Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 202

Chapter 202 We Will Be Together Forever

“All right, stop staring. I’m serious,” Sophie uttered. She looks so crazy right now! Why is she staring at
me like that?

“Fine! As long as it’s something that you got your mind set on, I’ll definitely support you. It’s just the
Zales family, after all. If you want to do it, then just do it!” Butterfly declared with hesitation.

In her heart, all that matters to her was Sophie.

Every other choice was invalid to her.

“No need to reply Clayton. We’ll just prolong his torment by a few more days.” Sophie didn’t really do
much of anything aside from attacking his family’s system. He’s too much of a coward!

That assurance didn’t put all of Butterfly’s worry to rest. “I know how capable you are, Phantom.
However, Clayton isn’t easy to deal with, so you must be careful!”

As powerful as Phantom is, she’s just an eighteen-year-old. Clayton, on the other hand, is a powerful
man in Jipsdale. This won’t end without hitches. Thoughts of concern swirled in her mind.

“Mhm, I know. No need to worry about me. I’ll be careful.” Sophie was confident Clayton wouldn’t be
able to hurt her because no one knew she was Phantom. Even if I stand in front of Clayton, he won’t
know I’m the culprit!


When Sophie arrived at Primo Mansion, Mark and Jonathan were discussing the dissolution of the

“Clayton just isn’t willing to do it. Not only that, he didn’t even give us a chance to negotiate! He’s
simply unwilling to terminate the contract. If this continues, it’ll have a very negative effect on the band.”
It made Jonathan feel pretty resigned because there was no way to turn the situation around with how
things had developed.

“Mhm, he’s not going to let us go that easily.” Sunny nodded. I knew this was going to happen. There’s
no way Clayton’s going to let a money tree like us leave!

“What do we do now? Since the situation has turned out like this, will Clayton still be willing to publish
an album for us?”

“His intentions are clear. He wants us to calm down.”

In their minds, Clayton telling them to “calm down” was another way of saying that he could blacklist
them. Thankfully, their reputation was simply far too great for him to bury them willy-nilly.

“All right, that’s enough! What you all need to focus on right now is writing a new song. Mr. Tristan will
handle the termination of the contract. He can take care of this! With him around, there’s nothing you all
should worry about,” Sophie said.

“It’s not like we’re worried about Mr. Tristan. It’s just that Clayton is far too despicable!” Sunny felt like
they were truly blind for having chosen a company like that.

“It’s fine. Mr. Tristan will simply be even more despicable,” Sophie said blandly.

Err… Is it really okay to talk about Mr. Tristan like this? Won’t he get angry?

She sat on the couch. “How about this? You lot will go on a vacation overseas and forget about what’s
happening here. I’ll take care of things in the country. You just need to focus on preparing the new
album. Leave the rest to us.”

“How can we just run away now, Sophie? No matter what happens, we must confront this issue

The whole band had the same thought.

“Isn’t it better if you all go overseas and relax? Can you all even write a good song if you’re tense all
the time? I plan to form an entertainment company, and you lot are the singers I want to hire. However,
I have very high expectations that you all can’t achieve like this.”

“What? Are you kidding me, Sophie? Are you doing it because of us? You can’t just form a company
base on that reason alone!” Disbelief was written all over Sunny’s face.

“I’m serious. Do you think I have time to joke around with you all right now?”

“I don’t remember Tanner Group being that involved in the entertainment industry before.” He scratched
his head, unable to understand why she did that.

“Not in the past, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay the same in the future! You know Cecelia, right? She’ll
join my entertainment company! As for you lot, just think about my suggestion. I won’t force you all to
accept it! It’s your decision to make.”

“Are you serious, Sophie? You’re really not kidding us?” Mark asked with uncertainty.

“Since when do I joke with you’ll? Soon, I’ll be the CEO of Tanner Group. When that happens, I’ll form
an entertainment company.” Many people around her wanted to join the entertainment industry.
However, she couldn’t help but worry about them if they worked under someone else. Thus, she
decided to open an entertainment company herself. However, she treated the matter like it was her

“Forming an entertainment company isn’t an easy thing to do. Are you sure you’re up for the task?”
Sunny was worried because the entertainment industry was a vast field that was mostly under the
control of Clayton and Charles.

It didn’t sound realistic to him when she said she wanted to form an entertainment company.

Sophie grabbed a cup of water and drank. “Don’t worry. I am willing to take the risk.”

“Mark, you guys…” Jonathan was starting to worry. Based on the band members’ relationship with
Sophie, he had no doubt that they would join Sophie’s company if it were successfully formed.

His concern was focused on what resources a newly formed company could provide for the band.

The society they lived in was one where support determined success. Even if one were talented, one
wouldn’t be able to become famous without support and resources.

Resources were very important.

Mark nodded. “If you really do plan on forming an entertainment company, we’ll join your company.”
Since singing together wasn’t an option anymore, that kind of collaboration sounded like a good choice.

“That’s right! We’ll be together forever!” Sunny’s eyes turned reddish. No matter what happens, as long
as we can stay together, that’s good enough for me!

“Very well. I shall make arrangements for your vacation overseas, then. What about you, Jonathan?
What do you think?” Sophie disliked forcing people, so she also wanted to give him a choice.

“I’ll follow whatever choice the band makes!” It was Jonathan’s belief that The Wheelers would become
internationally famous.

“Very well. In that case, all of you will go overseas. Leave the matters here to me. When you guys
return after Christmas, it’ll be time for your band to record a new album!” Sophie had already prepared

All that was left was the band doing their best.

“Okay, we’ll listen to you.”

They believed in what she said because, despite her young age, she had a say in what happened to
the band.

Additionally, they had no other choices at that point.

Even if Clayton were willing to let them go, no company would dare to make a contract with them within
the country.

In that case, joining Sophie’s new company was a pretty good choice.

She stayed with them until very late at night to discuss the new album.

It wasn’t until Tristan called her that she had to pause her work.

So, she said to the band, “You all will leave the country tomorrow. We’ll talk to each other on video calls
in the future.”

After that, she stood up knowing that Tristan was waiting for her outside.

There were still a lot of things that she needed to take care of in Jipsdale. She had to deal with all of it
in record time so she could rush over to Horington and handle the matters there. After Sophie left the
mansion, she saw many paparazzi standing outside. Thus, she put on her black hat and went straight
toward Tristan’s car.

“Someone came out!” The reporters rushed over to her upon seeing her.