverdown Angie's spine.

With the way Sophie is acting, she's simply too captivating! Totally boyfriend material! “Sophie Tanner
from Jipsdale Premier High, is it? Right.

Just you wait.

We'll make you pay for this!” After saying that, the youths tossed in a few cursesbefore leaving. “Raving
lunatics!” Sophie yelled back at them. Angie dared not look at Sophie. After all, Sophie didn't seem to
have done anything wrong in this entire incident.

She has only been a victim the whole time. After a long time, Angie finally found her voice.

“I'm sorry.” “You don't have to apologize to me because you're the more pitiful one now,” Sophie replied
bluntly. “Whatever it is, Iowe you an apology for what went on with the forum.

As for what happened today, I have to thank you.” Things wouldn’t have gotten to this pointif I hadn't
lost my rationality.

At the end of the day, I deserve this. “Angie, why don’t you return to Jipsdale Premier High?” Angie was
silent. Can I still go back?And even if I do, how will I face the other students? “You have a solid
foundation, and you'll surely get into a good university if you switch to a different school.” Sophie had
only stepped in because she knew Angie was not so bad that she was beyond saving, and the latter
was well aware of that as well. “Which school would be willing to accept me now? In all honesty, I truly
envy you.

Everyone was gossiping about you when you first joined Jipsdale Premier High, yet you never let it get
to you.

But I can’t do that.

If not for my mother, I'd definitely have taken my own life already.” “If you don’t want to go to Jipsdale
Premier High, there are other schools.

Take a look and see which one you want to attend.

All you have to do is tell me, and I'll make it happen.” Sophie took Angie’s phone and saved her
number onit.

Then, she added, “Any school is fine.” Angie stared at her in disbelief. She’s willing to help me? Taking
out a piece of gum, Sophie popped it into her mouth. “You don’t have tolook so shocked.

As long as it's within Jipsdale, any school is fine.” Sophie was not exaggerating as she genuinely did
have such capabilities. “Sophie…

I...” Never in Angie's wildest dreams did she ever imagine that the person who would end up lending
hera helping hand would be the very person she had looked down on in the beginning.

Who would've guessed? “Let's go back.” “Could you lend me some money?” Angie asked.

The youths just now had taken her money, so she was pretty much penniless at that moment. Sophie
gazed at her wordlessly. Who still uses cash? Isn’t everyone already going cashless? “Waithere for
me.” Then, Sophie walked toward Tristan. “What's the matter?” he asked.

Isn't everything settled already? “Give me a hundred in cash.” Tristan was silent for a moment. There
was no way someone like him carried cash around with him.

Nonetheless, since she had asked for it, he led her to a nearby corner shop where he swiped a
hundred on his card inexchange for cash, then handed it to her. “Why didn't I think of that!” Sophie
exclaimed, feeling rather foolish as she held the money in her hands. “Here you go.” She handed the
money to Angie, then turned and left.

As the latter clutched the bills in her hand, she nearly burst into tears. Honestly, I regret it so much.

I deeply regret how I treated Sophie before this.

She doesn't look the least bit like someone who would meddle in other people’s affairs.

But this time around, she has really helped me out. After Sophie walked up to Tristan, he opened the
car door for her toget into the vehicle. He never even glanced at Angie, even though she stood there
and watched them leave, nor did he ask Sophie any questions. By the time he drove to Blossom
Garden, parked the car, and led Sophie to the private room, Felix and Ysabelle had already brought
Sarah there. Tristan had just opened the door when Sarah immediately said to Sophie, “Come over
here and sit next to me.” Tristan grabbed her hand as she was about to walk over, and she instinctively
stopped and looked at him. “What's the matter?” “Sit over here.” There was only one empty seat next to

Tristan told Sophie where to sit and settled down next to her, leaving another seat vacant on the other
side of Sophie. Ysabelle wasspeechless. What about me? I was the one who got to know Sophie first!
How is it that I'm the one who has nowhere to sit now? However, I don't dare to complain in front of
Uncle Tristan and Aunty Sarah.

After all, they can get quite savage at times. “Isn't it good that you’re sitting with me?” Felix murmured.

Everyone is now treating Sophie as the center of attention, even Ysabelle. “Tell me then.

What's so good about sitting with you?” Ysabelle asked flatly. He was dumbstruck. Fine.

I humiliated myself, so next time, I'll never ask anything. Sophie took a small bottle from the pocket of
her backpack and held it out toSarah, saying, “This is for you.

It isn't anything amazing, but it'll help you sleep better.” After learning that Sarah was having trouble
sleeping,that matter had been on Sophie's mind since then.

I've been bringing this bottle with me everywhere, but alas, I haven’t had the time to give it to Sarah.
Sarah took itfrom her, calmly accepting the gift. “Why, thank you,” she said, slipping the bottle into her
bag immediately. Sophie breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that Sarah did not ask any questions.

It's something Arius concocted just for me, and I use it occasionally.

However, I don't want others to know I'm not sleeping well.

I brought some for her because I genuinely like her.

That's why I didn't mind going through the trouble. “You have to try it.

It’s really effective,” said Sophie.

Anything Arius gives usually works well.

Don’t be deceived by the small bottle.

That stuff is priceless at an auction.


I'll give it a try.” Sarah had decided to give herself a new lease on life.

She was determined to leave behind her past foolishness, resentments, and obsessions.