Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Keep You Company At The Office Sophie made Tristan wait for her by the side while she
made her way to Bailey and asked, “Is something the matter?” “I’m sorry. You wouldn’t have to go
through so much if you didn’t know me,” Bailey said apologetically. Sophie immediately understood
what he meant. He must’ve found out what his mother did. Knowing Bailey was a good person, Sophie
assured, “Bailey, you and your mom are two different people. I won’t associate the two of you together.
You don’t have to apologize on her behalf. You’re really talented in physics, so please continue to do
your best. Don’t let things like this get in the way of your future.” Though all that had nothing to do with
her, she still saw the need to remind him. After all, they were classmates.

“Thank you.” Bailey felt extremely grateful to Sophie for being so forgiving despite how his mother kept
plotting against her. “I should get going,” Sophie announced. Tristan was not a very patient person.
Thus, it was not a good idea to make him wait for too long. Bailey felt utterly miserable as he watched
her walk toward the tall and handsome man. I don’t think I can ever give her that sense of security. I
feel so useless for I can’t even protect a girl I like. What kind of future do I have when I’m so miserable?
Seeing Sophie finally walking over to him, Tristan immediately grabbed her hand. “Why is he looking
for you? Is something wrong?” Tristan asked concernedly. He could ignore most matters, but not when
it was related to Sophie. “It’s nothing. He came to apologize.”

I sent someone to break his mother’s hand, but he can still come over here to apologize. Gosh. I don’t
know what to make of this young man. “What’s wrong?” Sophie still did not know Tristan had sent
someone to break Whitlea’s hand. “Nothing. I just think your friend has a big heart.” Tristan brought
Sophie to a breakfast shop and let her have a seat after cleaning the table. When Sophie took her seat,
she pulled out her phone and saw a text from Wilma. The latter faced some problems she could not
solve. Hence, Sophie read through the problems and sent a reply right away. She was quite talented in
doing business. In fact, she could solve problems that many people could not in a heartbeat. After
answering all of Wilma’s questions, Sophie put down her phone. “What is it?” she asked, wondering

why Tristan was staring hard at her. “Nothing. Just wondering if there’s anything you don’t know how to
do.” Sophie thought about it seriously and answered, “There’s one.

I don’t know how to pursue guys.” “You don’t need to know that. There’ll be guys pursuing you,
anyway.” Truth was, he already had many rivals even if she did nothing about it. Meanwhile, Wilma had
just arrived at the office when she received Sophie’s reply. She was utterly blown away after reading
the solution Sophie proposed. Noting Wilma’s expression, Wendy could not help but ask, “What is it,
Ms. Lineker?” Wilma smiled and responded, “Wendy, we’re really working for the right person. Our
sales performance will definitely double today.” “You’re talking about Ms. Sophie, aren’t you? I say, Ms.
Lineker, how can such a smart woman like Ms. Sophie exist? She’s still so young!” Wilma’s face lit up
with a sense of pride. “We’ll never understand the world of young female geniuses. Go on and tell the
others to start working. It might pay well to work for Ms. Sophie, but we must work hard in return.”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Lineker. Everyone’s working hard now. Not a single person is slacking off.” Wilma was
extremely confident with the sales that day. Transfix Cosmetics was truly different now. Those who
gave up on Transfix Cosmetics would surely regret it in the future. It was totally possible for Transfix
Cosmetics to become internationally known. After having breakfast, Sophie wanted to take a nap at
Wisteria Apartments when she heard Tristan asking, “Do you have any plans today?” Sophie thought
about it and realized all her tasks on hand were almost settled. Moreover, she did not have to worry
about Transfix Cosmetics since Wilma was there to oversee it. The only thing that was unresolved was
The Wheelers’ agreement. However, that was already handed to Tristan. It would not be appropriate for
her to ask him about it at that moment. In that case, she practically had nothing to do that day. “Since
you don’t have any plans, why don’t you come to Lombard Group with me? Aren’t you going to
Horington in a few days? We won’t be seeing each other for some time during that period.” “You’re
going to be very busy at Lombard Group. Are you sure you want me to go with you?”

Tristan gave her a serious nod. “Yes. I’ll work faster with you there. So, it’ll be great for you to come
with me.” “Okay.” If that’s the case, I’ll play some games at Lombard Group. There’s no difference no

matter where I play, anyway. However, Sophie was dressed rather casually since she originally had no
plans to go out that day. Feeling confused, she asked, “Do you think I need to get changed?” “It’s fine.
You don’t need to get changed. You look amazing already.” To Tristan, Sophie had a great sense of
fashion and looked good in everything she wore. “All right then.” With that, Tristan brought her to the
underground parking, entered the silver Lamborghini, and drove to Lombard Group. On the way to the
company, Tristan suddenly asked, “What kind of cars do you like?” Sophie’s birthday was right after
Christmas. She would be officially eighteen years old then. Tristan believed it was time she had her
own car. “You’re asking me?” Sophie asked. The thought of buying a car had not crossed her mind.
“Yeah.” “What’s up? Are you going to buy me one?” she questioned. What is he up to? Why would he
want to buy me a car all of a sudden? “Would you want it if I gave you one?” Tristan asked. It was a
very important question. He had been looking into cars lately and found a few cars that suited her. “I
just said that without thinking. Don’t worry. I can get one for myself if I want one.” “You don’t have to
feel bad about it, Sophie.” Sophie was speechless.

I’m not shy. Why would I need him to get one for me when I can afford one myself? “You don’t have to
be so calculative with me.” Tristan merely thought it was inconvenient for her to take public transport all
the time. “Actually, it’s not that I can’t afford to buy a car. I just think driving isn’t as convenient as taking
public transport sometimes. That’s all.” Currently, the number of cars in the world was more than the
number of parking spaces available. Sometimes, looking for a parking space could be extremely
difficult. In the end, Tristan had already parked the car at Lombard Group’s underground parking before
they had even come to a conclusion. Sophie thought the conversation about getting her a car had
ended, but the same could not be said for Tristan. Soon, they arrived at the ninetieth floor. Tristan’s
secretary gaped in shock when he saw Tristan arriving with a woman.

“Mr. Tristan—” Alas, Tristan ignored him and brought Sophie straight to the lounge. “You can wait here
for me,” he said. “Since I’m already here, why don’t I keep you company in your office?” That’s the true
definition of keeping company, isn’t it?