Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Blushing Although Tristan took the milk from her, his habit at night was to drink red wine
instead. However, since his young girlfriend gave him milk, he naturally indulged her. After taking a sip,
he put his cup aside and pulled her onto his lap. “The next time something like that happens, you have
to tell me instead of bearing the burden yourself.” Sophie’s attitude simply worried him.

While sitting on his lap, Sophie felt her cheeks burn. Even though I’m just sitting on him and doing
nothing, I can already feel his hormones raging. As a result, Sophie blushed while her heart began to
pound furiously just by sitting there. “Let go of me.” She tried her best to maintain her composure.
Thinking that she had encountered all sorts of situations before, she was still surprised by how her
heart was fluttering. “Just let me hug you for a while.” Tristan had no intention of letting go. Despite
being annoyed, Sophie continued to stay put. Meanwhile, Tristan was dissatisfied with her weight, as
he found her to be too light for a girl who was one point seven meters tall. With one hand gently holding
her waist, he pulled out his phone and gave Charles a call with the other.

Over the line, Tristan could still hear the noisy background. However, once Charles had answered, he
swiftly moved to a quieter spot. “Mr. Tristan, what is it?” “Help me teach Whitlea a lesson,” Tristan
replied flatly. “What happened? We have never crossed paths with the Dixon family before.” “What she
did is worse than offending me. In fact, she sent some men to break Sophie’s hand. Therefore, I won’t
ask for much. I simply want one of her hands smashed in return.” “All right, I understand.” Whitlea is
really brazen to have attacked Sophie of all people. After all, everyone around Mr. Tristan knows that
he might show mercy if one were to offend him, but whoever harms Sophie would feel the full force of
his wrath. After ending the call, Tristan who had noticed her silence, put his arm around her shoulder to
reassure her. “It’s not that I want to interfere, but this matter pisses me off.”

Considering how audacious Whitlea’s actions were, he naturally wanted to give her a taste of her own
medicine. “Okay.” Sophie didn’t mind if someone was willing to resolve the matter on her behalf. After
all, she would certainly not complain about having more free time. At nightfall, Whitlea’s mansion was

infiltrated by some men who quickly subdued the bodyguards guarding the place. By the time she
awoke, a group of men had barged into her room. She then glared fiercely at them. “Who gave you
permission to come in here? Do you have a death wish? Are you not aware of who I am?” As Whitlea’s
used to wield influence in the underworld, she naturally spoke in an intimidating tone. “Mr. Tristan
wants one of your hands. Are you going to give it or not?” The intruder didn’t want to waste any time
arguing with her. “What do you mean? I don’t know any Mr. Tristan at all!”

“You might not have seen him before, you didn’t you demand the hand of his girl?” Without any
hesitation, the intruder ordered his subordinates to pin her down and subsequently crippled her hand.
In the darkness of the night, the excruciating screams of a lady sent a chill down everyone’s spine.
“Remember, there’s always someone more powerful than you out there. Don’t think that you can just
bully anyone with impunity!” No sooner had the intruders spoken than they left as quickly as they came.
Meanwhile, when Bailey arrived at the hospital upon receiving the news, Whitlea was still in the
operating room. It wasn’t until the surgery was completed that Whitlea was wheeled out. Outside,
Bailey who hadn’t seen her mother in a long time finally appeared in front of her. All this while, he was
still angry at Whitlea over what happened with Sophie. “Mom, what in the world happened?” Bailey was
aware of the Dixon family’s involvement with the underworld. However, he failed to understand how the
incident could have happened at the Dixons’ mansion.

“It must be that despicable woman, Sophie. What kind of background does she come from?” She
clearly remembered the words of the man leading the intruders. The mention of Sophie caused Bailey
to furrow his brows. “Mom, what has this got anything to do with Sophie? She’s just a young girl. Why
do you harbor so much animosity toward her?” I don’t understand why my mother hates Sophie so
much. What did Sophie even do? “Mr. Dixon, this was what happened. Ms. Whitlea sent men to cripple
one of Ms. Tanner’s hands which subsequently led to this. Therefore, this incident is definitely related
to Sophie,” the Dixon family’s butler, Maxim, explained immediately. “What?” Bailey couldn’t believe his
ears. “What is it that you really want? I’ve worked hard to complete everything you wanted me to do. All
I wanted was for you not to hurt Sophie. Didn’t you promise me that? Unless, you never trusted me.

You never believed that I could win the upcoming physics competition, do you?” “Bailey, is this what’s
important now? Someone has crippled my hand, and yet, all you care about is that despicable girl?

I’ve truly raised you in vain!” Whitlea was so infuriated that she just felt like killing herself. For raising
such an ungrateful son, my life is an utter failure. “I don’t want to argue with you. If you ever do it again,
you’ll never see me for the rest of your life!” He knew that the Dixon family still exercised some
influence in the underworld and his mother wasn’t afraid to use it against Sophie. Nonetheless, he
wanted to protect her despite the fact that she had no feelings for him. Without another word, Bailey
turned around and prepared to walk out. “Bailey, if you dare leave, I’ll get someone to take Sophie’s
life. Do you hear me?” Bailey then gave her a look of disappointment. “Fine. If she dies, I’ll pay for her
life with my own.” Since she refused to listen to whatever he said, threatening his mother with suicide
was the only option left. “You…” Whitlea almost burst a vessel from her son’s defiance. “Ms. Whitlea,
please calm down. Your hand has just been stitched, so don’t make any hasty movements.” Maxim
was extremely loyal to Whitlea. “I’ll get to the bottom of the matter. If Sophie is indeed the one behind it,
I swear I’ll take revenge on your behalf no matter what.” Maxim’s words managed to soothe Whitlea.
“Maxim, thank you.” Upon lying back down, she felt an excruciating pain shoot through her hand as the
anesthetic began to wear off.

As the pain caused her face to turn pale, she no longer had any energy to care about Bailey. The next
day, Sophie and Tristan left Wisteria Apartments, hoping to find someplace nearby for breakfast. In the
end, they saw Bailey waiting for them outside. Despite seeing her with another man, Bailey didn’t say a
word. As for Tristan, he gave the latter the side-eye. Whitlea’s son is a good kid. Unfortunately, he just
has to covet Sophie.