Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Violence In Art “Sophie, why don’t you just spend the night here? Both of us can bunk
together.” Since she was on winter break, she would be holed up at home most of the time. As a result,
there wouldn’t be many opportunities to spend time with Sophie. “Not this time. If you’re free, you
should take a look at the video I sent you.” Yesterday, she had already emailed Ysabelle the video from
their lessons. “Also, a vocal coach would be getting in contact to give you lessons. Remember to check
your WhatsApp.”

Since she had decided to give Ysabelle a taste of the entertainment industry, she had made all the
arrangements to prepare the latter for it. “All right, boss, I know what to do. Don’t worry. I won’t let any
of you down,” Ysabelle declared. Nonetheless, she was still reluctant to let Sophie go. Sophie is mine.
Why does Uncle Tristan insist on taking her away from me? That’s just too much of him! However, the
moment she saw Tristan’s stern expression, Ysabelle had no choice but to submit. What else can I
say? Am I even in a position to say anything? Within the Lombard family, Uncle Tristan is the final

“Uncle Tristan, drive safely.” Ysabelle put on a cutesy look. Obviously, buttering up with Uncle Tristan
can never be wrong. Meanwhile, Tristan opened the car door for Sophie to get in, for she had been
standing out in the freezing cold for a long time. “I’m not coming back tonight,” Tristan briefly
commented before getting into the car and driving off. Ysabelle grabbed Sarah’s hand at once. “Aunt
Sarah, what does Uncle Tristan mean by that? Sophie isn’t an adult yet. What is Uncle Tristan planning
to do?” Ysabelle’s reaction caused Sarah to burst into laughter. “He meant exactly what he said.”

Tristan has always been someone responsible. There’s no need for you to worry, all right? As a result,
Sarah quickly pulled Ysabelle away so that she didn’t have any time to let her dwell on the matter. Even
though she’s concerned about Sophie, that’s her uncle we’re talking about. Doesn’t she know whose
side she should be taking? On the way home, Sophie stared out the window at the snow that blanketed
the streets as if she was deep in thought. The atmosphere in the car was extremely quiet with neither

of them saying a word. It wasn’t until they arrived at Wisteria Apartments that Sophie removed her
seatbelt. “I’m going up. You should go back and rest early too.” “I already said that I’m not going home.”
Sophie was speechless. “Therefore, can you take me in for the night?”

Tristan’s tone sounded especially delighted. “Whatever,” Sophie replied without a care. No sooner had
she turned around and walked to the elevator than a group of burly men jumped out of the shadows to
block her way. The sight of them cause Sophie to furrow her brows. This is really annoying. I have no
intention of beating anyone up today, all right? “Get lost!” It wasn’t every day that she was in the mood
to entertain them. “Ms. Tanner, please cooperate with us. All we want is to take one of your hands.
However, if you resist, we’ll be taking more than that.” Sophie didn’t know what to say.

My hand? She glance at her two hands. “Considering how valuable my hands are, are you expecting
me to give them to you just like that? It seems to me that you haven’t done your research before
coming here.” Despite her languid expression, Sophie exuded a murderous aura. “In that case, don’t
blame me for showing you no mercy.” With the physics competition around the corner, Whitlea sure is
itching for trouble. Although the men she sends keep getting stronger, they are unfortunately still no
match for me. “Let’s not waste any more time talking to her. What can a little girl like her do to us?”
Another man had a scar on his face which made him look especially ugly. “Be careful!” “What the f*ck!”
Scarface lunged forward to attack. However, Sophie slammed a kick into his stomach. As for Tristan,
who had just returned from parking his car, he was greeted by the sight of the altercation. It seems
trouble follows Sophie wherever she goes! Within the short time I’ve taken to park my car, she’s
already in a fight with men who look like gangsters. In spite of Tristan’s appearance, the burly men
were unfazed. After all, committing plenty of crimes before had made them fearless.

“Get lost or we’ll beat you to a pulp too!” Scarface was furious after being kicked to the ground due to
his carelessness. “You’ve got guts!” Sophie snapped. I’m surprised that he actually dares to speak that
way to Mr. Tristan. I wonder if he still has the same gall if he knows the person standing in front of him
is Mr. Tristan. “Of course, I’ve got guts. I don’t need you to tell me that.” Scarface was raring to tear

Sophie apart. “Our female boss has ordered us to smash one of your hands.” “Female boss?” Tristan’s
voice turned icy cold. Who gave her the cheek to demand that one of Sophie’s hands get smashed?
“Do you mean Whitlea?” “That’s right. I’m sure you’re terrified now. Hence, you had better scram.”
Scarface flared his temper. Consequently, Tristan and Sophie were stumped. The last thing Mr. Tristan
feels is fear! “Sophie, step aside and wait for me. You probably don’t need to wait long.” Tristan took off
his shirt and handed it to Sophie. Considering that she could get to watch a fight, Sophie would
naturally not decline. Thus, she took Tristan’s shirt and gave him some space. Just as expected, even
Tristan’s fighting style was extremely impressive.

In fact, one could even call it violence in art. As someone who didn’t like dragging his fights out, he
attacked those men’s vital points with lightning speed. In the end, Sophie found it amusing and burst
into laughter at the sight of the burly gangsters piling up on the ground, utterly humiliating them. Don’t
they have any shame? Should we at least leave them some self-respect? “You—” Scarface, who had
not expected to be humiliated to that extent, was rendered speechless. Subsequently, Tristan signaled
for Sophie to hand him a tissue with a clap of his hand. After wiping his hands, he ordered, “Turn
yourself in. Or else, I’ll personally take all of you to prison tomorrow!” If they did as they were told, they
might be out of prison after spending a few years inside. However, if Tristan got involved, they might
not even get out in ten years. “Guys, you had better take his threats seriously, for he really has the
capability of throwing all of you in prison.

In fact, he can even make sure that none of you can get out!” Given that Whitlea has sent a bunch of
murderers to get me, she must be serious about destroying me. Upon returning to Wisteria Apartments,
a grim expression had descended on Tristan’s face. I know she doesn’t like me interfering in her affairs,
but after what happened, would I still be a man if I stayed on the sidelines? Cognizant that he was
angry, Sophie didn’t comment. Instead, she went off to warm two glasses of milk. “It’s nothing. They’re
just a bunch of hoodlums. I could’ve handled them easily.” Sophie served him the milk. Tristan was
stumped. How can she call them hoodlums? They’re murderers who kill without batting an eyelid.