Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 216

Chapter 216 I Prefer My Bed “If there’s nothing else, you can get lost now.” Ysabelle was aware that
Yvette was there to cause Sarah trouble, so she was not friendly to the troublemaker. What’s there for
her to be so smug about? The only thing she knows is how to cling to men. What makes her think she’s
qualified to gloat in front of Aunt Sarah? In spite of her exasperation, Yvette maintained an awkward
smile on her face. Coincidentally, Juan walked over to them, for some time had passed since he last
saw Sarah. All this while, she would always appear in his circle, but now, one month had gone by
without them seeing each other. Hence, knowing where she was, he naturally dropped by to check on

“Juan, you’re here. I was just talking about you with Sarah,” Yvette remarked in a sarcastic tone. Juan
only nodded in response as his gaze remained fixed on Sarah. It’s been a month since I last saw her.
She has grown more beautiful since then. “It’s been a long while,” Juan said to Sarah, who simply
responded with a smile. Not that long. It has only been a month. “Juan, can I invite Sarah to be my
bridesmaid for our wedding?” Juan shot a glance at her. “Whatever you wish.” Juan had no idea why
Yvette had to bring up the wedding all of a sudden, but he didn’t mind as long as it made her happy.
“Ysabelle, Sophie, let’s go back there. Tristan must be anxiously looking for us.” Sarah got to her feet,
for she had no desire for any drama. After all, Yvette was someone who utterly disgusted her. Upon
Sarah’s cue, Ysabelle and Sophie stood by Sarah’s side with one on the left and the other on her right,
as if they were her bodyguards. At the same time, Ysabelle stared daggers at Yvette.

“What right do you have to get Aunt Sarah to be your bridesmaid? Who do you think you are?” Yvette is
nothing but a small-time artist who only knows how to seduce men. Yvette’s expression drastically
changed. Is this girl looking down on me? The one thing that she hated the most was someone scoffing
at her. “She—” After being ridiculed, Yvette turned toward Juan for comfort. “All right now, Sarah
certainly doesn’t have time to be your bridesmaid given her busy schedule. Anyway, there’s something
I need to do. You have fun here.” With Sarah gone, there was no reason for him to stick around. When
she saw Juan leave at the same time as Sarah did, Yvette grimaced in anger. What does he mean?

Doesn’t he hate the supposedly exceptional Sarah? Upon Juan’s departure, Yvette walked up to
Sarah’s side on purpose with a glass of wine in her hand. When they were side by side, she planned to
spill the wine on the latter. I just hate Sarah’s guts. Why does she have everything? Who gave her the
right to look down on me? However, before she could spill the wine, her hand was caught by a young
girl. Sophie, who had been watching all along, had noticed the insidious expression on Yvette’s face.
She was someone who cared about those who were important to the people she loved. Since Sarah
was Ysabelle’s aunt and Tristan’s sister, Sophie naturally considered her someone close. As a result,
she wasn’t going to tolerate anyone bullying the former. “What are you doing? Let go of me.” Just when
Yvette wanted to pull her hand free, she realized it wouldn’t budge one bit. “I should be the one asking
you that. You’re lucky you haven’t spilled the wine on Sarah.

Otherwise, I would have broken this hand of yours!” Why do you need to be so attention-seeking?
Nevertheless, Sarah was puzzled to see what Sophie was doing. “Sophie, what happened?” Why is
she confronting Yvette all of a sudden? “Sarah, it has nothing to do with you. So, stay out of it,” Sophie
answered flatly. Her response stunned Yvette. The audacious look in the girl’s eyes is truly terrifying.
“Let go of me. Do you know who I am? Sarah, what are you waiting for? Get her to release me.
Otherwise, there’s going to be trouble when Juan arrives. I’m sure you know how much he loves me,
don’t you?” “All right now, Sophie, let her go.” Even though Sarah, too, felt the urge to teach Yvette a
lesson, she never laid a finger on the latter just because the latter was Juan’s girlfriend. With a forceful
tug by Sophie, the wine spilled all over Yvette’s body. In fact, the impact was centered mostly around
her chest. Yvette was consequently enraged. Da*n you, Sophie Tanner! “I’m going to remember this.
There’s no way I’m going to let you off for this!”

Truth be told, Yvette was a particularly vengeful person. “Let me off? That will depend on whether
you’re even capable of that in the first place.” Upon letting her go, Sophie sauntered elegantly back to
Sarah’s side. “Going forward, stay away from Sarah. Or else, you won’t be getting off lightly like now.”
Ysabelle, who watched the entire episode was all happy. “Well done, Sophie.” Sarah shook her head
before leading Ysabelle and Sophie back to join Tristan. Halfway through the banquet, Sophie began to

feel sleepy, causing her to quieten down. When Tristan saw how she was, he sympathized with her.
“What’s wrong? Are you sleepy?” At that moment, Sophie’s beautiful eyes seemed to be clouded by a
layer of mist. “Mmm-hmm, a little.” If she wasn’t with Tristan that evening, she would already have left.
After all, it was pointless to stay any longer considering how boring the event was. “Let’s go.” Tristan
proceeded to have someone bring their jackets. Although it was warm in the building due to the heater,
it was still freezing cold outside. As the Quigley family’s servants brought Tristan and Sophie’s coats,
he received them and helped Sophie into hers. After that, he even buttoned up for her attentively. Only
when he was done did he put on his own jacket. “Mr. Tristan, it’s still early. Are you already leaving?”
Charles rushed over the moment he heard that Tristan was about to go. “Mmm-hmm, she’s tired.”
Nothing was more important to him than her well-being. Charles was speechless. He’s just trying to
make us jealous. “Fine. Since Ms. Tanner is tired, you guys should head home first.” After all, Walter,
too, had gone to rest and Tristan had already shown his family sufficient respect by gracing the

Thus, there was no reason for him to insist on anything else. With that, Charles personally escorted
them out. Upon Tristan’s departure, Ysabelle and Sarah left together with him. Thus, Tristan was
annoyed to see the extra passengers inside his car. These two are such third wheels. When Ysabelle
saw the look Tristan was giving her, she felt a little guilty. As for Sarah, she chatted with Tristan as if it
was nothing at all. Subsequently, Tristan sent Ysabelle and Sarah back home first. “Sophie, since it’s
already late, why don’t you stay with us? There are plenty of empty rooms in my house.” Ysabelle
bringing a friend home was a perfectly convincing excuse. Hence, there was no need for Sophie to

“No, thank you. I prefer my bed.” Sophie had not expected this casual comment to cause Tristan to
move her bed wherever they went in the future. His persistence was both annoying and amusing to her.