Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 220

Chapter 220 She Is Mesmerized “What’s wrong? Can’t I do that? Are you afraid I’ll steal your
company’s secrets?” Sophie teased. I bet the biggest fear of a company like Lombard Group is having
someone steal their secrets. Tristan could not help but laugh. “That’s not it. I wasn’t expecting you to be
taking the initiative. You’re more than welcome to take the company’s secrets whenever you want

My entire being belongs to her, let alone a mere Lombard Group. “I’m just joking.” Sophie was about to
enter the lounge when Tristan grabbed her hand. “Come into my office and keep me company. You can
use the time to get to know me better.” Tristan pulled her back to his side, wrapped his arm around her
shoulders, and led her into the office. “Oh, my goodness. Mr. Tristan is finally seen with a woman! I’ve
always thought he was not interested in women.” “So many ladies have approached him. Yet, only this
lady who’s way younger than him caught his eye.” “It’s true when people say men like women who are
younger than them.” “That’s enough. Be quiet, everyone. You’ve got quite the balls to gossip about Mr.
Tristan, eh?” scolded the head secretary, Daphne Castillo. Daphne knew Tristan’s temper better than
anyone, for she had been serving the latter for a long time. Hearing that, the secretaries immediately
stopped talking. Truth was, they only dared to say all that behind Tristan’s back. They would never dare
to let Tristan hear about it. “Leon, prepare some desserts for Ms.

Tanner. And you, Aldo. Cut some fruits for Ms. Tanner. Both of you are on standby for the entire day
today. this is the first time Mr. Tristan brings a woman to the office, so we must not make even the
slightest mistake.” It had not been easy for Tristan to be interested in a woman. Therefore, they could
not afford to make any mistakes. “Got it,” the secretaries responded obediently and immediately
dispersed to carry out their tasks. It did not take long for Tristan’s office to be filled with fruits and
snacks that ladies typically liked. “Ms. Tanner, feel free to ask for us anytime if there’s anything you
need,” said Daphne to Sophie with a grin. This young lady is really pretty. No wonder she succeeded in
capturing Mr. Tristan’s heart. “All right. I’m good. I don’t really like eating snacks, anyway,” Sophie said.
Have they forgotten that this is Tristan’s office? “All right. You may leave now.” Tristan felt rather

speechless but amazed at how thoughtful Daphne was. He then added, “Remember to tell the finance
department to give everyone in the secretary department a raise.” “Thank you, Mr. Tristan. We’ll do our
best to serve you,” said Daphne immediately.

Truth was, she never expected a raise. After all, Lombard Group was already paying them very well.
Daphne merely wanted to serve Sophie well for fear of the latter leaving Tristan. The other secretaries
were delighted when Daphne relayed the news to them after leaving the office. “Mr. Tristan really dotes
on Ms. Tanner.” “I know, right? We’re only doing our job, but he’s giving us a raise because we’re doing
it for Ms. Tanner.” “How nice…” “What are you guys envious of? Focus on doing your work! There’s no
point in being envious. Didn’t you see how pretty Ms. Tanner is? She’s so beautiful that she surely has
many fans if she were to make her debut.” “Ah… I think I’m quite pretty, too. I’m just not as lucky as
her,” said one of the secretaries. The other secretaries gawked at her, baffled. “Sure, you’re pretty. But
do you have the guts to call yourself a beauty in front of Ms. Tanner?” That secretary fell silent. What
nonsense are they spouting? “Hmph. I give up talking to you guys. What’s the point of making myself
hurt?” Sophie scanned the scrumptious food on the coffee table, unable to register what was going on.
What do they take me for? A pig? Tristan poked a piece of fruit with a fork and placed it in her hand.
“Here. Have some! Don’t let their kind efforts go to waste.” They prepared all this out of concern for her,
anyway. “Mr. Tristan, do I look like someone who’s been starving for many years?” Sophie asked. This
is really ridiculous.

“Nope. You look naturally rich and powerful. Then again, you’re really too skinny. You’ve got to eat
more!” Tristan sat on the couch and dug in with her. Meanwhile, Sophie leaned against the couch, took
out her phone, and started playing a game. “You should go get busy,” Sophie prompted, preparing to
play her game quietly. She would never try to attract his attention there. “I really don’t feel like working.”
Tristan sighed. He finally understood why the kings in ancient times did not want to go to court in the
morning. Didn’t he say he’ll work faster with me here? At that thought, Sophie cleared her throat and
said, “Mr. Tristan, if my presence is affecting your work, then it’s best if I go home.” “No, no! Sit here. I’ll
get back to work now. I’ll take you out later tonight.” Tristan shot to his feet and walked to his desk. It

took him only a short while to get into the mood. In just a few minutes, he was already busy at work.
Sophie, however, could not focus on her game. What should I do? I think I’m swooning over him. She
was totally mesmerized by Tristan who was all into his work. It was already noon when Tristan was
done with work. He made his way to Sophie, who was playing games and sat beside her. “You must be
bored, aren’t you?”

Tristan said apologetically. He felt sorry for inviting her to the company, despite knowing he would be
very busy. “Not really,” Sophie responded. It was not boring for her since she could feast her eyes on a
handsome man. Tristan prompted, “Come on! You haven’t visited our staff cafeteria, right? I’ll take you
there.” “Sure!” With that, Tristan led Sophie to the staff cafeteria. Since it was already noon, the
cafeteria was packed with people. Despite being mealtime, everyone queued up in an orderly fashion.
Even the employees ate their food in proper manners. The employees of Lombard Group did not
expect Tristan to bring a guest there. Upon seeing them, they quickly got to their feet to greet him.
“Hello, Mr. Tristan!” “Good afternoon, Mr. Tristan!” “Hello. Please, carry on with your food. Just pretend I
don’t exist, okay?” “Looks like you don’t come here for meals often, eh?” Sophie stood beside Tristan.
She was used to situations like that. “Yeah. I came here on purpose today. I want everyone to know
how pretty my girlfriend is.” Sophie was at a loss for words. I never expected Tristan to have such a
side to him. Am I his girlfriend? I don’t think I’ve said yes yet. Most importantly, that last sentence he
said doesn’t suit me at all. Why would Mr. Tristan want to show off a girl like me?

Not long after, Sophie’s phone rang. As soon as the call connected, Ysabelle’s came from the other
end. “Sophie, it’s me. I heard you’ve gone to Lombard Group with Uncle Tristan. What’s up? Have you
said yes to him? Did he succeed in making you his girlfriend already?” Are they dating each other now?
“No way. I’m just here to learn,” responded Sophie. There were many people who wanted to learn from
Tristan, and Felix was one of them.