Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 214

Chapter 214 Take Care Of Her

“What do you mean?” Sophie did not understand Tristan’s words.

“You’ll know as time goes by.” Tristan was not in a rush to introduce everything about Sarah to Sophie.

“Oh.” Sophie was not in a hurry to get to know Sarah too. Nonetheless, she felt comfortable talking to
her as Sarah had some characteristics that she liked.

The purpose of an occasion like that was to meet people. Ysabelle felt bored at the dinner, so she
returned to Sophie’s side too after greeting Walter. “I think I’ll go first. It’s so boring here! It’s more fun to
go for karaoke.”

“Ysabelle, don’t worry about your debut. I’m going to start an entertainment company. Will you allow me
to take care of your dream by then?”

Mark’s incident made her understand that the only way to protect her friends in the entertainment
industry was to set up her own entertainment company.

“What?” Ysabelle was unsure if she heard that correctly. “Soph, are you kidding me? Do you really
want to start an entertainment company?”

“After The Wheelers’ matter is settled, I’ll let them join my new company. I’ll get things started after the
new year.”

“That’s great! If you really start an entertainment company, I’ll definitely join it even if my dad breaks my
legs,” encouraged Ysabelle.

Sophie was speechless.

“Why? Are you touched?” asked Ysabelle, noticing that Sophie remained silent. In fact, Ysabelle was
the one who was touched. She did not expect Sophie would come up with such an idea.

“What’s in your mind? It’s an entertainment company! Please don’t join my company if your legs are
broken. Why do I want to sign a singer with broken legs? Put you on the street to beg for money?”
Sophie made a rare joke.

It was Ysabelle’s turn to be speechless.

“Okay. If that really happens, I won’t even get a single dime!”

Felix, who was listening to their conversation at the side, burst out giggling.

Seeing that Ysabelle was in a better mood, he admired Sophie even more.

Sophie was really nice to all her friends.

“Felix, why are you here? Didn’t Old Mr. Quigley want to make you and Winter a couple? You should be
accompanying her right now! What are you doing here?” said Ysabelle.

Ysabelle felt heartache as soon as she recalled what Walter said earlier.

However, she had no idea why she would have such a reaction.

“Winter and I will never be together. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“That’s funny. I have nothing to worry about!”

Actually, Ysabelle should be glad that Felix answered her in that way.

“Let’s do something! I’m so bored.” Sean also felt that the party was boring.

“Shall we go and play some card game?” Sean thought the party should be almost over by the time
they came back later after playing a card game.

“Great!” Ysabelle was excited after hearing that. She immediately pulled Sophie up.

She mumbled beside Sophie, “If it wasn’t for Charles’ sake, I wouldn’t even be here!”

“Since we’re here, let’s just enjoy it!” Sophie did not like such an occasion, but it was useless to
complain since they were already there.

Seeing that they were about to leave, Winter hurried over.

“Mr. Tristan, my grandpa wants to see you. Can you go over for a while?” Winter had not seen Tristan
for a long time. She finally had a valid reason to talk to him face-to-face, and she looked at him intently
for as long as she could.

Tristan frowned. I have just greeted him. Why does he ask me over again?

Winter’s heart sank looking at Tristan’s expression.

Even my grandpa is not able to invite him over?

“Okay. Please take care of Sophie.” Tristan entrusted Sophie to Felix.

“Rest assured, Mr. Tristan! I will definitely take good care of Sophie,” Felix responded.

Looking at how Tristan treated Sophie, Winter was jealous. What’s so good about this woman? She’s
nothing! Why does Tristan care about her so much?

“Okay, you just go! No one can hurt me.” Sophie was pretty confident about that.

“I’m just worried about you,” said Tristan gently.

Sean and Felix exchanged gazes. They were both dumbfounded by Tristan’s behavior.

“Don’t worry, Uncle Tristan. I’m here! I’ll risk my life to protect Sophie if anyone tries to hurt her.”


Tristan and Winter went over to meet Walter. On their way, Winter tried to talk to Tristan, but Tristan put
on a cold face and did not give her a chance to speak.

Winter felt bitter.

“Mr. Tristan, are you still mad at me?” Winter did not understand what she had done wrong. In fact, she
had not done anything yet.

“Winter, let’s not talk about that.” Tristan would never forgive anyone who hurt Sophie.

“Mr. Tristan, I—”

Winter quickly paused as she saw Walter right in front of her.

“Tristan, I heard that Old Mr. Lombard got some new tea recently. Too bad he’s not here today. Can you
go back and ask him if he still has any? I would like to get some from him.”

Tristan knew that he had given William’s new tea to Josiah. He replied indifferently, “Sure, I’ll ask him!”

That tea was a rare item, so it was not easy to get. It was cultivated by a friend of William, and the
quantity was limited.

“Oh yeah! Juan is also interested in the project that you’ve invested in recently. Do you think you can
let Juan be a part of it too?”

Walter was actually very jealous of William for having such an outstanding grandson.

Both Juan and Charles were less remarkable compared to Tristan.

Tristan was speechless. That is my project! Why do I have to let Juan be a part of it?

“Grandpa, you should let Juan talk to Mr. Tristan about this!” Noticing that Tristan was unhappy, Winter
quickly tried to ease the tension.

“All right. I’m just saying! Since our families are so close, I think the young ones should work with each
other more often.”

“Maybe next time! Charles has invested in this project too.” Tristan had shown Walter enough respect.
If it was someone else, Tristan would not even bother to explain so much.

“Old Mr. Quigley, I have a friend with me today, and she needs my company. I think I should go see her
now.” As soon as he finished his words, he bowed slightly and walked away.

“A friend? Does he have any friends that I don’t know? Who’s that?” asked Walter curiously while
looking at Winter.

“Ms. Sophie from the Tanner family.” Winter looked disdainful. She disliked Sophie very much, and she
could not figure out why would Tristan fall for her.