Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 226

Chapter 226 Is Phantom Attacking Lombard Group “What?” Clayton could barely believe his ears. He
had just sacrificed his reputation to appease Tristan, but now a problem had occurred in the
headquarters. “Who the f*ck is this? He’s making my life a living hell!” Clayton couldn’t help but curse
out loud. Ugh, I’m so unlucky recently. Who is trying to sabotage me behind my back? “Is it not
Tristan?” “No, it isn’t him. I had someone keep an eye on Mr. Tristan. I didn’t know someone would
sabotage us secretly!” The person they kept an eye on didn’t take action, but someone else in the dark
dealt them a blow. Clayton was exhausted. “All right, I got it. Head to the headquarters now.

I’m afraid I will be fired from my position as the CEO if I can’t handle this properly!” He was having a
crisis now and didn’t have time to find out who had done this to him. His priority was to resolve the
problem at the headquarters before dealing with the other issues. Sophie was pleased as she
managed to teach Clayton a lesson with just a phone call. Since Clayton upset her, there was no way
she’d allow him to live in peace. After dealing with him, she was about to write the lyrics for The
Wheelers’ song when Felix hurried in. That was the first time Sophie had ever seen Felix in a hurry, so
she immediately placed her work aside. “What’s wrong? Why are you in such a hurry?” she asked.
Despite his demeanor, Felix was a capable man as he was working for Tristan. Sophie couldn’t help
but get curious when she saw him in a flustered state. “Where is Mr. Tristan? I need to talk to him now!”
He wouldn’t have run all the way here if it wasn’t urgent.

“Something came up, so he went out.” Sophie wanted to head out with him, but he refused to let her
tag along as the weather was too cold. Thus, she had no choice but to stay here. “Shit. Mr. Tristan isn’t
around, so we’re doomed!” That was the first time Felix had ever felt as if it was the end of the world.
“What happened?” Felix is acting unusually. Whatever it is, he’ll have to say it so we can find a solution
together. “Someone is trying to hack into Lombard Group’s system. I suspect it is Phantom.
Nevertheless, we didn’t offend Phantom recently. Why is he or she doing this?” Felix revealed. He
actually admired Phantom and wished to work with the mysterious figure in the future. “Phantom?”

I’m right here. Who else in the world can masquerade as me? “You won’t know even if I tell you who
that is!” Felix pulled his phone out to call Tristan. Lombard Group’s system might be indestructible, but
they shouldn’t ignore the fact that a professional hacker was trying to hack into their system. The
consequences would be dire if any of their confidential information got leaked. I know Phantom. He
won’t believe me if I claim to be Phantom now. Ignoring him, Sophie went to Tristan’s laptop and sat
down. Felix was engrossed in his phone call and didn’t notice what she was doing.

If he saw the laptop screen, he would be shocked by Sophie’s skills. Felix immediately reported what
had happened to Tristan when the latter answered his call. “Are you saying that the IT engineers we
paid millions to are nothing but accessories?” Lombard Group would only hire elites, so if they couldn’t
solve the problem, the company wouldn’t have spent that much money to hire them in the first place.
“Fine. I’ve already reported the situation to you, so don’t blame me if anything happens.” Felix sounded
helpless. “The hacker seems to be Phantom. I’ll leave it to you.” “What? Phantom? I’ll be back right
now,” Tristan replied instantly. After all, Phantom was practically invincible, and his highly paid
engineers weren’t capable enough to stop his attacks. “Mm.” Felix was pleased with Tristan’s reaction. I
can’t be the only one panicking here. It’s a serious situation if Phantom is really the one hacking into
our system. Beside him, Ysabelle asked, “Felix, is Phantom that capable?” Uncle Tristan went on full
alert when he heard the name. That sounds like a capable hacker.

“Mm. Phantom is a legendary hacker. It is said that he or she is one of the most capable hackers in the
world. No one knows if Phantom is a man or a woman.” “Oh, that sounds mysterious.” Ysabelle’s
interest was piqued. “Sophie, have you ever heard of this hacker? I never knew such a person exists!”
She knew Sophie was capable as the latter previously got the video from Willow’s phone. “No, I don’t
know,” came Sophie’s icy answer. “Oh, never mind. There’s no way you’ll know that mysterious hacker.
I wonder if Phantom is a man or a woman. I like the name. If possible, I’d like to be his or her friend!”
Someone was masquerading as Sophie to hack into Lombard Group’s system, so there was no way
she could ignore the matter. No matter what, she wouldn’t allow anyone to misuse her name to do such
a thing. Sophie chatted with them as she swiftly entered a bunch of codes into the laptop.

The hacker was good but not as good as her. Sophie hacked into the hacker’s laptop and left a warning
on the screen. The hacker who was pretending to be Sophie fumed as he stared at the message on his
screen: Who are you to masquerade as me? He got so mad that he nearly tossed his laptop away.
“What does this mean? Is that really Phantom?” the hacker’s client asked. “How the f*ck do I know if
that’s Phantom? Didn’t you tell me that Phantom has nothing to do with Lombard Group? I warn you,
don’t you dare expose my identity. Otherwise, I shall make you pay for your actions!” the hacker roared.
His client retorted, “Look how hot-tempered you are when you lack the necessary skills! It’s just
Phantom. If you can’t deal with him, how dare you claim to be a hacker?” “D*mn it! Do you know who
Phantom is? Phantom is like the best hacker of all time! I’m not his match!” The client asked, “What
about your laptop?”

It seemed to have broken down. “How would I know? I’ll just throw it away if it doesn’t work anymore.”
The hacker frowned. Why is he getting worked up over one laptop? “Is there no one who has better
skills than Phantom?” the client demanded. He must infiltrate Lombard Group’s database because he
needed to get some secret information. “Yes, my mentor. But he has retired for a long while. Let’s see if
you’re capable enough to change his mind.” The hacker pulled out a cigarette and lit it up. I’ve lost to
Phantom every single time. Who the h*ll is Phantom? I’d die to find out their identity.