Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Everywhere “Go on and have fun, you guys! I won’t be going.” Sarah wasn’t interested in
going to thekaraoke bar. “Aunt Sarah, I'll go home with you,” Ysabelle immediately said.

Since her father was at home, she didn't dare to do as she liked. “It’s okay! Go on! I’ll deal with your
dad!” Sarah knew how much Ysabelle wantedto have fun. “I love you, Aunt Sarah!” Ysabelle was
extremely grateful. Sarah merely smiled in response.

She's still young, so she should enjoy life to the fullest! Besides, the Lombard family is more than
capable of giving her a good life.

She doesn't need to suffer. Since Sarah didn't drive there, Tristan would have to send her home first
beforesending Sophie home. Sarah was especially quiet on the journey back. Seeing how quiet she
was, Sophie didn't say much either.

After all, Sophie was never a chatty person. Upon arriving at the entrance of the Lombard family’s
mansion, Sarah told Tristan to stop the car.

“All right.

I'll go in on my own so that you can send Sophie home.

Sophie, I’ll see you next time!”

“Okay, Sarah.

Rest early!” Sophie uttered politely, seeming exceptionally well-behaved.

“You too.

Also, good luck for tomorrow.” With that, Sarah walked toward the Lombard manor. Tristan watched her
go in beforedriving away. Only then did Sophie ask, “What's with Sarah?” “Ha! It has to be because of
Juan!” Tristan answered.

Juan had already hurt Sarah countless times, and it was all because of Yvette.

Sarah is such a fool for love.

It’s just a man.

It’s not like he’s irreplaceable.

Unfortunately for her, she's way too emotional, and that's why she’s still bothered by it. “Juan? Isn’t that
Charles’brother?” Sophie knew who he was because she had met him at Walter's birthday party.
Although she had only seen him once, she had already hated him. In fact, she hated Yvette even more.
“Stay out of it, okay? When it comes to relationships, she likes to solve problems on her own.

She'll even get angry if someone meddles with her relationship matters.” “Mr.

Tristan, do I look like a busybody?” Sophie would rather mind her own business because she didn’t like
the drama. “You do,” Tristan answered.

She had just been a busybody today! Besides, it was a girl who had harmed her in the past.

She’s too magnanimous.

Sophie knew he was talking about Angie.

“Well, Willow should be blamed for what happened with the forum! Besides, Angie had already suffered
so much.

I've decided to let the matter slide!” She wasn't a saint, but she felt as though what Angie did wasn’t

Besides, everyone makes mistakes! What's the point of dwelling on someone’s mistake forever? Right
then, Tristan held herhand and said, “Did you think she was merciful to you? It was because she didn't
have the capability to hurt you.” He felt that Angie didn't deserve any sympathy. Sophie kept mum. “All

I’ll stay out of it.

Since I didn't intervene in the past, I won't intervene now!” Tristan believed in Sophie’s ability to handle
the matter. Again,Sophie remained silent.

All right! Since he has already said so, let's drop this matter for now. After sending Sophie back to
Wisteria Apartments, Tristan didn’t leave right away.

Instead, he gave her a flash drive.

“If something unforeseeable happens during the shareholders' meeting tomorrow, this will come in
handy!” Tristan had kept Victor and Yale’s dirt on the flash drive.

If she were to expose them, they would definitely back down. Sophie blinked while staring at the flash
drive in his hand. “Mr.

Tristan, do you not believe in my capability?” she asked.

This isn't even something big! Why does he think that I can’t handle it on my own? Tristan kept quiet for
a while because he didn’t know how toput it in a way that she would understand. Seeing that he wasn't
answering, Sophie uttered, “Fine.

You don’t have to explain.


Tristan stayed quiet for a while.

I'm sincerely trying to help her. “I just don't want you to get too tired! Since I can get these things done
so easily, why can’t youjust let me help you?” Tristan asked.

I’m such a valuable asset.

Why can't she just make full use of me? “Thank you,” Sophie replied.

It’s okay.

Since he had already helped me, what's the point in blaming him? After all, he was just being helpful.
“Don’t do thisagain next time, okay? I've already done my preparations,” she added.

I really don’t need him to trouble himself.

Besides, he’s a busy man.

He really shouldn't get caught up in these minor matters of mine. “Actually, Victor is a good man.

If possible, let him help you in dealing with matters regarding Tanner Group in the future!” Tristan
urged. “Yes.

I know that.” Sophie had already looked into Victor prior to that.

Victor is a charismatic guy, and he’s very trustworthy.

Dad didn’t trust him back then.

Otherwise, Tanner Group wouldn't be how it is today if he had let Victor manage Tanner Group.
Tristanthen held her waist and pulled her into his embrace. “Sophie, sometimes, I really hope that
you're not so capable.

That way, perhaps I can become someone more important to you.” Tristan hoped that she would let
him help her.

If she would let me help her, I can at least get a sense of fulfillment.

The girl I like is too capable, and it makes me feel so inconsequential.

This sucks! Why do I feel this way? I've always been a confident man! Why do I always lack self-
confidence when I’m with her? “Mr.

Tristan, I—”

“It’s all right.

Let’s just drop it.

Rest early, okay? I'll fetch you tomorrow morning!” Tristan let go of her and kissed her forehead before
he left. While sitting in the livingroom on her own, Sophie couldn't help but think about what Tristan had

Do I make him feel insecure? To me, his presence is unique.

He’s unlike Arius, Mark, and anybody else.

However, I’m never good at expressing myself.

Is that why he's feeling insecure? Just as her mind was racing with thoughts, the ring onher ring finger
lit up. She wanted to remove the ring, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't. In the end, she

ignored it.

There's no escaping the inevitable, and I'm not afraid of anything now. Just when she was immersed in
such a thought, her phone rang. Seeing that it was Arius callingher, she answered it instantly. “Why are
you calling me at this hour?” Sophie asked casually. Arius heaved a sigh of relief when he heard
Sophie's voice.

“Sophie! Don't take everything so lightly, okay? He's still looking for you! I know you’re very capable,
but will you be more careful?” “Haveyou seen him? Did he hurt you?” Sophie frowned.

Why is that man everywhere?.